2 Chainz Versace Chain Reaction Sneaker Unveiled

2 chainz versace sneakers

Clap for him.

2 Chainz aka Tity Boi is Hustler of the Decade. No debating.

Watching the College Park resident go from a nobody to somebody over the recent years has been amazing. I remember having conversations with Tit at Vibez hair salon on Cleveland Ave. Tit used to get his dreads touched up by a lady who worked at the salon, and it’s funny to think about it now because I was the shop’s go-to bootleg man at the time.

Everything from CDs to VHS to DVDs, I sold it. Tit was on DTP at the time and no one was checking for him so he didn’t care about my bootlegging ways. He also knew I was a sneaker dude and he asked me to sell a pair of Houston All Star LeBron 3s for him on eBay. It never happened, but it’s funny when I flashback to those convos.

Now look at Tity Boi. He’s known around the world as 2 Chainz, and he somehow was able to convince the people at Versace to let him design his own sneaker. But on the flip side, so many brands are leveraging Hip Hop’s monstrous influence, I wouldn’t be surprised if they contacted him.

The high end fashion brands used to front on Hip Hop dudes because the brands are not made for Hip Hop. But it’s funny how times changes because brands know how powerful Hip Hop is.

That said, 2 Chainz collaborated with Versace and designed the Chain Reaction sneaker. The sneaker made its debut this past weekend at Milan Fashion Week. The Chain Reaction sneaker is right on par with the current thick sole trend and will be sure to sell out when released.

There’s no word on when the sneaker will release, so stay tuned.

What are your Real Talk First Thoughts?

2 Chainz Versace Chain Reaction Sneaker

2 chainz versace chain reaction sneaker

2 chainz versace

2 chainz versace chain reaction

2 chainz versace sneaker

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  • C Brown

    Things are terrible ..G wake me up when this dad shoe / chunky sole nonsense is over…last time I slept like this is when some stupid exec in Beaverton thought Fusions was gonna get them to $10bb…

  • Yeah I’m proud of dude but these obviously were not made for BDG. lol

    I wonder how long the chunky sole trend will last?

  • Mehdi

    Wow those are hideous. Its like this trend of designer sketcher shape ups just won’t end. With a $500 and up tag for shoes like this, its just sad that these will sell out as you mentioned. To each is own I guess.

  • elmibzar23

    If the midsole was a little less chunky they would be straight

  • theloverswineverytime

    Keepin it a buck, yesterday i was rockin my mostly-white penny 2s when i realized,after seeing my reflection in a couple storefront windows, that they dont look that much diff from shit like this. Not gonna wear them pennys any more.

  • javi


  • C Brown

    I could be 1000% wrong here but something tells me that with the exception of asking to have a chain incorporated into the shoe..I think homie had zero input in these…

  • Nate oNe

    These look like Sketchers/Adidas.

  • kaydot901

    still better than the Balenciagas imo.it’s high fashion I guess.Could be worst,Expensive Taste is just different,I’m cool in ’95 Air Max cuz Im a dope runner!word to Gucci Mane.

  • curt diggler

    Thank you for the honesty. I see plenty beloved kicks that don’t look much better if at all. These are awfully though!

  • Look through all the publicly available photos of 2 Chainz and look at how he dresses and the gold. Now look at the shoes again. Do a side by side comparison…even better.

    I feel these are his shoes without a doubt 1000%. Whether input was direct or indirect in letting the artist interpret 2 Chainz on a shoe they bodied it.

    Nothing I’m picking up soon but I’ll respect “the art piece” for what it is. As for wearable footwear I’m good thanks.

  • C Brown

    I guess…I just dont see an Italian Fashion house letting a rapper run wild…then putting them out for retail (which for Versace is gonna be NUTS)….I mean for as big a rapper as Kanye is/was…Nike didnt even let HIM run wild and he had dudes sleeping in the street for the first batch of Yeezy’s….Adidas let homie run wild but thats cause he is now proven….Like I said I could be 1000% wrong….but I dont know if I see that happening….

  • Nike didn’t let Kanye run wild because Nike never got him, his ambitions and if I’m not mistaken Mark Parker wasn’t a huge fan of his initial sketches and never anticipated the Yeezy line would blow up the way it did.

    But Nike was right in some regards and Adidas is treading dangerous waters. All of Kanye’s clothing launches have been flops, outside of the Yeezy V1, V2 and V3, his boot and other sneaker drops are less sought after. The season 3 boots were available in very decent sizes from a handful of shops last year discounted by 50%-62%.

    How desperate are they? The last drop for the Mudrats was spend $700 to get a pair of shoes so we can also sell you a sweatpants and hoodie as well. It’s the only way they can sell his line but they’re opening physical stores with him and at a time where traditional brick and mortar retail is getting decimated?

    Historically, collabs that feature clothing has not done well. I haven’t done the actual comparative analysis to say this is 100% fact but I’m extremely confident this is the case more than none and high end fashion or brands claiming their prices don’t get free passes here.

    If you had to drag Jeff Bezos into brick and mortar, even though the horizontal and verticals made 1000% sense to their growth and business models, other brands, especially ones like Adidas who are known to botch their growth patterns repeatedly should be extremely wary.

    2Chainz – if by run wild we mean a Creative Director title or one that allows him 100% creative control, definitely not.

    I just think the designer involved with the collab for 2Chainz knows how to translate and execute an artists ethos and sense of fashion into a shoe fairly well while leaving enough semblance of the brand in place. When I think of how 2Chainz dresses and mentioned before, the Versace motifs are already there. This was a natural fit and not one where I think they needed to give him any large amount of creative decision making.

    At least that’s my take away on the collab and relationship.

  • C Brown

    I think you are 100% correct in your comments…only thing is and again I could be wrong here but the Yeezy’s line is not 100% the Adidas line…I believe Yeezy’s Season 1 was branded and distributed via Adidas Channels but post that, with the exception of the Sneakers I don’t believe this is the case…I say to say this…althought the clothing and the boots are not seeing a great sell through…that is not a reflection of Adidas but rather Yeezy (and primarily Donda)…which is why he is using the Yeezy Supply channel for distribution then boutiques for post launch…I also think your correct with Collabos and clothing…with the exception of Pharrell (who can do NO WRONG) and Nike Lab Collab’s (who also very much know who there customer is and make Supply super limited to suit them) the clothing collab doesn’t work…I’ll also agree with you 10000% and I been saying this for years…Adidas go to market strategy is and will always be terrible!!!! They are great at launching product but creating consistent and sustained growth…ZERO!!!

    Great comments btw…

  • Spot on. I think Adidas may be playing with mixed marketing tactics and strategies now to see what works because they’re truly lost in the strategic woods. That’s a great distinction and call out you made between Donda and Yeezy Supply but at the end of the day we both know one thing.

    If the clothes and shoes don’t have a higher sell through regardless of where they are sold, the brand perception metric and others take a hit and good bye brand “whatever your name was”.

    From astute observers to people in the industry, I don’t know many that do not agree Adidas has a long history of poor strategies and even with their recent wins they still have not solved the majority of them.

    Great comments yourself my dude and thanks for the points of clarification that’s made me rethink a couple of my thoughts.

  • Ray.

    These look like baby shoes..

  • Snkr Clbrty

    Not for me, but may be for the next man. Creative aspect though these are ONE of a KIND style wise and I fully respect the fact they look like no other shoe out.

  • Thad Greer

    Ayo, G-Roc. I need a clear copy of Soul Plane. Thanks in advance, fam.