A Ma Maniere Washington DC

A Ma Maniere Washington DC…

A Ma Maniere Washington DC

Moving on up… Literally and figurative.

ATL’s own A Ma Maniere is opening a second location. Not only is it moving up the map, there’s levels to it.

The new Washington DC retail space will combine a luxury boutique shopping experience while and combining with an upscale “living” experience.

The living space will be located above the modern retail space, giving shoppers the ability to stay in two full luxury suites. Right now word is the suites will only be offered to select patrons, but stay tuned for more details as the store is set to open Summer 2018.

Let us know in the comments what collaborations you can see happening from this unique offering.

A Ma Maniere Washington DC

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  • theloverswineverytime

    Hopefully they can give some competition to the UBIQ in D.C. Somebody need to put that fraud boutique out of business.

  • javi

    Well if you’d learn how to control your sneaker thirst you wouldn’t need to go to those kinds of stores hype?

  • I know you’re not a fan of UBIQ. What’s your issue with them? I only know them from online so I don’t know about their real-life rep.

  • Ron Simms

    MAJOR in DC is a far worse offended than UBIQ. Commonwealth is the best streetwear store in the district, but their selection has been somewhat lacking lately. I remember when MAJOR had the Lance Mountain Jordans and made folks who wanted the Black pair also buy the white pair and charged 250 for each. Wouldn’t have bought anything if I hadn’t camped out over night for the shoes…last time I camped and last time I gaev MAJOR my money

  • theloverswineverytime

    Well, just plain & simple, they like to back door some of the highly-coveted releases. There’s that, and then they let resellers openly hoard up all the pairs for their fcfs releases. Like, if you see a guy that a min ago was asking for help “to get a lil sumn to eat”, now all of a sudden with $200 in hand, in line for a sneaker release, you know thats not his pair he’s buying & it’s not his money thats being used to pay for it. But UBIQ will look at dudes round up random vagrants from off the street & put em right in line to copp extra pairs.

  • javi

    Blah blah blah blah

  • 804east

    sounds like a honest hustle to me. ubiq just be bullshitting with the shoes (back door, raffles are bullshit, gotta wear the shoe out, just all around fu shit) . major does the same shit. Olympic 6’s for 250 like 4 yrs ago smh. dc is poop for shoe boutiques, commonwealth definitely killin em apparel wise but not getting nikes is a deathblow for them. A Ma Maniere is gonna put some folks outta business.

  • DC DunKing

    Major DC is still responsible for introducing the district to Pendleton, The Hundreds, Black Scale, 10 Deep and the list goes on. I think the OG store and the energy of the first couple years went away with the building. The rebuild never had the same energy. But DC isnt waiting for a street brand savior, the new gen is. They still dont have a legit identity outside of the sneakers. No brand has ever lasted more than 10yrs and thats cool so Stores have to capitalize. But as far as the sneaker stores in the DC Metro, its all about relationships. You gotta know ppl authentically to be in the circles. So shout outs to Sports Zone, Shoe City, DTLR, Shoe Gallery, Kickkspot, Palace 5, Elite board shop, Metro Sneakers . . . the culture is there, you just gotta get involved folks

  • theloverswineverytime

    Oh yeah, i mean, i can’t get mad at folks tryna get their gwap on. I was just referring to what you had listed in parentheses. But i do feel like they should do as best as they could to make if fair for customers. Like, they can tell folks “Nah, we see you tryna hoard pairs, that aint allowed. U got your pair, now split!”