#23meets50: Michael Jordan Infographic

#23meets50: Michael Jordan Infographic


michael jordan infographic

To celebrate Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, not only did we do an article about his impact on the sneaker industry, but we also created an infographic with a just a few of MJ’s sneaker highlights. Enjoy, and feel free to share this infographic on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Happy Birthday, MJ. #23meets50

  • AceofJ’s


  • DeathOverDesigner

    this is pretty cool

  • Prestige

    The ones were banned on my bday! i never knew that

  • KP

    Cool graphic! happy bday to the goat once again

  • JB

    Space Jam made 240 mil? Never knew that!

  • Mamba

    MJ’s cleats that were designed after the 9’s were dope