A History of Old People Rockin’ Heat (Part 2)

old people rocking heat part 2

More old people wearing sneaker heat.

You can never be too old to wear sneakers, and we proved that in May with A History of Old People Rockin’ Heat. Well, we’re back with Part 2 so you know what that means. We would say you know what to expect, but that’s not entirely true because some of these photos will definitely catch you off guard. Check out the feature and let us know which photo is your favorite. Enjoy!

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • #2 look like homey from UP haha…

  • MikeyDrums86

    granny from pic 12 even got the wu-tang hoodie to go wit those union 180’s!!!

  • xkb

    this will be all of us in 30-40 years

  • Sooooooo much swagger in here. Yes, I said swagger!

  • MikeyDrums86

    @ G-Roc.. lol yea but who’s the swaggiest?!?


  • If you want to submit a photo of old people rockin heat, send it to TheShoeGame.com@gmail.com.

  • VladTM (@VladSneakerHead)

    granny from pic 12 was in first part in buls jersey and bred 4s

  • Smile Ronnie Ronnie

  • MelloYelloMD

    The bol’ SilverSwag gold is an ATL legend lol (3/18). I busted out laughing at the caption for 14 lol. Pops in number got the real heat on his wrist with the Gold 51-30.

  • Mr. Get It In!!!

    In the words of Swaggy P!!!! PRECISION!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Towel

    Shoutout to the homies at RIF

  • Ty Ful

    Well they do make…employee discount lol

  • i_luv_kickz

    this will be us in the future so i’m trying not to laugh cause that will be me lol

  • AJ head


  • DC21

    11-14 all had me rolling. Dope

  • There used to be a resident at my old job who use to wear his OG Reebok DMX Run 10s & his slip on And 1s to dinner all the time. Wish I could’ve gotten a pic.

  • serg252001

    I swear it look like dude in the Jordan 2011 is walking in for a nba pregame

  • Ed

    I really liked #10. Father and son are dope.

  • BorDoughBoy

    Went to Alanta for a wedding so I had to cop the fear fours at Lenox. The guy featured twice was in front of me in line. He had been there since 2am sat morn. True dedication. That’s gonna be me when I’m his age. . . I hope.

  • thanks to us you’re enjoying it now.

    so discriminative !

  • something

    isnt that in La Isla on 105th? lmao

  • Biga173rd

    The Old Asian dude with the Green Glo/Mint’s 4’s with his matching outfit makes Hypebeast look mad wack. These old people got way more swag than Bieber. Yeaaa rock that Wu granny!