The Print That Started It All: adidas Unveils the Alpha Bounce Aramis 2.0 And We Got the Scoop


Last summer adidas Running debuted the Alpha Bounce with Aramis print. To this day, the Aramis print is the best Alpha Bounce colorway, in my opinion.

The Alpha Bounce Aramis 1.0 became an instant hit, and with a $100 price point, stores couldn’t keep the uniquely designed colorway in stock.

adidas Running went on to introduce several new colors following the Aramis debut. They even upgraded the shoe with Engineered Mesh.

After all the success with the Alpha Bounce, one can only wonder what’s next for the Alpha Bounce line. Well, the answer is simple: keep going!

Today adidas Running unveils the second generation of the Alpha Bounce Aramis. Simply put: the print that started it all.

Yours truly spoke with the adidas Running team about the latest Alpha Bounce update. I caught up with the Category Director for Men’s Running, Brandon Beaty, and the Senior Design Director, George Robusti.

Read my conversation below to learn more about the Alpha Bounce Aramis 2.0, and please share your thoughts in the comments. 

Gerard “G-Roc” Smith: First off, congrats on the success of the first run of Alpha Bounce colorways. Why was it important to introduce the Alpha Bounce Aramis 2.0?

George Robusti: Thank you! Alpha Bounce is built on technical insights behind athlete movement. The original Aramis-inspired print was the first stake in the ground that combined those learnings with function, finish and construction. adidas Alpha Bounce was born from culture and built for a purpose – a tool for athletes to become the best at their sport. Running is often that edge. We’ll fine tune updates to the franchise as athlete insights evolve in how they train. Our lifestyle is built around optimization around the product rather than radically redefining it.


The first thing I noticed was the updated Aramis print. Can you please explain what Aramis print is for those people who don’t know?

George: Alpha Bounce was developed using a motion capture technology called Aramis, which measures mechanics of the foot during movement. Based on the motion capture insights during a runner’s stride, the defining features of Alpha Bounce were designed to offer support or expansion where the athlete needs it the most. We decided to showcase a visual appeal based on the technology inside. The print actually came about from dots being drawn onto the shoe with a sharpie mirroring the technology.


Cool! I remember hearing about the sharpie process. Let’s make it simple as possible as for people reading this: what’s the major differences between the 1.0 and 2.0?

George: The second generation silhouette is a fusion of the popular print that debuted the franchise in 2016 and first major technical update. Each print is a graphic celebration of the technology behind it, which informs the placement of the engineered mesh and the forging. Aligned with more subtle seasonal trends, a more muted tonal print that can play into your style.

Interesting! So besides the look, are there any major benefits in the update for runners?

George: Alpha Bounce Ams is a fresh combination of the original Aramis inspired print with the benefit of engineered mesh – bringing those functional insights to life. We’re looking to optimize a functional product based on evolving athletes insights over time rather than totally redefining it.

Got it! The previous Alpha Bounce update was Engineered Mesh which resulted in a $10 price increase. How much is retail for the Aramis 2.0?

Brandon Beaty: $110

I love the “Running” campaign. Out of all people, why did adidas decide to feature Gil Scott-Heron’s voice?

Brandon: Gil Scott-Heron is an amazing artist, and the “Running” track fit perfectly with what was wanted; an authentic, gritty, simple approach that gave a completely new and fresh take on running from the words in the track. We’re thrilled to be working with his Foundation on this partnership. Gil Scott-Heron is an American icon of change and disruption. His music represents a spirit of anti-conformity that has influenced an entire generation of modern artists. As a brand of creators, adidas celebrates individuality and expression in the same way Gil does. By bringing Gil’s track into this campaign, we fuse old with the new and bring his disruptive perspective to life in a way only adidas can.


That’s dope! I know people can respect that. On the flip side, I don’t think some people expected to see multiple Alpha Bounce updates, but I haven’t heard anyone complaining which is a good thing. Can you touch on what people can expect next from the line?

George: Look for us to expand through silhouette, materials, print and the way the shoe is built. We’ll become more versatile with the evolving needs of sport in whatever benefits athletes as they train and run to get more competitive. For Alpha Bounce, we’re looking into movement driven insights vs compensating for your gait cycle.

We still haven’t seen any Alpha Bounce collaborations, is that something we can expect to see in 2017?

Brandon: You’ll have to wait to find out!

adidas has been killing it and the shift is amazing to witness. I have to ask, what’s the next big thing for adidas Running?

Brandon: We can’t talk about it too much, but you’ve already seen sneak peaks of some incredible innovations coming out very soon; Futurecraft takes 3D printing to a whole other level, and the partnership with Parley is allowing us to create shoes from Ocean plastic just to name a few.


Last question. There’s no shortage of running shoe options, why should someone buy the Alpha Bounce Aramis 2.0?

George: It’s a fresh combination of the original print (this time, with a tonal print that can play into your style) with benefit of engineered mesh and unparalled Bounce technology.

Boom! There it is. Thanks fellas.

The Alpha Bounce Aramis 2.0 is available now and you can grab a pair at

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  • Purple PieGAWD

    I might grab a pair to train in #teamadidas

  • Ok den!

    I definitely recommend them for training or short distance running.

    Will this be your first pair of Alpha Bounce?

  • Saw these last weekend while I was scooping up breds. I took a photo of the charcoal pair hoping there would be a light show… No 3M but they caught my attention… Might scoop with a coupon for beating as my OGs are still deadstock. Still curious how this tech holds up (compared to boost, ortholite, lunarlon, etc.) after a long day….

  • Ha! Jay was hoping for 3M, which makes sense on a runner. I went for 3-4 mille run in my OGs, and now I just wear them casually. I’ve worn them for a full day and they are cool, but it’s not even fair comparing Bounce to Boost. I think you know which tech is better!

    But it’s also $110 vs $180 – so yeah. Can’t beat the Alpha Bounce price.

  • Thanks for that succinct review famo. I will definitely try an all black-ish pair at some point… Also curious how the midsole design (painted foam) withstands a heavy guy’s pronation over time…

  • No problem Jay! Let me know how that goes.

    I wish I could help you with that info. lol

  • Purple PieGAWD

    Yes it will be. Been a boost for casual guy.

  • Got ya! Say no more, I totally understand.

    Let me know what you think when you get your pair.