Adidas Bokajone “Looney Tunes” Edition

Adidas Bokajone Looney Tunes Tweety

With trying to focus on the womens and mens new/upcoming releases, we often forget about the precious babies and toddlers. Today we present the Adidas “Looney Tunes” Tweety Bird and Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote Bokajone. The little ones deserve to be fresh too, so let them break a few necks at Day Care. Check for these at your local Adidas retailer.

Adidas Bokajone Looney Tunes Road Runner & Wile E Coyote

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  • Kooly

    Very cute kicks!!

  • MelloYelloMD


  • ^Yes sir!

  • abelinoSFV

    cute I don’t have baby’s but nice

  • Air Daniel

    LOL I can imagine babies breaking their necks at daycare LOL

  • ^^^hell yea
    they’re not gonna wanna play wit da blocks
    they gon be tryna play with each others shoes
    arguin over whos got tha better lookin character

  • Tianda

    I work at a day care & have seen a few of the kids wearing these really cute sneakers. They have a TAZ sneaker as well. I want a pair for my 13 month old son.

  • ReapearingDoubleCHIN

    i’d rock those. cause i’m a badass. a badass who knows his ABCs might i add.

  • simone

    i’d rock these myself…sorry babies they’re mine!!!lol

  • Marquita

    My son got them for christmas… Im tryna find out where they are so I can buy him the whole set!!!

  • tweety bird is really cool i luv tweety bird but dnt trip or hate on me or tweety bird get it ryt and those are vgbn b my new kicks

  • ana

    i want to know were i cut buy the looney tunes edition “the tweety bird”

  • How and where do we get these toddler shoes?