Air Jordan 1 “Foamposite” (New Images)

On Monday we gave you a sneak peek at the Air Jordan 1 “Foamposite” that was spotted at the Wish x Jordan event with Jason Mayden. The images were low quality, but they gave everyone an idea of what to expect. Today we present you with better quality images of the Foamposite Air Jordan 1. Some of you were not feeling the shoes on Monday, but maybe these new photos will give you a change of heart. Let us know what you think about the Foam Jordan 1’s in the comments section. These kicks will be available Holiday 2010.

Photography: UnEthical Shots

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • gdiemaster

    just stop JB. leave foam and jordan which are two different sneakers alone.

    IT’S NOT A DAMN FUSION. UGHHH. People think just cause it’s FOAMPOSITE, it’s legit. But no, it’s not. Leave Foamposite to Pennys… end of story.

  • NowTheRetroJordanAmbassador4Life

    Not impressed. Should not have gone this route JB. Epic fail, yet again.


  • They still suck.

  • ironspatula

    wow, these are still shite!

  • SCOLIA5044


  • AirKang

    Why all black…? ITs gonna be hard to indicate if its Js or other Nike shoes..which doesnt make it appealing to be buyin expensive jordans.. and i hope they dont fit horribly and feel clunky like the skyposites 😛

  • lol :D

    look like a eggplant

  • trey


  • The ONLY upside… good winter shoe! Wipes off easy… and I fear what may need wiped off according to comments on earlier posts of these! Ya’ll NaStY… just like this concept from JB!!!


    Shouldve done another retro like the 5, 6, 9, 10, or better the 11 with the foamposite concept

  • Scootyluvs6s

    wouldn’t cop at all. stop biting and come up with something people want, or at least retro stuff that we want.

  • wayne brooks

    Foamposites and ‘Posites’ generally are NOT exclusive to Penny Hardaway. They were used also by Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett via the Total Foamposite Max and Flightposites. But as for combining them with Jordans, I think it’s a bad idea and should be put to rest now.

  • allo

    these bitches dnt even shine

  • sdot

    nada special

  • Baby Jordan

    If jb wanted to make a “posite” shoe why not go with a totally diff frame that better utilizes the material, this is ike puttin a spoiler on a ol skool, jb really needs sum originality

  • adrian

    IM really big on 1’s but these suck jordan has not been very impressing lately they need to fix that

  • jeff


  • Goat612

    i had those old KGs with the posite, the black ones. they were sooooo dope. these aj1s….not dope at all. matter of fact, im wearin the triple black AJ1 highs right now, and would rather keep these on my feet then put on these aj1 posites

  • vince

    If they were bullet proof I would pay the price.

  • John B

    no way. when is enough gonna be enough JB? damn!

  • C-zerr

    And let the none hype begin!!!

  • Where the “Stay Tuned” vids at G-Roc? Am dying over here.

  • I plead the 5th….

  • I feelin these. there not ugly. Would rock these before any other kind of fusion or hybrid.
    1. I like foams because they dont crease.
    2. I hate shoes that crease easily.
    3. These look like they wont crease easy and east to maintain. cop.

  • Retromaine

    they would be better if they werent all black

  • yea…im good, pass


    It looks like the dipped it in black monkey crap and let it dry to form a shell. Looks very wack.

  • I stay with jz

    I like how the details stand out but still a no cop for me.

  • ha ha haaa matt damon that was funny,
    i got to see them in person before i say copped

  • Royal Swagness

    YOU GUYS ARE TRIPPIN ! these are fresh. one of the greatest retro 1’s ever made. I’m coppin 3 pair when they come. the nike foamposites can’t top these. J.B. i CAN’T DO THIS. HERE’S YOUR BRIBE MONEY BACK. THIS IS A STUPID IDEAL.

  • me

    these are alright mixed emotions. if foamposites never had that material it would be a cool shoe but the fact that they have to borrow from an already popular concept to sell shoes is weak. Wheres the innovation JB.

    2012 is near -_-

  • My only question is why pay 130$ for these when you can buy the big nike foamposite for 80$ or cheaper? and they are the same damn shoes with the same colorway. Anyway everyone have their own choice and taste but i personally ain’t falling for no nonse trick by jb. If they want to please us at least drop something different than the Aj 1. Their are many other Jordans that could have easily go with the foam colorway eventho i don’t like the concept, but nope Jb still want to play their BS CRAP. At least give us something better.

  • I will reserve any further comments for AFTER I hold a pair in my hands and try em on…..until then, you just never know……

  • Merlin

    For me, it all depends on the price, if I can cop them for a reasonable price, I just might.

  • stop trying to make new jordan just bring back retros like the olympic 6 bring them back

  • Brittney Griner, two-handed, over the top of 9 other girls, pass.

  • jclown!

    damm! its sad that the 1’s have become just like a pair of dunks smh! but the those ones suck ne way!

  • J’s-Rocka

    Noooooooooooooo Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

  • K-I-double-D

    Some of y’all just some undercover hypebeast.

  • DC_swag

    Wtf jordan brand need to kill themselves I’m goin back to payless screw this shyt I’m outta here

  • eddy


  • they straight, i aint see nun special. jordan need to recruit me, i expect way better from the jordan brand

  • These look like NASA new moon boots

  • Diaz

    I wonder what they would look like if they were red white black?.

  • TorontoComeUp

    these are that bad, possible cop… you all just say your not coppin because the people above said they aren’t. Have your own opinion.

  • HURRIC@N3 24

    Not feelin them but, its still early

  • aTribeCalledFresh

    these r ugly like sam cassell

  • Forget these…where’s the post about those RED foamposites? Did I miss that?

  • CarolinaSmiley15

    If these have full length zoom air I’ll cop

  • those are ugly

  • Zeeshan

    Not feeling these at all XD they can never top the original fomposite look, these look like plastic lol.

  • wow


  • usweatmykicks

    I want an all black shoe but this ain’t doinit for me. Release some black cats

  • Gean Moe

    First it was HIP HOP now JB is slowly Dying. Quit killing my !’s man !!