Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” 2015 Retro Official Images

Air Jordan 10 Chicago 2015 Retro

TSG Exclusive.

After breaking news about Jordan Brand promising better quality in Spring 2015, we have an exclusive look at the Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” 2015 Retro. The leather looks great holding true to Dave Schechter’s testament of trying to bring back retros as close to the original as possible. We saw Michael Jordan wear his Chicago 10 with the number 45 on them and in 2015 you will be able to as well. This release is all a part of the remastering of the Air Jordan Retro line which you can read more about in our exclusive interview with Jordan Brand. No official release date has been announced, but feel free to drool over the Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” featuring the #45.

Are you excited about the Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” with 45 returning next year? Comment below.

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  • Idojs2345

    I’m down for the cause… Looks good to me.

  • Upper Echelon

    I can see this “remastering the retro line” bringing some new life back into the Jordan game. I like it. TSG dropping gems today. Salute!

  • karlton marz

    damn TSG on fire today…sc don’t even have this as news yet! DOPE….

  • ^^ EYYYY

  • Biga173rd

    Damn it why didn’t this shoe release this year SOB lol. Anyways TGS is always the first site I always check everyday before the other sneaker sites. You guys hit it out of the park this week!!

  • AJ head

    I got last chicago10s but I immediately sold them because the quality was horrible.
    I hope not the same way this time.

  • omar najeeb

    Na’! I’m not givin a damn about these. Mj was a bumb in 45. Lol

  • YES! Favorite pair of Jordans! 2015’s gonna be a great year!

  • rico strong

    is it just me or these did JUST release a few years ago? im so out of the game.

  • rico strong

    is it just me or these did JUST release a few years ago? im so out of the game.

  • omar najeeb

    ^^ Nope. Not just u. Juuuust a couple yrs ago. I grabbed those. So…

  • sneakerphile42

    watch how many people flip the last chicagos and try to get these, lol


    chill fam they dont sell for more than 275.00 please CALM THE FUCK DOWN. These aren’t cool MY G.

  • SoleBrotha#1

    Love that they added the “45” to the shoe.

  • Christopher Lee

    Like to receive any news or feedback when this Jordan 10 can come out in 2015….