2009 Pro Bowl Nike Air Force 1

2009 Pro Bowl Nike Air Force 1

2009 Pro Bowl Nike Air Force 1

It sucks that some of the dopest kicks never release to the public. Take the 2009 Pro Bowl Nike Air Force 1 for example. As usual, the ’09 Pro Bowl AF1’s were only given to a handful of Pro Bowl athletes.

The Pro Bowl has always been held in Hawaii, but Miami will host the Pro Bowl next year. These AF1’s pay homage to Hawaii by featuring the state on the side, and Pro Bowl 2009 sits on the tongue. The ’09 Pro Bowl AF1’s make you forget that Nike made Pro Bowl AF1’s in 2007. Stop your drooling because these are promo only, so hit up your NFL connects and let the hunt begin!

2009 Pro Bowl Nike Air Force 1

2009 Pro Bowl Nike Air Force 1

2009 Pro Bowl Nike Air Force 1

2009 Pro Bowl Nike Air Force 1

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  • $matt

    not to shabby!

  • XkrispyELI

    dope but why are we seeing the kicks so late.

  • equis

    XkrispyELI, vi agree w u

  • Eric

    I likes em

  • Timbo

    Dopest AF1’s I’ve seen in a good while.

  • gorgeous gorgeous! Like some caribbean water out this bitch!

  • bonezbee

    feelin the blues!

  • DG

    straight heat
    nothin to match wit though
    oh well
    looks like im buyin a new fit too

  • Joey Gymnastics

    DJCK, I see you got your pair, I have had my pair for a little over a month now, I was waiting for you or MAYOR to post them up on sneakerplay. I got a sz 12, but wear a sz 13(you probably have a 13 right?lol),but without the insole I’m good

  • Joey Gymnastics

    Does anyone know why the date inside the shoes is wrong, when I got mine pair from Kevin in Hawaii, I releasized the game was played on the 8th , the 10th was a Tuesday, DJCK can you find out why?, and the blue suede on these is just ridiculous, and so is the leather, the materials on this shoe are on par or better than the Bespokes

  • Man…..I would kill for a pair of these…..anyone want to give up a size 11 let me know cuz I’ll PAY for em……

  • C Lo

    These are fresh to death.

  • chimpo23

    joey get at me chimpo23@yahoo.com it was between you and me for thise just get at me lets do biz


  • Very nice. I’d love to get my hands on these. I have so much gear that would work with these force’s.

  • Jewelzetron

    And Nike wonders why their Air Force sells are falling and here’s a prime reason. The would make a HOT shoe like this and not release them to the public ( which would be an instant sell out) but keep giving us garabage release only in stores of very plain and uncreative Nike Air Force Ones!!! Nike start release HOT kicks like these again!!!! Please.

  • i23o

    these joints is cold the nike football in the back is sick, straight fire fo real

  • Whoop de do

  • Scotty Rock

    These just aren’t Football related at all. And didn’t a GR release come out that had this color scheme going on? Those AF1 with a big tongue-stay loop that has a diamond on it. Does anyone remember which pair I’m talking about? It was released at around the time the 25th anniversary went down.

  • oChuy iz SiKo

    Str8 SmoKin!!

  • Joey Gymnastics

    Clark, you forgot to take a picture of the sole, the sole is see through with a picture of the islands as well

  • Losw@rd g

    Solelocker got dem raging bull pack and they look better than previous pics of them.

  • let it be known

    alright for summer…

  • 604MyndOne

    Any one got a pair of 8’s or 8.5’s to sell me?

  • RyanHav

    I got a pair of ’06 Pro Bowl Forces size 14 Im looking to move. Any takers?????????????????????????