20 Sneakers That Look Better With Jogger Pants


Don’t hate, appreciate.

Every decade or so old styles become modernized with a new sense of fashion. In 2013 it’s all about how your pants sit on your sneakers. A lot of people have strayed away from the boot cut look on jeans to a more tapered feel with the jogger pant avoiding denim bleeding on your fresh kicks or simply to show off your heat. Sneakers don’t make an outfit hot, but the right outfit can make certain sneakers way better. This time we’re talking about jogger pants.

You can’t just wear joggers with any sneakers, and some sneakers just don’t look good with regular jeans. Check out our list of 20 sneakers that look better with jogger pants.

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  • Executive aka Mr. McDowell hairline

    I need to get some jogging pants but not for trying to look cute in, I actually got to a f ucking gym and work out.

  • LG

    ^^LMAO! no joggers for me can’t do it.

  • danny

    None of these even work…if ur lazy and don’t wanna wear jeans/real pants then be that lazy…other wise “jogger” pant should only be worn by women…only ppl doin this in my side of town is asains anyway…typical hype shit…be you…not what the world tells you to be……

  • Justin

    @LG – you can create the same non-bunched up at the bottom look as the jogging pants if you just wear skinny jeans. Good luck with that!

    I agree though…joggers are bummy to me. They’re what you wear when you want to have a chill around the house day. And if my kicks don’t look good with jeans…then they just become summer shoes or they head to the back of the closet. Better yet…hopefully I just don’t buy them.

  • omar najeeb

    No how, no one-and-only way (ol’ skool early ’90’s censorship, folks…)!!! I just can’t do joggers or the pin-roll cuff for that matter. Guess that’s Y I usally go with bball kicks. But even with running shoes, I’ll settle for slim-fit straight leg joints.Not skinny, but slim.

  • I don’t own a pair of joggers yet, I usually rock the cargo pants in fall with the ties at the ankles.

    Still love how kicks look in joggers though, if you buying clothes that aint your size and its too tight… good luck with that bruh! Just bc they make a size 28 mean you gotta cop it lol

  • omar najeeb

    Those gourmets tho…
    Woooo! Incindiery..

  • Justin

    Pic #2 looks like he’s wearing the sleeves of one of those old school vinyl baseball dugout jackets on his legs.

    @omar/ray – agreed…a correct-fitting pair of jeans is almost always the way to go.

  • Mike_Ball423

    Joggers look terrible with anything other than low tops. They’re called “jog”gers, not “ball”ers. Wear basketball sweats with basketball shoes

  • mad mike

    I would say most sneakers look good with joggers…

  • Executive aka Mr. McDowell hairline

    Joggers and cowboy boots .

  • KNA

    Where can I get jogger pants?

  • Chris

    nothing looks good with joggers because joggers aren’t a good look for ANY man.

  • ^ same thing was said years ago about the color PINK.. then cam’ron did it and now most men are comfortable with the sexuality enough to rock pink lol

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^ Haha. Yeah that was that bull$#!+ too. Lil sidenote on the pink thing…I nevr had a prob w/a lil bit of pink….couple-few stripes on a shirt. But that $#!+ went too far once mf’s started makin’& havin other mf’s rockin the pink long tee. The gm was over…

  • kstaccz

    Where can I get the best jogger pants ?

  • I’ve never seen anyone wear pants like these up close and personal irl. I mess with the camo ones tho.

  • I don’t mess with like 85% of the sneakers on this list tho. Runners just look mad corny to me and aren’t my style.

  • The Hypemachine

    Leather joggers are the SHIT!!!!

    Y’all some lames & get no ass if ya worried about another dude calling you gay If you rock joggers. This style is way too fresh to hate on. Y’all wearing Girbaud jeans still I bet.

  • I remember DDTP (from the DMV area) use to make “joggers” back in the day…they called em sweatpants. People wore em with eeeeverything, including Timbs and drop/slouch socks. That being said, I’m definitely liking the current versions though.

  • harvey hanifan

    in RONNIE FIEG we trust

  • paulo

    Thirsty for traffic ehhh?!

  • Laced Heat

    dont agree with the Jordans looking better with jogging pants. Cuz the Bred 1s in the Pic look WAAAAAAY Better with a nice pair of jeans. Otherwise shoes like the NB or Asics do look better with Jogging Pants.

  • Im offended by the Air Max Light comment!

  • mattyus

    LOL Girbaud jeans……stop it man no need to generalize everyone…everyones got their opinion and theyre entitled to it….though i agree theyre notfor everyone i think only with runners is the way to go…..oohh and if anyones interested the best joggers i feel are Publish brand imo they coffs arent too crazy and the pants fit well they go for abt 80-90 bucks…However Ronnie Fieg has designed his own brand of joggers known as the Mercer Pant….these can go for 135 retail but because you can only get them in Kith they sell out almost immediately. Resale on those has been nuts the cuffs to me look like the sleeves on a crewneck sweater

  • zerk

    This is basically just a list of currently popular sneakers. Round of applause on your excellently executed expedition into the world of journalism. #Ihatecomplexnetwork

  • Z_A_R

    Why don’t you just say, every sneaker looks better with jogger pants. Looks to me like you have every version of all sneakers one way or another up there. Joggers are not for me though…….for the hypebeast.

  • Cheekiness

    Nice and interesting article.

    You left out the NIKE MAYFLY!

  • Steve Joseph

    You got a good eye Ray. Keep doing your thing. I ALWAYS get comments about my fashion sense and I can’t find a single photo here to disagree with. Good picks and article. Thanks.

  • appreciate that steve! ^

  • Alex

    Just wondering if there was a way you could tell me where the joggers in these pictures are from?

    3, 9, 11, 12, 19, 21

  • sic

    would they look good with vans also?

  • sic

    would they look good with vans also?

  • Jason Miller

    ^^Yess, I’m actually wearing joggers with vans right now, and if you’re about the huf plant life socks, it shows them well.. I think Joggers look best with the low profile type kicks, non-bulky. They look great with all my janoskis and janoski maxs(I’m that janoski kid), kostons, free fly knits, vans, etc. Some shoes just don’t work like current air maxs with the large bubble. If you’re not the fit person joggers COULD look bad just sayin, fat legs or twigs can make them look horrible just cause most are tight nd a stretch material and somewhat outline your legs. But those of you that don’t skip leg day you should be straight. Try them on before you buy any! Zanerobes fit me perfect but I wasn’t feeling the Publish fit.

  • Hey

    Joggers n roshes…

  • Fromen

    I’m all for the joggers movement. They feel way better than jeans. They’re not as hot to wear, not as heavy, you don’t have to roll your pant cuffs or have them hang over a pair of shoes (If you ever had a them white Forces you feel me). They hug the ankle almost like a skinny jean but they don’t feel like skinny’s. They got mad crotch room, almost like sweats or gym shorts. I wear them with ball shoes, runners, boats, slides, everything. Jeans feel constricting and if you haven’t tried a pair of joggers you wouldn’t understand. I like them with small cuffs at the bottom. I’ve got some Bullheads and I’m about to splurge so I don’t have to wear jeans anymore.. They’re that good, comfort & quality.

  • Polo

    Where can i find the exact shoe that is at the top of 11th pic PONY Slam Dunk / Slam Dunk Mid

  • Jon

    Pretty accurate and the Asics Gel Lyte III are by far the best shoe to wear under joggers

  • Yash Mehta

    what color are those air max 90s

  • Patrick Lum

    You know, good points all around. Especially the 998s. I was thinking of backing this and getting the jogger/dark wash denim combo: http://bitly.com/1osj3lU

  • Unparty

    Air Max 90 Infrared Hyperfuse

  • Trippy03

    ronny fieg

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