A History of Kanye West Sneaker Collaborations


Yeezy is doing good as far as genius’ go.

Kanye West without a doubt has left his mark not only in the music culture, but also the sneaker culture as well. And if you think that Kanye West is just about his signature Nike sneakers, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

We compiled a list of the different footwear brands that Kanye West collaborated with throughout the years. Click through the History of Kanye West Sneaker Collaborations below and let us know what Kanye sneaker you love , hate the most, or wished would release.

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  • I bet a lot of people would like Nike to drop those 180s now. Ha!

  • MikeyDrums86

    ^^ hells yea i would. I never seen those before but would definitly love to see those released.. Jasper high/mids are nice as well

  • I need that blk/blk yeezy 2. its so clean. Im over flashy colors on everything, the solars are nice but man that sample is fresh!

  • Boss

    I swore the Jaspers were inspired by taste maker Ibn Jasper, Kanyes friend? Not a barber named Jasper.

  • Wildsau

    wheres the “gay-fish” cw?

  • TSGside

    I think y’all forgot about the nike x clot air max 1 id

  • KP

    You like fish sticks?…

  • I want those S Dots!

  • Shiv

    This was wack, hes done more collabs. Instead of showing every single colorway and ones that havent even released should have just focused on the shoes themselves. What about his guiseppes and his visvims

  • Shiv

    @boss they are the same person. Ibn used to be kanyes barber

  • omar najeeb

    Nah, I ain’t clickin’ thru that. Looks too time consuming for sum1 like myself , who couldn’t care less. That is all. As u were..

  • serg252001

    legit list