2 Chainz and Ewing Are Dropping Another 33 Hi

Pretty Girls Like… Ewings?

2 Chainz and Ewing are ready to release their second 33 Hi collaboration.

The new 2 Chainz Ewing 33 Hi will release a day before his highly anticipated Pretty Girls Like Trap Music project. For those not in the know, the album drops June 16.

That said, the shoe releases on June 15.

Are you feeling this collaboration?

Also, you can watch 2 Chainz on Everyday Struggle below.

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  • A lof of people have no idea how smart 2 Chainz is. I’m gucci on the shoe tho.

    I enjoy watching his interviews because he always drops gems. I’m most impressed by his rebrand – now that’s impressive.

    He used to get his dreads touched up at the same shop I used to get my hair cut in Atlanta off Cleveland Rd – RIP Vibez. He was still Tity Boi of DTP. Just a regular dude. I remember he wanted me to sell a pair of Houston Oilers LeBron 3s that were given to Friends & Family for Super Bowl back then.

    I was supposed to sell on eBay but kept BS’ing. I wonder does he remember that? lol. Not sure if I’ve told that story before on here.

    Anyhow, shouts to one the hardest working hustlers in the game. Peep the Everyday Struggle episode if you have time and want to watching something good.

  • Chaun Bishop

    Shoe is hard and better than his other previous collaboration and i believe this MAYBE the best ewing i have seen thus far.

  • im good on em

  • you know what let me say a little more about my feelings on it. i dont approve. when people release some things you can look at something and almost see “this is just for a paycheck” more power to people that are all about the money but i dont run like that. ill throw in a hot topic right now LEBRON. now for the record im not a lebron fan. NOPE ill pass. BUT i understand what lebron is doing and trying to do. he is paid. so he isnt working and doing all this for money anymore. and i feel there was a point that never really was i mean hell wasnt his first contract like 90 mil. LOL paid. but its about his legacy and loving really loving basketball. thats why he is so butt hurt. anyway. i wont purchase a 2 chains album or shoe…..because i dont want to pay 2 chains anymore than he already has. someone else will do that. i mean look at a wale release, or kendrick release. they dont look……like they sold out. and something about his does. i know he is loud but come on. anyway just an opinion.

  • Thad Greer

    Nah, B.

  • curt diggler

    Ninjas endorse anything for “the bag”

  • sharpie

    Some kicks need to stay in the past, especially these!