A Leaked Photo of the 2017 Royal Air Jordan 1


Last September, TSG broke the news that Royal Jordan 1s will return in 2017.

Well it’s 2017 and leaked photos are already starting to surface. This is just one of many to come, so get ready.

I usually pass on posting a lot of leaked photos due to poor quality, but this photo allows us to see 2017 Royal 1s quality is pretty much identical to 2016 Bred 1s.

I’m sure the same people who were upset about the 2016 Bred 1 quality will also complain but 2017 Royals. The rest of the world will cop as many pairs as they can come May.

There’s still no release date, so stay tuned for more info.

What’s your thoughts after seeing this leaked photo?

Imgae: zsneakerheadz

2017 Royal Air Jordan 1

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  • Executive aka Dark Wolf

    The great thing about online raffles is if you don’t win it ain’t really no sweat opposed to going all the way to the mall for no damn reason.

  • Purple PieGAWD

    I’m def gonna try. Really just want some BREDs though.

  • Richard Allison

    There trash all Jordan 1 are trash they put out way to many every year

  • i just pray theyre not super limited like the 13 release…

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    That ONE shoe does look pretty good from here though.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Lol. TRUTH.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Just gimme about another 50 of yall in my city with that same opinion and i’ll be good on all my raffle entries lol

  • DJR

    Hoping I can double up but I wasn’t even able to get 1 pair of breds so we will see.

  • Dior Brown

    I’m done with the Retro 1..they constantly release the Chicago..Bred..Royal ones..release something new..

  • javi

    Are your girl panties getting moist now? lol

  • Thad Greer

    WeChat is full of Chinese UA sellers, so I’m not really sure what we’re looking at here.

  • curt diggler

    Yep…same shit over and over, but can’t blame them since the same folk gonna buy them everytime.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Ok. So they should stop milkin the cow….thats giving them MAD MILK, huh. You gotta suspect that that’ll never happen. Those three colorways sell out every time they release. Looks like they releasing what lots of folks want.
    But it’ll be plenty other shoes out there still for you to buy if you dont feel like lookin at the jordans.

  • Dior Brown

    Yes you have a valid point..people will always buy them cause those are classics..however after a while it’s going to run dry due to the re-releasing of the same shoes..it got to switch up from time to time..like back in the early 00’s

  • Vercetti

    i had 3 pairs of breds on release. sold one ds, wore one 30xs and traded for ds black toes, and i just undsed my last pair..im so sick lol thats a shoe you need multiples

  • 1shoeaddict

    Can’t wait. Looks like the banned material.

  • javi

    By milking the cow you mean taking your money?. Jordan..I mean that coon as you refer to him is milking your bank account dry dumbass. But you keep on making him richer than he already is????