adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 2017 Preview

adidas ultra boost 3.0 orange

adidas will continue to take the Ultra Boost a level up.

I’ll admit, I like the OG or 1.0 Ultra Boost Primeknit the best so far. I’m a huge fan of the knitting around the toebox and throughout the upper.

The Primeknit on the 2.0 isn’t bad, but it’s something about the gradient blend that doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve heard many of you express the same sentiment.

It’s all good because adidas will continue tinkering with its best crossover performance running shoe. For example, we have a preview of four adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 colorways.

Peep the newly designed Primeknit. It appears the 2.0 Primeknit era is coming to an end and adidas will soon introduce the third generation of Primeknit on the Ultra Boost.

I actually got a chance to see a few colors in person while visiting the adidas campus. That said, I like the 3.0 knitting more than the 2.0.

There’s no release date, but look for these to drop Spring 2017.

UPDATE 9/30/16: Here’s a look at six Ultra Boost 3.0 colors that will drop in 2017.

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adidas ultra boost 3.0 grey

adidas ultra boost 3.0 navy

adidas ultra boost 3.0 shoe

adidas ultra boost 3.0 white

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  • 804east

    that grey is lovely

  • Executive One:1

    The lines make them look elongated.

  • Creep

    They need better material for the cage.

  • Sign me up for a few pairs.

  • No ” D ” toe…. Yes!

  • I love the transluscence… and never really liked the leather models.

  • Admit it Y’all, Steph Choked

    “Ron Jere….”…Ooooooohhh i seeeee lol

  • tblaque82

    I don’t get it I understand they may be comfortable but wats the appeal aesthetically just basic looking running shoes to me

  • Admit it Y’all, Steph Choked

    Ok. Now try to get everybody else to understand that.
    The first thing folks say to me after i let it be known that I AM NOT paying that rediculous retail is “Oh see, you’ll change ya mind of you just try a pair on…”
    Even here, on this site.
    Like, what happened to liking the look of the shoe FIRST….. BEFORE trying it on for the fit?

  • tblaque82

    I agree if I pay $180 it will not be for these there are other shoes look wise that look better to me that also cost the same price or hell even cheaper

  • PsychadelicSavage

    Oh yeah this is what I’m talking about

  • Executive Regera

    Damn they’re moving fast.

  • $weet rigo

    Turtle dove UB

  • Clear cage needs to go on the oreo jawns

  • I was the same exact way until I tried a pair on. I do think people definitely over hype them to an extent. But, [dramatic pause] if you tried them on and walked around for a while they start to get more and more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Aaron Hall

    They’re all dope. I’ve always liked the looks of boost before they were hyped but it’s all well deserved in my honest opinion.

  • GreenteaFrawg

    they have a much rounder shape so they need it imo

  • Executive Regera

    I like the 1.0 and 2.0 shape a whole lot better.

  • These and boost tech are way over hyped/overrated. I’ve said that of boost before and was attacked viciously. I work in advertising. It’s amazing to see when our work has done it’s job so effectively that people will believe anything a brand says and does.

    The white 1.0 were sitting before hypebeasts and wannabes saw kanye wearing a pair. Then all hell broke loose and like him or not that man has seriously pushed some hype on these unintentionally.

    My first pair of UB’s were to show my laces I sell. The second were the silver from the medal pack which I saw a Champs employee wearing on the day of their release and I think they’re the toughest UB I’ve seen to date hands down. Ran into them in a funny way at the register at the 34th NYC FL after they were supposedly all sold out in the back.

    The rest of them are just like whatever but I suspect I’ll grab some pairs in the future. Now the uncaged? Have every color. Those “for me” are where it’s at.

  • These have nothing on the 2017 UB uncaged IMHO. Especially that pair with the burnt orange/cooked salmon mid. Those joints are colder than dry ice and tougher than 3 week old bread.

  • GreenteaFrawg

    i personally like 1.0 the most but i guess I’m okay with the 3

  • Executive Regera

    The 1 was dope, I think they should slow it down.

  • Roger_Milla

    Boost is not overrated IMO. Adidas has something good going on in the cushioning department. However, I agree with the rest of your post. I’m not going to cop UBs at $180, but I will eventually grab them as I know that adidas will make more than enough and the hypebeasts will eventually have boost fatigue and move on to something else. I can’t wait for autolacing to become all the rage.

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  • ???
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