Air Jordan 1 Art Basel Pack Release Info

The details.

Jordan Brand linked up with Social Status to release the Air Jordan 1 Art Basel Pack.

Social Status and Jordan Brand will host a pop-up shop in Miami Friday, December 8 from 12-7pm. Here’s the thing, due to extreme thirst for both Jordan 1s, the location of the pop-up will be announced tomorrow morning via the Social Status Instagram account.

It’s too early for me to make this up. That’s exactly what the press release said, so don’t shoot the messenger. Heads up and good luck to all the people in Miami who want a pair. Tomorrow is the day!

Which colorway do you prefer?

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  • I’ll take Rust Pink 1s for retail, size 8.5. Just putting it out there.

  • DJR

    Some good photos here but Slam you missed an opportunity to post some Larry Bird stuff as today is his birthday.

  • fook yo

    if i didnt have work id go grab them and flip. dont see the hype though. they look like a GS colorwar