Air Jordan 11 Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize – First Look

Air-Jordan-11-Laney-Black-Blue-YellowTSG broke the news that one of the confirmed Air Jordan models for the Holiday 2013 lineup will include a new colorway for the Air Jordan 11. This AJ11 sports an all-black upper similar to the “Black Out” sample version. But this Holiday 2013 AJ11 is highlighted with a Gamma Blue Jumpman and Varsity Maize Jumpman Jordan tag.

If you’re wondering what’s up with the blue and yellow accents, it’s because this AJ11 is rumored to be inspired by Laney High School. Expect the Air Jordan 11 Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Yellow to release Holiday 2013. Stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates. via The Heat Check

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  • Imhiphop11

    These are mean but I need more pics!!!!!!!!

  • Honda

    Let the HYPE/photos/new photos/even newer photos begin.

  • John B.

    I like em and will cop if possible. Kids are probably lining up now for em though lmao

  • Nikeindabutt

    The Un-Spacejam?

  • Im still on the fence about these. I would have to see more detailed pics before I decide

  • gotjordans

    They’re almost like Space Jams!

  • ty

    They should have just released the all black pair. The blue honestly throws it off for me.

    I feel they could have released something wayyyy better

  • Executive

    Nope for me! Not standing in line on the holidays no more for any sneaker! These suck too.

  • This is a pass for me. Nothing intriguing about this at all

  • SoleAmbition23

    People better not get shot over these this year.

  • Lem


  • G-Phi 2K6

    I don’t like them.

  • G-Phi 2K6

    One thing I always liked about the was the white midsole…that is the main reason I don’t like these. But if the midsole was white, they would be Space Jams LoL!!! Oh well…

  • omar najeeb

    Shee-it!! These work for me! I love the 11s. And this shoe sure don’t change my opinion bout the 11s. Def-cop for me.
    Well….def-attempt, anyway. Lol

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    I likem. These will be easy to keep clean. Might get my 3yr son a pair too when they drop.

  • MikeyDrums86

    @nikeindabutt.. i was thinkin the same thing!! but these look so fake i dont think u can even put these in the same sentence as space jams.. JB saving me money this holiday season easy pass for me..


  • aSh

    @Executive maaaaan f these…. that AK (47 or 74?) in your pic is SICK!!!! U should check out my IG… I got one kinda similar w/o the wood grain… nice man

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    Them Hypebeasts are all in a tizzy.

  • shoe guy

    yes these are my grails.. once i have these i will rest

  • edson

    ^^^^ his grails… shut yo ass up

  • dmy

    are you from generation y (or even x)? these are ‘new’.

  • Towel

    Will prob look good in a suit.

  • dukester

    pass them shyt to the left

  • Executive

    @aSh, thanks man it’s an AK 47, I got it a while ago.

  • Guess Who?

    They finally release the most purchased fake non-og cw 11 but I was never a fan of them in all black

  • ok

    YAAAWN. booooooorring.

  • bladaoh


  • Solebird

    These are a major let down, IMO. I know they can’t keep releasing the same 4-5 AJ11 colorways over and over, but these seem thrown together.

  • Gotkiccs

    These are limited