2018 Easter Nike Air Force 1

2018 Easter Nike Air Force 1…

2018 easter nike air force 1

New Easter Forces for 2018.

Do you remember when the patent leather Easter Air Force 1s dropped as a quickstrike in 2005? I do. That’s when quickstrikes were fun and good.

I remember getting a call from my dude Bob at Walter’s like, “Yo G, we just got some crazy patent leather AF1s with an egg on the tongue.” I miss getting phone calls like that.

Personally, I think the 2005 version is the best colorway so far. That’s just my two cents. Nike is releasing a new Easter AF1 colorway this year.

Photos leaked this weekend of the 2018 version and it’s as colorful as you would imagine. A cracked embroidered egg is featured on the tongue.

Nike has not announced a release date yet, so stay tuned for more info.


2018 Easter Nike Air Force 1

Photos: 2muchsol3

2018 easter nike air force 1

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  • OGedge

    What a fucking disaster.

  • Ray.

    Dont do it fam..

  • $Matt

    Color blocking just seems a tad bit off…..

  • DJR

    I like these and don’t even know why hahahahaha.

  • curt diggler

    “Hol’ up bruh…patent leather?…. a egg egg on the tongue?…..what the ticket?….fuck it cuh, I’m on da way!” Said G-Roc in 05

  • Han Lee

    Nah man ..Im good

  • Jay Geniusjackson Hagler

    Like how could you not like this version if you like the originals? These are the Same color different leather suede and pat&leather yet sadly these aren’t good.

  • JohnJohn

    I need to know the date on theses