Air Jordan 11 Low ‘Green Snake’ On Feet Images

Air Jordan 11 Green Snake on feet3

Check out how they look on feet.

The highly anticipated Air Jordan 11 ‘Green Snakes’ are starting to pop up in the hands of several members of Team Early. Thanks to @KixDreams we have images of how the 11s look on feet. Yellow pods on the sole and Jordan logo accentuate the green snakeskin wrapping around the upper, accompanied by black mesh.

How do you think they look on feet? Comment below.

Air Jordan 11 Low ‘Green Snake’
Release Date: 4/19/2014

Air Jordan 11 Green Snake on feet2 Air Jordan 11 Green Snake on feet

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  • SG

    Upper shoulda been white

  • omar najeeb

    Let’s do it!!

  • Creep

    Wtf, are these size 15 ‘s or laced too tight. Either way I will pass.

  • SC

    Enjoy this shoe because its not just another bulls colorway. Only problem I have with this shoe is the volt bottom which kind of throws off the snakeskin.

  • Bob

    What the fuck that’s y I hate the times we live in fuckin geeks wear Js now go back to ur fuckin loafers and stop makin our shit look stupid bcuz u have no style damn these shits can’t even breath

  • Bob

    Damn u look stupid u fuckin lame u don’t have to wear jordan to b cool this is the def of a follower he can’t b serious w these shits lookin like how my grandpa laces his shoes up how do u make something that looks nice look stupid the wearer is supposed to make the shoe look better not worst

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    No such thing as a ugly pair of 11’s, lmao!(sarcasm)

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Dude pants tighter than my pajamas.

  • Wardypop

    you gotta be young if you care how some one lace their kicks. #CoolKids ROTFL

  • De Anthony Green

    ^bob you suppose to be looking at the shoe, why the fuck are woried about how a niggas clothes look. buy the damn shoe if you like and wear it how you want to. you sound like complex and that stupid ass article they recently released.

  • Godivine

    Word is bond, you kids kill me with the ish all of yous yap about in these comments…keep it up, the ish is hilarious…I’m still on the fence about the kicks, unolove

  • Bob

    First of I’m 32 bruh and when I came up people like this punk wore Spaulding or something while people who were really down w the culture wore Js grant hills ewings barkleys ect. U didn’t have to wear Js to b cool and no one though no diff of u and that’s what I was saying u ever heard the sayin u can tell a lot about a man by the shoes on his feet and when u look at this dude he just looks like he got the shoe to b cool cuz jordan him self don’t even rock this shit like this and it ain’t just about how he’s rockin it the pants and all tell them to show what this dude looks like and we will see cuz everybody else roasted this dude on fb too so I’m not the only one

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    My question is who cares what someone is wearing though? Furthermore the only people who judge and rate what you wear tend to prefer the company of fellas then females. #suspect

  • Bob

    De Anthony u little whence this guy is the reason y we have trouble buying the shoe u Miley fucks messed my whole game up I could go in the mall and buy my shit easy in the 90s now u tight pants fucks try and follow ur fav celeb bcuz they from my era and just like me and u fucks thinks that’s what makes u cool

  • Bob

    Mike ur a whench too nobody cares what he wears it’s about the fact that these fucks make it hard for real jordan fans cuz u can see that this dude is just tryin to b down w the latest fad

  • Bob

    Damn I can’t wait till this shit is over like the early 2000s when only real jordan heads fucked w them and mike that’s all these people r worried about is what they got on they feet or clothes and shit jordan this jordan that in the 90s we wore the best players shit like penny Barkley grant hill and jordan but nobody cares about that shit it’s all about being a follower these days where r the people who r bold enough to only wear Adidas or some loafers

  • Bob

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t care about what people do but it is clear thAt some people r not apart of our culture and just want to fit in so what I’m sayin is find what makes u an individual don’t copy what the new fad is cuz in a few years when y’all kids r grown and u think back to what u wore as a kid that made u diff and all y’all kids r not unique bcuz there’s nothing to separate u when I grew up all I wore was starter cross colors Karl kani boss jeans and Mecca ect and Jordan’s Barkley grant hill and timberlands cuz that was my culture now the other culture wore black trench coats and black combat boots while another culture wore polo shirts and sperry like shoes u see what I mean now in the future all cultures r just gonna b jordan

  • Bob

    That’s y I only listen to that new dude that just got signed topp katt tone Capone cuz he spit that real shit and we need more reAl music out here just like we need real people back in this world

  • Duke

    Y’all hype beast gone love these imma Laugh at any one with these on.

  • Wired

    Bob, you mad bro

  • NyceByDesign718

    Those tight ass pants got him looking like he got on fuckin clown shoes. the kicks are alright though.