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How many times have you heard this statement? “The only Jordans that matter are I-XIV.” Or how about this? “All Jordan hybrids are ugly except maybe the Spiz’ike.”

That’s been a common consensus from many sneaker followers but for some, they are just mimicking what they have heard. The Air Jordan I-XIV get the most love out of the entire line and for good reason, the Air Jordan XIV was the last sneaker Jordan wore prior to his second retirement and the last as a Chicago Bull.

In the aspect of looks, here’s a quick list of the 5 most underrated Air Jordans on Sneakerpedia.

Air Jordan 2011

air jordan 2011

The Air Jordan 2009 and 2010 didn’t really take off for many people and the lack of colorways didn’t help. When the Air Jordan 2011 appeared, it erased the doubts that non-numbered Jordans would always be lacking in signature design and really stick out from the rest. The 2011 hit different themes and colorways, including the white/royal blue pair shown for the NBA East All-Star edition.

Air Jordan 2012

air jordan 2012

Following the 2011 was another sleeper in the Air Jordan 2012. The design was a unique one, blending the wing-tip look usually found on dress shoes with the exterior of a basketball shoe. The decision to mix Flywire with a combination of mesh and leather on the upper led to an Air Jordan that stood out from the rest, but in a positive way. The upper also created multiple possibilities in terms of colorways, including the “YOTD” themed colorway shown above.

Air Jordan Dub-Zero

Air jordan dub zero

When people speak of fusions or hybrids, the most popular would be the Spiz’ike. The runner-up however would be the Dub-Zero. There are fans of the Dub-Zero out there and the shoe really isn’t unappreciated but in terms of people speaking out about fusions or hybrids being tolerable, the Dub-Zero is often left out. The Dub-Zero combined the top features of previous Air Jordan models while still maintaining an original look.

Air Jordan XVII

air jordan xvii

The Air Jordan XVII marked the return of Michael Jordan to the basketball court as a Washington Wizard. Who remembers the suitcase? The combination of the lacing system, the removable strap and the leather/carbon fiber design comes together quite nicely. The price was sort of an issue during the release, even by today’s standards, but we’re just focusing on how the shoe is often forgotten.

Air Jordan XX3

air jordan xx3

The Air Jordan XX3, formerly known as the last of the numbered series goes right in line with being as iconic as I-XIV. The stitched pattern created opportunity for a vast number of design ideas while the midsole wrap adds on to the stand out look. The potential the shoe has is incredible, as it is a shame there are not too many colorways of this sneaker. It holds the XX3 moniker though, so maybe sometime down the road, we’ll see future colorways or retros of this model.

What Air Jordans do you think are underrated?

Head over to Sneakerpedia and browse around, and tell us what Air Jordans you think are underrated.

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  • sneakerguy69

    what about 2s? pretty underated

  • MelloYelloMD

    Found the 2011s for $35…and I must say at that price…they are pretty dope.

  • AlSneaks

    I was able to snag the red pair of 17s only because Athletes foot had that program of buy 5 or 10 shoes and get the average price off your next pair or something like that. it made them a reasonable price.

  • shoe guy

    i have XX3s and XX2s they are great

  • aSh

    XVIIs are soooooo underrated!!! Gave my OG VVVNDS BLK/CHRM pair to my lil nephew however… all the kids are jocking him in school now… brought a smile to my face:)
    Still wish I had got the wizards cw however:(

  • bdogg

    i agree 2011 was decent ..the 2010 was ugly looking but i heard performance was good!

  • Q

    I got the 2012 deluxes grey and volt… In pictures they didn’t look that good. In person on foot they are player. Got for $99 froma reseller… The whole kit

  • Prestige

    There’s a reason all of these are overlooked. Because they’re ugly!

  • Ben Dover

    I really like the 17’s. I wish we would get a retro

  • Fuk prestige

    Always a turd in the punch bowel

  • francis

    i remember when the 17’s dropped in 8th grade…i fell in love, i didnt get a chance to get on when that package came out i made sure i did!!

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    Dub Zero’s > Spizikes in my book. 2011’s look cool to ball in. Some J’s look better on the court then on/off.

  • sek

    i hate the dubz yuck but anyway the xv imo i love the model and have it in my top 5 fav js just the overall design and simplicity of the shoe. what sucks is after playing ball in em after a while the bottom gets slippery ass hell but other than that i love how its probably the only jordan model i can wear in any weather condition and still be looking good

  • omar najeeb

    Kinda agree w/ prestige. Most j’s r undrtd bcuz they lackd in appearance. Few o my favs that others ddnt care for r xxiii’s(bred ones), oreo 6s,& the14s w/wht uppr & blk laces ,blk mid & outsole (niknm don’t come to mind. Y’all kno wh’mean tho)

  • shoe guy

    the basket ball leather 22s and my faves..