10 Reasons Jordan Collectors Will Never Be Satisfied


Will Jordan heads ever be totally satisfied?The signature Air Jordan line will be forever be highly regarded by collectors. However, no matter what future decisions Jordan Brand makes at this point, will you ever be satisfied with those decisions? As collectors we acquire these sneakers for historical, sentimental, and other personal reasons. Maybe those reasons we value our Jordan collection are losing its meaning. Here we list 10 reasons as to why Jordan collectors will never be satisfied.

Let us know in the comments if you agree, disagree, or have other reasons to add.

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  • Jay Hill

    I can’t bring myself to paying the higher prices for cheaper quality.I don’t see how people let Jordan get away with that…smh

  • ^^ Jordan Brand has cast a spell on us where no matter what complaint we have ” WE GOTTA HAVE EM.” I don’t know if its these Chem trails in the skies or its that smell of new sneakers where they put the magic powder but they definitely got us hooked!

  • The Hypemachine

    Man Jordan be trippin. I like how that photo says EXCLUSIVE in 2006 then 2012 thunder drops in kids sizes ahahaha. Y’all foul for that one JB!

    It ain’t about sneaker collecting no more it’s big business!! Kick game is so weak man.

  • Bottom line is it’s impossible to satisfy people. Even if they changed some of the things mentioned people would still find something to complain about.

    So lets say they fixed the quality, price, colors, etc. Some would be like what’s good with the silver boxes though? Why don’t they bring back the retro card? Can we get better tissue paper in the box? JB, bring back Flight Club? lol. Funny, but true. People are NEVER satisfied. Good stuff, Ray.

  • Emensive

    They left out the yellowing & crumbling of the older releases which get very devistating

  • sharpie

    When I was young I couldn’t afford to buy a pair now that I have money I can’t find a pair FML

  • Sole Brotha

    I quit on JB. Cheap materials and backstabbing prices pushed me away… I purchased J’s since 1990 for myself and watch the quality slide down the pole like a trailer trash stripper. I admit it I was HOOKED!…. But now I just buy other brands instead. Reebok has great retro’s right now in OG colors, good material and prices (Shawn Kemp, Emmit Smith, Iverson). I even spiced up my collection and grabbed a pair of 1976 OJ simpson Juicemobiles by Spot Bilt in OG box with tags off ebay for $30 and Hakeem Olajuwon Spauldings from 1995 w/tags and box for $35. I’m still in the shoe game but playing by different rules now. Jordan is not the only company that has NBA nastolgia. Read up on your history folks and cop some other classic kicks out there. Example Puma= Clyde Fraziers, LA GEAR/ Adidas= Kareem A. Jabbar, Converse= Magic Johnson, Pony= Spud Webb, Spot Bilt=Xavier McDaniel etc…

  • MikeyDrums86


  • omar najeeb

    I’ont kno. I just buy j’s cus ima fan of the shoe line. I kno the usual complaints about retros. I kno I don’t really relate to those complaints since I never copped an og edition of any aj. So I can’t contrast/compare og to retro. So from there, I just appreciate what I CAN cop with the retros.

  • omar najeeb

    @ SoleBrotha. Lol. Aahh…wutchu know bout them spot bilts the X-Man.had on, huh? Good mentions. But dang ! U did some damn diggin for some of those joints. I would love to “spice up” my arsenal with some etonics from Akeem (before the H, at the time) the dream.

  • omar najeeb

    Oh yeah that’s a point I wanted to make too. Not just about jordan. I got alota j’s too. But I have alota other joints too. I’ont know. In the end, I just have what I like. No matter the brand.

  • BRich974

    I guess I’m a purist.. I’m 39, and just bought my daughter her first pair of J’s…granted they were teal, purple and black, but my wife sounded exactly like my mother did when I got my first pair of Black/red 1’s.. “60 dollars for a pair of shoes!! She’s 7!!”…I remember going to my dad’s store the day before the dunk contest and getting the freshest color of either black or white…Jordan lost me a while ago…too many releases, colorways, resellers, lines..I saw kids at the school I worked at a while ago do this with Pokemon cards…it’s a sad game now…I’ll stick with my Max’s and Timb’s…

  • Executive, hood country album coming soon- catfish,grits and eggs

    I’ve been getting other kicks over Jordan’s lately, less hassle for me cause I don’t have a tweeter or have the time and sure as hell will never camp out in front of a store or computer. Besides too many lames jumped on the bandwagon.

  • Executive, hood country album coming soon- catfish,grits and eggs

    @omar najeeb, I had some etonics back in the day, lol. U just brought back some memories for me.

  • Executive, hood country album coming soon- catfish,grits and eggs

    And ya boy had the bobby hurley’s itz!

  • Flatbush_Zone

    Wish they could retro some ELLESSE from the late 80’s………….. Rick Flair Wooo!!!!!!

  • infamousmo

    …anyway the NOW pic was from the yeezy II release

  • Sneaky Zeeky

    Look.. the Thunders came out in 2006 ! When they bring them back 6 years later and you still complain that your 6 year old shoe lost value now that is your problem. Wear your damn kicks!

  • shoe guy

    i stopped collecting its boring

  • jesuschrist

    Just rob people walking out of stores with all those multiple pairs!! People will learn…

  • Robbert Loggia

    Well put-together article. props