3rd Air Yeezy 2 Colorway “Still In The Works”

The Nike Air Yeezy 2 caused nationwide pandemonium when it released a few months ago. Nike stepped out the box and decided to release both colorways at the same. The West Coast ended up with the Platinum colorway, and the East received the Solar Red version. A third colorway surfaced in a Kobe-inspired colorway, but only to find out that it’s a one off sample. Months after the release, it has fans questioning whether or not the third colorway of the Air Yeezy 2 would ever release.

A fan recently tweeted Gentry Humphrey asking whether or not the third Yeezy 2 colorway would drop this Holiday season. Gentry replied stating that “things r still n the works”, so it’s still a possibility that it’ll release. Stay tuned as more updates for the 3rd Nike Air Yeezy 2 colorway unfolds.

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  • My Dixie wrecked

    There were two other samples a black based and a white based

    Almost all white
    And a black with white midsole

    I’ hope they release the same way west coast getting black this time and east getting white

  • Jay

    Well hurry up! What’s taking so long?

  • solediva86

    i could less because nike doesn’t care about people with small feet. drop em gs sizes or miss me with this 3rd Yeezy 2 color talk.

  • Guess Who?

    Not like the average joe will be able to get a pair

  • KP

    Let’s hope it’ll be a tan colorway in the works because that purple joint wasn’t a good look.

  • SPINS613


  • TSGside

    Seems like yall are late on this.. I’m already in line right now and yall should be in line right now too if you want a pair..

  • aSh

    ^^^ LMFAO!!! Clears up some room for me if so… hope it releases Christmas!!!!

  • Erosion

    I’m truly dissatisfied with the Yeezy 2 release. Talk about being forgotten about when ppl, kin especially, don’t at least enter you in the raffle.

  • Why is my name black now?

  • jay

    dont even care cause i wont be able to get a damn pair

  • Shoe String

    Why Doesn’t Nike Throw Everyone Who Wants A Pair A Bone For Once And Make Them A General Release. Its Got To The Point That Most Of Use Don’t Even Care About These Shoes Anymore. 99% Of Us Can’t Even Obtain Them And Not To Mention All The Bull$hit One Has To Go Through. Why Even Post A Article On Them? Well If Nike Decides To Take What I Said Into Consideration A Black/Infrared Colorway Would Be Dope With A Speckled Midsole.

  • jojo

    it doesnt even matter. again, the only way to get them is to get rid of all your hopes and dreams to become a folding chair master and sit for weeks, pay $2000+, or through connections, being that none of these are possible for normal people, this is pointless. i paid resell for the pure platinums and needless to say i wont be doing it again. at least make this a GR/QS that would make it a bit easier to cop. but im sure yeezy wouldnt like that.

  • Jake

    Get your tents and 5 day provisions out

  • Thomas

    Can’t wai till they drop