adidas Rose 3.5 “Aluminum” – First Look

November 14, 2012 | 3

The adidas Rose 3 made quite a buzz with hot colorways like the “Chicago Fire” and “90′s Throwback“. Adidas has already made the next sneaker for Derrick Rose to wear during the mid-season. The adidas Rose 3.5 features a redesigned upper in a new swirl pattern.

The Rose 3.5 will maintain the same silhouette, but now it’s a bit lighter than the regular version. There are still a few more colorways for the Rose 3 to release before the 3.5 version drops. So stay tuned for the latest updates.

Images: youziip

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  1. Very poor price point on the 3.0 (outlandishly high)… WAY too early pics releasing of the 3.5… not even sure WHY Adidas thinks a “#.5″ is even necessary, marketable/profitable… I just don’t get it!?!? Poor guys not even playing in the 3.0 yet… it’s like they WANT the shoe to fail!

  2. JBYRD23

    Homies cankles shut down the D.Rose 3.5 operation! Haha Looks like a baby shoe haha!

  3. ty

    These are nice.

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