5 Photos Of The Fab 5 Wearing Nike Air Flight Huaraches

FabFive5inMichiganBasketba copy

Hold up, they them boyz.

Those boys from the 1991 recruiting class at University of Michigan were some bad mofos. You had Chris Webber (#4), Jalen Rose(#5),  Juwan Howard (#25), Jimmy King (#24), and Austin’s Ray Jackson (#21). Not only were they the baddest dudes in NCAA Basketball, but they were the original sneaker influencers. Any sneaker these cats wore, the streets had to have. One of the most recognized sneakers on court for the Fab 5 was the Nike Air Flight Huarache. If you’re too young to remember watch this video. We wanted to honor the recent retro of the Nike Air Flight Huarache by digging up some nostalgia.

Check out 5 photos of the Fab 5 wearing Nike Air Flight Huaraches after the jump.

  • sirfresh

    They had the best 30 for 30

  • ^ there were A LOT of great 30 for 30s… i think Len Bias and Allen Iverson joints were amazing.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    Pac and Tyson!

  • omar najeeb

    Woooo! Thanks for that blast, ray. Man I’m ample-hyped lookin at those pics. Lol.
    I remember in school dudes was swearin up & down that they was down with the “5” from the jump after they played duke close in a regulat season gm that weekend. Damn! Crazy memories. But yo, the rauches are that deal. So thankful to have scored ’em last Thursday. Sooo thankful. But peep the joint ohio state was rockin. Ohio state was one of the 1st schools that went to alternate unis back then. So when they brought out these grey joints with those kicks (forgot the name) I went insane. Lol
    Great stuff, my G.

  • omar najeeb

    Oh yeah ray, u ain’t have to flaunt your blue devils in the pics. We know what happened in that gm that these pics came from (’92 title gm). Lol.
    The “5” hung in for a half. Then duke had enough & said “we must break you.” Lol

  • omar najeeb

    @ sirfresh…Agreed. Every time I’ve surfed thru & saw it on, I sat the remote down to watch it again. Lol
    I liked “the U”, too.

  • javi

    ^Blah blah blah. Never ending.

  • omar najeeb

    Man I had a dope fab 5 tee from undercrown.com that had the five names on it. Man, I got it too big. So I went to wash & dry it to shrink it a little & ended up phukin it up by shrinking it too small. Lol..cheap cotton.

  • haha ^ glad to see pple hyped at the golden era of basketball man. love it – props omar

  • sirfresh

    @omar the U was Dope too. Ray P down with duke…..

  • SupaB

    GO BLUE!!!

    best recruiting class EVAR!!!! i was upset that they never got a title in their time in AA…

    Hail to the Victors!!!

  • bdogg

    memories…jalen rose!!!! nuff said!!!