adidas Yeezy Boost Release Date

adidas yeezy 750 boost release date

Right around the corner.

adidas confirmed what we already knew: it’s Yeezy Season. Ha! They also confirmed the adidas Yeezy Boost release date which is February 14. However, this is not the global launch release date, so stay tuned for more info regarding a wider release. If you live in NYC or will be in town for All Star Weekend, this is your shot at owning Kanye’s first signature adidas Yeezy shoe. You can reserve your pair for select adidas stores, Champs, and Foot Locker via the adidas Confirmed app prior to the release day.

Locations that will release the YEEZY BOOST to consumers who reserve through the adidas Confirmed app include select adidas, Foot Locker & Champs Sports retail stores in the NYC area and The a Standard adidas x Foot Locker Pop-Up Store on Fulton Street in Brooklyn.

Limited pairs of the YEEZY Boost will be available at other select locations including Packer Shoes and Dover Street Market.

I don’t believe I’ve seen adidas confirm the retail price yet, but it’s said to be $350.

Photo: @ianbreezy

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  • Unstoppable force… is what it is… and aint.

  • look better with a clear photo but overall I aint paying 350 for sneakers much less 190 for Jordans. now those UltraBoosts yes.

  • curt diggler

    they do look better…350 is a bit too much for me also, but i guess its a good alternative to the other “high-end” kicks…….idk man, lately my recent purchases have been on some grown man looks instead of athletic looks…..dare i say im growing up…lol….anyways the hoopla is great for every company besides nike, since the underdogs have been stepping their games up by providing good quality or a new product.(saucony, asics, nb, adidas)…nike seem to be living off the past at this point and the new models are mostly old models with a lunar bottom or the “Simon” outsole of the lebrons…lol…old heads what you know about simon?

  • Graffiti88

    these are sick. I doubt they will be 350 when they release globally. Maybe that price is just for the people that cant wait and have to be one of the first. Regardless if I get these those flat laces gotta go!!!

  • Bowman Andretti

    Watch they never release there is something fish lol they gon release in NY then never release globally orrrrr this will be a NYC colorway or some shit i hope I’m wrong #YEEZIconspiracy

  • Pat Mcfeely

    Ugh that price man. Plus other heat that same weekend you gotta be a baller for real if you copping this weekend.

  • Mater

    Gonna try regardless of the price fugggitttttt

  • Lickmysneakers

    wait wait wait, i know folks say black people dont read. i read a lot. and i read your articles. where does 350 come from? is this what is being asked for this native american shoe with a zipper? im sorry that was wrong. ….does anyone have the cost yet?

  • sirfresh

    I think yeezys get better in due time. Got to start from somewhere

  • Bruce Wayne

    they look way better here