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Nike Basketball Shoes Timeline History



  • Nike Bruin (Leather)
  • Nike Blazer (Leather)
  • The Blazer was worn by Geoff Petrie and later on worn by George Gervin aka Iceman.



  • Nike Bruin (Suede)
  • Nike Blazer Low (Leather)
  • Nike Blazer (Suede)



  • Nike Franchise Low (Leather)
  • The Franchise was worn by Moses Malone
  • Nike All Court Canvas Hi



  • Nike MVP Low (Mesh)
  • Nike All Court



  • Nike Franchise Hi (Leather)
  • Nike Blazer (Leather)



  • Nike Gamebreaker Low (Leather and Canvas)
  • Nike Legend Low (Leather)
  • Nike Dynasty (Leather and Mesh)
  • Nike Legend (Leather)
  • Players like Gene Smith and Patrick Ewing were both seen in the Nike Legend
  • Nike Dynasty High (Leather and Mesh)
  • Nike Gamebreaker Hi (Leather and Canvas)
  • Nike 3-Pointer Hi (Canvas)
  • Nike 3-Pointer Low (Canvas)




  • Nike Air Force 1 (Leather)
  • Bobby Jones and Jeff Ruland both hooped in Air Force 1's
  • Nike Challenge Court (Nylon Mesh)



  • Nike Penetrator Hi (Leather)
  • Nike Recognition Hi (Leather)
  • Nike Sky Force Canvas 3/4
  • Nike Fortress Hi (Leather)
  • Nike Double Team Hi (Leather)
  • Nike Penetrator Low (Leather)
  • Nike Air Force 1 Low (Leather)
  • Nike Airship Hi (Leather)
  • Nike Sky Force Hi (Leather)
  • Nike Legend High (Canvas)
  • Nike Air Jordan



  • Nike Team Convention (Leather)
  • Nike Big Nike High (Leather)
  • Nike Terminator High (Leather)
  • Nike Dunk
  • Nike Dynasty High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan AJKO
  • Nike Air Jordan II
  • Nike Delta Force
  • Nike Air Force II Hi (Leather)



  • Nike Air Assault Hi (Leather)
  • Nike Air Force III High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Alpha Force Low (Leather)
  • Nike Outbreak Hi (Suede)
  • Nike Outbreak Hi (Suede)
  • Nike Air Jordan III
  • Nike Air Delta Force Hi (Leather)
  • Nike Air Revolution (Leather)
  • Nike Air Delta Force 3/4



  • Nike Air Stratus High (Leather)
  • Nike Flight Low "89 Flight" Low
  • Nike Air Driving Force High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Solo Flight (Leather)
  • Nike Air Transition High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Ascension High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Wingmate High (Canvas)
  • Nike Air Delta Force ST High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Force STS (Leather)
  • Nike Air Flight (Leather)
  • Nike Outbreak II (Canvas)
  • Nike Air Alpha Force II (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan IV



  • Nike Air Solo Flight ‘90 (Leather)
  • Nike Strategy High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Ultra Force High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Flight ‘90 (Leather)
  • Nike Air Bound (Leather)
  • Nike Quantum Force High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan V
  • Nike Air Force Five (Leather)
  • Nike Air Court Profile High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Transition II High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Pressure (Leather)
  • Nike Air Ultra Force Low (Leather)



  • Nike Air Ultra Force (Leather)
  • Nike Air Force 180 (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan VI
  • Nike Air Flight (Leather)
  • Nike Air Force Five (Leather)
  • Nike Air Flight Lite Low (Leather)
  • Nike Air Command Force (Leather)
  • David Robinson signature shoe
  • Nike Air Flight Lite (Leather)
  • Nike Air Force High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Mach Force High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Sabre Flight High (Leather)



  • Nike Air Flight Huarache (Leather)
  • Nike Air Court Force Mid (Leather)
  • Nike Air Raid (Leather)
  • Nike Air Ballistic Force Mid (Leather)
  • Nike Air Magnum Force 3/4 (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan VII
  • Nike Air Sonic Flight (Leather)
  • Nike Air Direct Flight (Leather)
  • Nike Air Ballistic Force High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Force 180 Low (Leather)



  • Nike Air Force High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Sonic Flight High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Radicate (Leather)
  • Nike Air Bound (Leather)
  • Nike Air Dynamic Flight (Leather)
  • Scottie Pippen hooped in the Dynamic Flight
  • Nike Air Check (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan VIII
  • Nike Air Raid II (Leather)
  • Nike Air Driving Force Mid (Leather)
  • Nike Air Maestro (Leather)
  • Scottie Pippen also hooped in the Air Maestro
  • Nike Air Force Max (Leather)
  • Charles Barkley signature shoe



  • Nike Air Jordan IX
  • Nike Air Prevail (Leather)
  • Nike Air Commitment (Leather)
  • Nike Air Unlimited (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan X
  • Nike Air Assist Mid (Leather)
  • Nike Air Swift (Leather)
  • Nike Air Flight 3/4 (Leather)
  • Nike Air Drill (Leather)
  • Nike Strong High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Force Max CB (Leather)
  • Charles Barkley signature shoe
  • Nike Air Darwin (Leather)
  • Dennis "?" Rodman hooped in the Air Darwin
  • Nike Air Up (Leather)
  • Scottie Pippen version of the Air Up
  • Nike Air Ultra Force Mid (Leather)
  • Nike Air Maestro Mid (Leather)
  • Nike Air Max2 CB
  • Charles Barkley signature shoe
  • Nike Air Jordan I Retro & Nike Air Jordan III
  • The first two Jordans to retro in 1994
  • Nike Air Role Ndestrukt (Leather)
  • Nike Air Proof (Leather)



  • Nike Air 2 Strong Hi (Leather)
  • Nike Air Up (Leather)
  • Penny Hardaway version of the Air Up
  • Nike Air Baja 341 (Leather)
  • Nike Air Tight (Leather)
  • Nike Air Yoke (Leather)
  • Nike Air Wayup (Leather)
  • Nike Air 2 Strong Mid (Leather)
  • Nike Air Uptempo (Leather)
  • Nike Air DVST8 (Leather)
  • Nike Air Straight (Leather)
  • Nike Air Gone (Leather)
  • Nike Air Up High (Leather)
  • Nike Air Sensation (Leather)
  • Nike Air Max CW
  • Chris Webber signature shoes
  • Nike Air Go LWP (Leather)
  • Nike Air CB34 (Leather)
  • Charles Barkley signature shoe aka "Godzilla". The most wanted Barkley in the "Shoe Game"
  • Nike Air Max2 Uptempo (Leather and Mesh)
  • Worn by Duke College basketball team in 1995, and also known as the "Dukes"
  • Nike Air Max2 Uptempo Low (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan II Retro Low
  • Nike Air Ndestrukt (Leather)
  • Nike Air Penny (Leather)
  • Everyone should remember these with Lil Penny and the 1 cent logo on the back.....REMEMBER????
  • Nike Air Max Uptempo (Leather)
  • Scottie Pippen, Derek Fisher, and Jerry Stackhouse all hooped in the Air Max Uptempo
  • Nike Air Zoom Flight (Leather)
  • Jason Kidd hooped in the Zoom Flight aka "Bug Eyes"



  • Nike Air Much Uptempo (Leather)
  • Nike Air Worm Ndestrukt (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan XI Low
  • Nike Air Jordan XI
  • This shoe was inspired by the Spats worn mostly by Gangsters. Don’t know what a Spat is? Then go ahead and Google "Spats"and you’ll understand!!
  • Nike Air More Uptempo (Leather)
  • Scottie Pippen also hooped in the More Uptempo
  • Nike Air Modify Force Mid (Leather)
  • Nike Air Flight (Leather)
  • Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt (Leather)
  • Dennis "?" Rodman hooped in the Air Shake Ndestrukt
  • Nike Air School Force (Leather)
  • Nike Air Swoopes (Leather)
  • Sheryl Swoopes signature shoe
  • Nike Air Swoopes II (Leather)
  • Sheryl Swoopes 2nd signature shoe
  • Nike Air Flight Lite (Leather)
  • Nike Zoom Air Flight Five
  • Jason Kidd signature shoe
  • Nike Air Maestro (Leather)
  • Nike Air Penny II (Leather)
  • Penny Hardaway 2nd signature shoe
  • Nike Air Flight Max (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan XII
  • Nike Air Money (Leather)
  • Nike Air Adjust Force Mid (Leather)



  • Nike Air Foamposite (Synthetic)
  • Even though they don’t have "Penny" in the name they have the 1 cent logo on th back, so what do you think that means???
  • Nike Movin Uptempo (Leather)
  • Scottie Pippen hooped in the Movin Uptempo
  • Nike Air Flight Turbulence (Leather)
  • Nike Air Pippen (Leather)
  • Scottie Pippen signature, and Pippen rocked many others but this was the first shoe named after him.
  • Nike Air Groovin Uptempo (Leather)
  • Nike Air Bakin (Leather)
  • The Bakins were recalled because Muslims were offended by "Air" Logo on the back.
  • Nike Air Jumpman Pro (Leather)
  • Nike Air Alonzo (Leather)
  • Alonzo Mourning signature shoe
  • Nike Air CB 34 ‘97 (Leather)
  • Charles Barkey signature shoe
  • Nike Air Max Uptempo (Leather)
  • Nike Air Penny III
  • Penny Hardaway 3rd signature shoe, remember the commercial with Lil Penny and Tyra Banks?
  • Nike Air Total Max Uptempo (Leather)
  • Nike Air College Force Mid (Leather)
  • Nike Foamposite Pro (Synthetic)
  • Nike Super CB.....wonder what the "CB" stands for? Charles Barkley (that's right)
  • Nike Air Jordan Team (Leather)
  • Nike Air Hawk Flight (Leather) worn by Gary Payton
  • Nike Air MZ3 Leather now who’s shoe is this. I’m no genius but I’ll say Alonzo Mourning.
  • Nike Air Jordan Trainer
  • Nike Air Jordan XIII..........Do you remember the grey toe Sample?
  • Nike Air Garnett.............Kevin Garnett signature shoe



  • Nike Air Pippen III
  • Nike Penny IV (Leather)
  • Nike Air Zoom Flight "The Glove". Now which player do they call "The Glove"? Oh yeah Gary Payton.
  • Nike Air Total Foamposite Max.........Tim Duncan signature shoe
  • Nike Air CB4 II..........Charles Barkley signature shoe
  • Nike Air Jordan XIV
  • Nike Air Jordan XIII Low
  • Nike Jumpman Pro Quick
  • Nike Jumpan Pro Strong



  • Nike Air Aggress Force (Leather)
  • Nike Air Vis Zoom Uptempo (Leather)
  • Nike Air Jordan XV
  • Nike Air Pippen 3
  • Nike Air Zoom GP......Gary Payton signature shoe
  • Nike Jumpmsn Vindicate..........Vin Baker signature shoe
  • Nike Air Flightposite



  • Nike Air Jordan XVI
  • Nike Shox BB4
  • Nike Air Zoom GP II.........Gary Payton signature shoe
  • Nike Air Flightposite KG.......Kevin Garnett signature shoe
  • Many more Nike Basketball shoes, and the list goes on and on......

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