Air Jordan 1 “Bred” Returns in 2013

Air-Jordan-1-Bred-2013Is it possible that there will be a return of the Air Jordan 1 Black/Red that was last seen in 2001? The last time we’ve seen something remotely close to the classic colorway, it came by way of the “Banned” version from 2011. We already got a taste of the black/royal version and the next colorway awaiting to release is the “Black Toe”.

Could we possibly see a return of the AJ1 OG Black/Red colorway this year? Sources say that it’s scheduled to release Holiday 2013. Stay tuned to TSG as the latest update develops.

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Note: The photos are NOT the 2013 Retro


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  • aSh

    Hmmmmmmmm.. the only “one” I really REALLY like…. might cop if its not more than $130.00

  • aSh

    BUUUUUUT then again… looking at this pic… and seeing the leather on the side panel already all jacked up = NO BUENO…

  • dotsupreme

    clearly not the final product^… going to be the same as the royals…

  • Bdidy42

    ^^Those pics are taken from the flight club site

  • VoomVava

    Makes sense.

  • dotsupreme

    or not the 2013s i should say* and retail is going too be the same as the royals… $140

  • Executive

    All aboard! (Tom Hanks voice from the polar express movie) definitely gonna try and cop. Never jugde these internet pics.

  • Executive

    Get your leather pants ready!

  • P.A.’s Finest

    I don’t believe thats a photo of the ones that are going to release. It’s a pic of a earlier release, I got the banned’s from the outlet release so I’m going to pass. I’m sure these will cost more as well so hell to the no!

  • KP

    My prayers have been answered!!

  • aSh

    @ Executive… kinda true…. At least until you can see final production pics (which tend to drop closer to release date) Just my opinion…

  • JayWhoaPeachtrees

    I’m good with banned 1’s. Happy for everyone else, though. Only way I’ll cop is if I stumble across them after a good night’s sleep…

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    this photo sux.

  • G-Phi 2K6

    I’m good with the Banned 1’s also. Good luck to everyone else.

  • AJ head

    I know haters here will say “Oh, they are growing on me.” by the time around this holiday.

  • edson


  • Cuda from NC

    sucks that nobody ever really like ones and they used to be on sale racks for weeks. Have kanye wear em, throw out a “banned” version and now kids born in the 2000s will be lined up to get em. SMH. Hope I can get a pair, unlike the royals

  • Ed

    Another ‘limited’ release? How about informing us properly, Nike? Jerks.

  • Mm.Food

    Whats the diff between the banned 1’s an these, the lil x at the back?

  • omar najeeb

    Let the anarchy….coommence!!!!

  • Guess Who?

    That’s clearly a pic of 2001’s for all those complaining about picture but at this point I don’t care JB’s just gonna retro every shoe 100 times as long as people keep buying them

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    Hopefully they wont be a limited release like the royals.

  • omar najeeb

    @Mmfood…..well, uh….yeah! That’s basically the diff btwn these & those. For ex. the olympic 7s from coupl yrs ago had the lil heart-shapd bball side heel but last year’s re-retro ddnt have any extra side heel. That all. Same wit bred 1s

  • omar najeeb

    Never had these particular aj1s. Wud luv to get my hands on a pair

  • Hyper

    Here we go……

  • danniB

    ppl complain about them retroing then turn around and complain about the new colorways or retros and say he over stepping and ruining a classic… Damn can you 45 yr old niggas make up your got damn mind