Air Jordan 12 “Cool Grey” + “Siren Red” – In Stores Tomorrow

It about that time again for another Air Jordan Retro to hit retailers. This time, it’ll be the Air Jordan 12 “Cool Grey” and “Siren Red” that will step up to the line. The color combination of this “Cool Grey” colorway will also include white and a non-traditional orange accents into the mix.

The ladies will get some love with their own AJ 12 colorway. The upper is predominately black with Siren Red accents from the inner liner and branding. Look for both colorways of the Air Jordan 12 to hit Jordan Brand accounts tomorrow. The retail price is $160 (adult) & $110 (GS) for the “Cool Grey” and $110 for the “Siren Red.”

  • The laces on these need to be another color

  • Shoe String

    Dope! Will be copping 2. Would cop the girls pair but once again Nike/JB is being gender specific. Hate when ya pull BS like this JB. Would have bought them for the whole family, but instead I’ll just be picking up the grey joints for myself. Your loss JB.

  • I wonder if these are going to sell out like all the other Jordan releases this year? It doesn’t seem like a lot of people are feeling this colorway.

  • @ G-Roc
    I thought the same thing about the Old Royal AJ 10. They sold out with the quickness I think.

  • Nope. These are a definite no for me

  • These will sell out because those that didn’t get the playoffs will be on it

  • Executive

    Got my strap and my bulletproof vest on while I sleep outside the store.

  • MBall423 aka Hillbilly Willy

    Siren Reds are definitely pink. And trust me, any grown man saying he would get em for himself hasn’t seen em in person

  • JJackson

    2 pair for me

  • was never a fan but good luck to those trying to cop.

  • Easy Pass

  • ericbrizzy

    Was thinking of sleeping on these too, but i really liked this color…something deep down made me do it. Glad i did, they’re sold out now.

  • brennanizm

    Can’t do it. I still have Taxi 12s that i picked up in 1997… When it comes to the 12, I only get down with the Taxis and the Flu Games (and not that nubuck flu game, I’m talking the all-leather OG flu game). This is how the old heads do it. These wannabe Pigeon 12s are cheap, but still sold out with the quickness, like all Retros do these days. You WILL see a restock on these, though. #Bet

  • sexy carmel

    Something slight

  • Cotton

    Got mines this morning. The line was stupid!
    I’m done til Aug.. No 4s, no 12.. Just give me that pack!

  • Mater

    these actually looked better than i thought. Still didnt even think about gettin em though lol

  • Shoe String

    @Hillbilly Willy

    I was well aware of that when I made the statement bruh. I don’t have a problem rockin kicks with pink or purple. I happen to like those colors to some degree. Several years ago I wouldn’t have said this until my girl was shoe shopping one day and purchased us both matching AF1’S highs. The colorway was Black/ Anthracite -Hot Pink. Gave her some crap at first and now I’m open to any colorway as long as I think it looks hot.

  • sneakerman

    done deal dmv… rip chuck brown.. gogo 4 life..

  • nike_lover

    glad i got mines yesterday morning. got the last size 10 at 8:06 am. got the playoffs but wanted these just because they would make a good summer shoe. a lot of people honestly didn’t sleep on the cw, the shoe just wasn’t hyped up for once

  • Sek

    These will sell like everything after the concords. Idiots flood the market reselling. Hopefully it ends up like comics we’re back in the 90s and it crashes. I hope more releases end up like the galaxies that restocked at mercer.

  • Pitito100

    @ sek
    The galaxies did restock.but the resell price is still crazy

  • Breanna pettway

    The siren red Jordan’s are pink but definently fucking hot I want bit what store??? Cost??? Tell me