Do You Agree With This Justin Timberlake Meme?

justin timberlake creasing jordan 3 meme

Is it that serious?

The Internet does not miss a thing.

Justin Timberlake shared a photo with the world before his Super Bowl performance. In the photo he’s wearing his Tinker Hatfield Jordan 3 collab.

While some people geeked out in true sneakerhead fashion, others couldn’t stop talking about how JT is creasing his Jordans in the photo. Of course it was only right for jokes and memes to follow.

This meme was sent to me yesterday and I shared it on social. The response was exactly what I expected, so I thought I’d post it on the site to hear what y’all think about the meme.

Do you agree or are people overreacting like they often do on the Internet?

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  • fook yo

    only teenagers freak out about that. as you get older ur like theyre just shoes. even the rare ones. like u dont TRY to crease it but ur not over there penguin stepping either

  • I agree. I thought some of the jokes were funny but it’s not that serious to me. I remember how weird I used to walk trying not to crease my shoes when I was a teen. Now I just walk regular and understand that toe creasing comes with wearing a shoe. lol

  • Ray.

    I can’t front. I was walking like penguin on Friday when I had on my purple af1 hi. I really fuck with that pair and I always want them to go back in the box the same way they came out.
    I didn’t OD the way i would have in high school or middle school, but i did notice the change in my walk..

  • Lmao I respect your honesty. Sometimes I find myself walking weird and remind myself F it, walk normal. But I know the feel for sure.

    So how’s it going so far with not creasing your AF1s?

  • curt diggler

    they need to be wondering what is the big deal about the sneakers.

  • fook yo

    IMPOSSIBLE GROC. AF1s cant not crease lol

  • DC DunKing


  • theloverswineverytime

    TRUTH. And i like the WC aj 3s at that

  • DJR

    For me I will wear them crease them or whatever. I will say this though if for some reason I don’t think they still look fresh I just end up selling them. Most sneaker heads agree that there’s nothing better than a fresh looking pair of kicks.

  • javi

    You like every sneaker hype?

  • curt diggler

    nike messed up with using an old ex boy band member to promote a product that is supposed to exemplify cool.

  • C Brown

    Its not an age thing homie….I dont wear fresh kicks in the rain cause why ruin them….thats what you have beaters for right?? I dont know about the next man…but I only put on my sneakers sitting down as to not crease them….I mean he didnt have a chair he could sit into?? Your about to be in front of 100 million people….Im 100% thinking that EVERYTHING about my fit needs to be on point….Justsaying

  • sinicc

    theyre just sneakers.
    if a crease is that big a deal, youre a herb.

  • theloverswineverytime

    I know that’s the reason I’d leave them muhphuckas.

  • theloverswineverytime

    To each his own, but I’ve always just put on my joints…fresh, or not so much…and just rock out with no thoughts of consequence outside of (saaayy..)making sure i dont step directly into a mud puddle. But i never tried to not crease my shoes when walking. Its never even crossed my mind to do that.

  • Ray.

    They look as good as the first day i met em! lol

    sn: I only wore em about 5 times tho but still, thats pretty good!!

  • Ray.


  • javi

    STFU HYPE! You couldn’t leave it if your life depended on it smfh.

  • javi

    It’s never crossed your mind because your mind is always on the next sneakers your going to buy hype?

  • Executive Cuddle Muff’n

    This rich? They’re $200.

  • Executive Cuddle Muff’n

    My pair are currently in my snow shoe rotation so I know they’d have a stroke.

  • fook yo

    i see what you mean 100%. pretty sure that was marketing.

    all im saying is my mentality nowadays`is more “if ima get mad that i messed these up i probably shouldnt buy them” minus the few exceptions we all have of course

  • Erosion

    He was probably thinking this is some real flexin’ right here! Breaking them bricks in before the performance. That’s all.