A $25,000 Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star?!!

Whoa! That’s a lot of dinero.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is that it’s affordable. But that’s not the case with this Chuck Taylor from the company, Just One Eye.

Designed by Nate Lowman, this Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star costs a whopping $25,000! Check out the details below to see why it cost so much.

Envisioned by Just One Eye and only one in a rare, limited edition of 21, these Converse shoes are composed of an original canvas from artist Nate Lowman. Hand-cut by Lowman, each shoe was hand-sewn onto an original 1970’s rubber Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sole by a craftsman in Los Angeles, each pair taking over 10 hours of work to complete. The canvas is composed of oil and high-gloss alkyd paint and latex, acrylic, and high-gloss alkyd paint on un-primed canvas. The shoes are lined with unfinished, uncolored Italian calf leather and stamped with Just One Eye’s logo and Nate Lowman’s signature.

25000-Converse 25000-Dollar-Converse-Sneakers 25000-Dollar-Converse-Chuck-Taylor 25000-Dollar-Converse-Chuck 25000-Dollar-Converse-Chucks

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  • SG


  • Executive aka Mr. McDowell hairline

    There is no sneaker on earth worth $25,000!

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^ None at all!!! A damn luxury dress shoe of the finest quality n materials isn’t worth that much. Da phuk would anybody pay that $#!+ for on a gym shoe?

  • QAEv

    ROFLMFAO! while riding in a ROFLCOPTOR! WTF SON!?
    first of all (this is my personal opinion) ,idgaf if is a 1970s sole. any shoe with a cheap ass vulcanized sole like that is not collectible. once u beat them down, they`re gone,there is no re-sole option..so who tf in their right mind is gon pay that kinda money for a disposable shoe??
    another example of morons thinking that the RRP & someone`s name dictates quality and worth. if we want chucks with artwork we will paint the sh!t our damn selves!