25 Reebok Sneakers We’d Like To See Retro

Reebok-Shaq-4-RetroThe re-introduction of classic Reebok models such as DMX Run 10, Kamikaze II and Shaq Attaq got fans wondering what else Reebok has in store. What other Iverson sneaker would you like to see make it back besides the Question and Answer IV?

Maybe it’s some vintage pump or other Shaq models that has been long forgotten? Check out the full list of 25 Reebok Sneakers We’d Like To See Retro by clicking here.

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  • shoe guy

    ummm no rebook suuucks

  • Executive aka NFG

    Anything Shaq I’m down for, been a fan since his first nba game, I was 8 years old and had everything Shaq except for the shoes.

  • Mars Blackmon

    Honestly I’d be cool if they didnt retro any of those

  • Prestige

    I definitely wanna see the answer 5’s retro’d!

  • AceofJ’s

    A lot of the shoes on this list suck. So I’m good.

  • Dre23


  • There is a reason reebok is reebok, and nike is nike. I’m not a fan too much of any of the joints on the list. I do need the BigHurts tho. That’s it tho.

  • J.Chang

    Only Reeboks I would like to see again are the Kamikaze…. I’m surprised they didn’t even make the list smh….


    the old Kenny Anderson joints that had a lace in the back , them shits was tough

    Or the Above the Rim Shawn Kemp shits before the first Kamikaze’s came out.