adidas Rose 3.5 “Aluminum” – First Look

The adidas Rose 3 made quite a buzz with hot colorways like the “Chicago Fire” and “90’s Throwback“. Adidas has already made the next sneaker for Derrick Rose to wear during the mid-season. The adidas Rose 3.5 features a redesigned upper in a new swirl pattern.

The Rose 3.5 will maintain the same silhouette, but now it’s a bit lighter than the regular version. There are still a few more colorways for the Rose 3 to release before the 3.5 version drops. So stay tuned for the latest updates.

Images: youziip

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  • Very poor price point on the 3.0 (outlandishly high)… WAY too early pics releasing of the 3.5… not even sure WHY Adidas thinks a “#.5” is even necessary, marketable/profitable… I just don’t get it!?!? Poor guys not even playing in the 3.0 yet… it’s like they WANT the shoe to fail!

  • JBYRD23

    Homies cankles shut down the D.Rose 3.5 operation! Haha Looks like a baby shoe haha!

  • ty

    These are nice.