adidas Will Release the Rascal Next Year

For all the fiends.

The adidas Yeezy Powerphase is a hypebeast favorite, and adidas knows that.

So, come June 2018, adidas will introduce the Rascal which is basically a generic version of the Powerphase, but it should be much easier to purchase.

adidas will release a Semi Frozen Yellow and White colorway. Since there’s no new new tech featured in this shoe, the retail price is only $90. IG is going to be lit all summer ’18.

Will you be adding a few pairs to the collection next year?

Source: theyeezymafia

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  • DJR
  • Executive 777

    Generic version? Lmfao! Now that’s a thigh slappin laugh!

  • Executive 777

    These look like some shit I had to wear because i was raised by a single parent and we was fucked up.

  • Executive 777

    The “you shouldn’t have” kind of gift.

  • Lol so you’re beyond good

  • Lol I literally quoted the source on that one

  • Lmaooooo I was raised by a single parent so I can relate lol

  • Executive 777

    We had to wear what was affordable, $100 was out the question. 1 pair for the year, 3 pair of pants and a few shirts.

  • Executive 777

    That’s a good one. I wouldn’t bat an eye at either of those damn kicks.

  • DJR

    Hahahahaha pretty much.

  • Purple PieGAWD

    Yellow joints nice, but let’s keep it real I’m copping at $60-$70