adidas Jeremy Scott SS 2010 Collection

adidas Jeremy Scott SS 2010 Collection

As far as adidas is concerned, Jeremy Scott has already earned his 3 stripes. JS isn’t afraid to push the envelope, and his adidas Originals by Originals (ObyO) collection is always a hit, so adidas allowed him to design a new collection for Spring/Summer 2010.

The people’s favorite “JS Wings” sneaker returns as well as a few new models. Also, included in the adidas JS collection is a wild selection of apparel that can only be pulled off by the brave. Look for the first adidas JS delivery in February 2010, and the second drop will follow in March. via Hypebeast

adidas Jeremy Scott JS Wings

adidas Jeremy Scott JS Wings White

adidas Jeremy Scott Sneaker

adidas Jeremy Scott JS 3 Tongue Low

adidas Jeremy Scott JS Rockstar

adidas Jeremy Scott T Shirt

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  • DaHero1017

    not feeling non of that stuff, plain weird to me hahaha

  • ATLien_Smoke

    ^^ Me too, not feeling these…

  • zane

    the white patent with gold is clean..maybe Wish will get them like those others!

  • Hye Style Kid

    Sweriously glad iu havent seen em in stores hqavent even seen anybody wear them either they are hideous

  • a.d.i.d.a.s.
    im feeling

  • c brown

    I mean im all about pushing the envelope..but those gay wings….At some point someone has to get smacked for either putting those into production, manufacturing them, or purchasing them….I mean maybe if you got them for free…but even still Adidas Orginals accepts returns….get your credit on son…them shits are just ri-dic-u-lous….

  • The comments on here regarding something new or different are always hilarious to me. I’m not a JS fan and I’ll disclose right now that I am employed by the 3 Stripes but to be honest these shoes aren’t designed with sneaker heads in mind (in my opinion). The people they are designed for have responded very well to this collection. So much so that CHAMPS SPORTS is carrying the gold/ purple & black/ white Big Tongue joints as well as the gold JS Wings and black JS Wings that we had in our Originals stores 6 months ago. Go figure…

  • The kicks are fye!
    I guess yuh just gotta have that kinda style!
    i love ’em !
    and i got the js wings adidas in gold !
    they goo super hard and i get comliments whenever iroq ’em

  • piet

    These are so cool, i have those with big tongue in purple