Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game” Black/Red Retro – Holiday 2009 Release

Air Jordan 12 Black/Red

Air Jordan 12 Black/Red

Yesterday we broke the news about the White/Red Air Jordan 12 returning Holiday 2009, and today we have more Air Jordan 12 news. The Black/Red Air Jordan 12 will also return Holiday 2009. However, Jordan Brand made a few changes. Instead of red leather, they will feature red suede. The new Black/Red Air Jordan 12 makeover pays tribute to Michael Jordan’s legendary “Flu Game”. MJ scored 38 points in the 1997 NBA Finals (Game 5) Utah Jazz vs Chicago Bulls. This is just one of the reasons why MJ is the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball.

As of right now the “Flu Game” Air Jordan 12 Black/Red is slated to release in November. We would also like to mention that the 12’s will come with a new feature which is symbolic of MJ’s sickness. The ticket price will be $150.

UPDATE: The BLACK will be suede, not the red. We apologize for the mix-up. Don’t have a cow man!!

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Watch MJ’s “Flu Game” highlights after the jump…

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  • Hold tight, more on JB Holiday 2009 to come.

  • sneakerfreak987

    Wow G-roc u do it again, u made my day!

  • I wish I could release the other news and shut the entire net down, but hopefully the AJ12 news is adding some joy to somebody’s day.

  • sneakerfreak987

    that’s a hot idea for the suede. haven’t seen anything like that since the nubuck black and blue 12’s.

  • sneakerfreak987

    Ur holding out on us G? lol well can’t help but wait!

  • G-Roc Yu Keeep Making My Day. OMG. I Hope I Get My Summer Job Or Im F**ked

  • Only if ya’ll knew all the stuff I have to keep on the hush. It sucks, but that’s life. The suede actually going to break the shoe or make the shoe. Change is good, if it’s done right. lol

  • FlyySkyy

    thats pretty good. jus keep us updated man. im on this site hardbody now. way harder than others. nice vid too. i still think white/red joints are better

  • Jayro

    What?!? It only gets better!

  • sneakerfreak987

    I think make the shoe G cause the nubuck 12 is crazy hot and look how much it goes for now! I was thinking that the bred color was coming out in the 11/12 package and it would have nubuck red cause in every pack there was one leather shoe and one nubuck or suede! ex. suede 14,nubuck 21, suede 10, etc.

  • tmonki94

    oh yea this is gonna be a great year. thanx jb 4 finaly listening to us.

  • T-Rav

    Damn, they’re gonna ruin the black/red XII’s. Pass on these, but consider the white/red XII’s copped.

  • A.I.


  • ^Black/Red Jordans are the best A.I., well most of the times.

  • A.I.


  • ^I feel ya. Hottest white/red Jordans is probably the white/infrared 6’s. Does infrared count?

  • sneakerfreak987

    yes, nd they NEED to retro those!!

  • jmansb23

    G, dont forget about the Carmines

  • A.I.


  • C Lo

    Great news. TSG strikes again. I don’t care what nobody says it’s some good sneaker sites out there but TSG is the best.

  • Jay Bills

    i don’t know about these. i’ll wait until i see pics. g-roc i know ur sitting on the pic so post it.

  • GA BOY

    Can’t wait to cop these and the white and red both are classics nice info G roc

  • i feel like the powder blue 9s are gona retro and the white infared 6! i hope thats what u talking about g roc

  • dashoekid aka eric

    g-roc you giving me a heart attack with all this jb news!!…damn i cant wait till the holidays again!!

  • red suede? ehhhhhhhhhhhh…

  • bourne

    nice, but I also prefer the white & red 12s too!!!

  • Blackmon

    I still got the “flu games” from 03. But, I’m definitely copping those White/red 12’s. Now only if they re-release those Spacejam XI or the White/infared VI. It looks like JB regained a customer. lol.

  • Blackmon

    I thought 09 was going to be ass for JB, but they have a few secrets up there sleeves.

  • DMVsneakerdude

    Stop it G-roc!!! My heart (and my wallet) cant take it!!!!!! lol.

  • Understand “MY FAVORITE SHOE EVER, PERIOD” I’m coping every size 11 in Alaska, every single one!!! Good looking Dave!!!

  • 23edge

    G’ please tell me Nike Air is coming back to a retro this year? be it true blue 3, or cement 4


    YES … CANT WAIT TO ADD ON to my XII’s …. 2 pairs for me .

  • OMG!! it just keeps getting better and better! considered both copped and rocked!! lol..

    but yo G-roc can we at least get some hints please!!!! =D

  • J-Game Official

    So G-Roc what happened jordan2 da gatorade jordan6’s?

  • BoogieWilliams

    to 23edge

    nah dont bring it back, it takes away the essence of the older jordans and actually shows the hard work in real collections when collectors have them

  • 23edge

    Yo BoogieWilliams,
    I’ve been buying… excuse me, wearing Jordans since 1989… I couldn’t care less if a pair of OG Jordans goes down in value because the retro is equally well done. All I want is the same shoe I had when I was a child. In fact I find the majority of OG Jordans are being bought by younger kids that never even had them back in the day (weren’t even born yet). In the end fresh kicks will always beat out, unwearable sneakers.

  • sngirl32

    O man I gotta start saving from now 🙂
    And I agree wit 23edge I would rather wear a pair of fresh kick over ones that r falling apart….

  • i want the playoff joints..those trump these to me. but i will cop these if the suede is done right. yo G do you think these and the other 12s will be a gen. release?


    Damnnnn G-ROC is like weezy wit da news LOL… Big ups to you homie… And if u want sum extra info on drops at HOH LA holla at me

  • Rich_KiD

    Wow good news!!! U broke n!ggas better start saving ya pennies and dollars if ya want a pair!!! Losers!!!!!$$$$

  • Rich_KiD

    The flu game performance is classic!! I was in middle school when he played that game. The boy mike is a LEGEND I’ll fight any one that disagree!!!!

  • Ether

    jb, just when i thought i was out, you pull me back in!! lets just hope they get this suede down right….and whats the new symbolic feature gonna be, pippen holdin up mj on the insole or the bottom??

  • XkrispyELI

    thanks for the great news g-roc, i think 09 will be a special year after all.

  • Time to find me a sugar momma or cougar.

  • R-Ez

    The red’s not suede the black is. These are definately worth the $150, a must buy in my opinion.



  • de la SOLE

    Suede? I guess I’ll have to wait and see what they look like… hopefully they come out right. But it seems like JB is coming strong towards the end of the year

  • aSh

    Man thank u groc n tsg 4 constantly makn my day!!!

  • jaime


  • jordan has been using crappy materials lately. they ruined the infrared 1s now they gonna fuc these up. suede on 12s is stupid. what happened to jordans you could hoop in???

  • AF1_G33K

    Red suede? Not too sure, ’bout that.

  • Eric

    I agree with juceocean, I like JB but what the funk is up with the suede. If suede gets wet its gets ruined and stained and obviously if you play ball them shoes is going to look nasty style. What happed to ballin’ in Jordans and them lookin’ pretty no matter what. Pass 4 me but defn gettin’ the white/reds. And damn G-Roc, I wish I knew what you knew homie.

  • israel

    once again i see great YEAR commin on to mee
    !!!!!!…and i just pissed in my pants when i saw this!

  • iwearmine

    ^@23edge- cosign…very well said.

  • The BLACK will be suede, not the red. We apologize for the mix-up. Don’t have a cow man!!

  • I see you seein me

    These and the white/red joints are fire…but they need to drop the playoff 12’s…that would be to perfect

  • Fresh

    no suede please jb!!!!stop messing up all these retros

  • los

    i will loose my job just to get these 😡

  • OOH! the black is suede… still crap imo

  • Eric

    Damn! I wish You would tell us sumthing bout the other releases G-Roc like the bordeaux, or the infrareds, or the famous 11’s or sumthing mane. And BoogieWilliams, that is just Stupid Greedy for you not to want JB to release these gems. Who Cares, just pimp ur shoegame and wear them. Who cares if you gotta closet full of em that just sit there and never get “play time”. You suck BW.

  • shoeballa23

    hey G jus realese tha news day by day so we can get excited

  • Air Jedi

    Yeahhhhh!!1 I already got the cream $$$ for those Black/Red 12 and the White/Red 12 from Dec!!!! This year is going to be HOT!!! I was going to be in Low mode cooping J’s (last years i coop almost all the CDP,XX3 and othersss)…

  • AF1_G33K

    What?! The black is suede? Talk ’bout having a cow, now I’m having a cow. Lol
    JB should just stop messing with suede.

  • Kidxs0le

    YEAH! MANNN! White red and these are COPPED.

  • Ether

    i cant wait to see how they’re gonna pull this one off. g roc, i envy you brotha, cuz if i had that type of info id be yellin it from the mountaintops!!

  • FlyySkyy

    doesn’t matter which part is suede, white/red is still flyin high over these. ahhh cherry plz! lol

  • slim dude

    yessss im diggin these

  • sneakerfreak987

    I thought it might be black suede cause the red would just look weird and the blue joint’s had black suede too!

  • TorontoComeUp

    i rather have the black suede anyways

  • TorontoComeUp

    G ROC STOP TEASING MAN, POST THE HEAT I KNOW UR HIDING, and yo plz change the banner so i can click on it to go back to the main page, yo i miss that


    I get what JB is trying to do by “reinventing” their shoes but when you got something like the bred 12s, a classic is a classic. no need to mess around and try to change it, but I’m glad to hear it’s black suede instead of red

  • AF1_G33K

    “plz change the banner so i can click on it to go back to the main page, yo i miss that” -TCU
    Lol, yeah.. You should definitely fix that.

  • Hec

    12’s are not my thing but please tell me some 3, 4, or 6’s og are comming out…..PLEASE GROC!!

  • starz

    so basically theze 12’s are ganna look like tha Black White University Blue nubuck 12’s juz in black and red dats watz up i dont mind cuz them nubucks look chillin

  • TorontoComeUp

    im with hec, but if u can confirm a double 11 pack, that will make 09 for me, cause this years been garbage all around so far

  • Rich_KiD

    Y is groc breaking the news so early? Y not tell us in October?

  • ^Rich KiD – I’m sure the news would’ve leaked by then. Besides, people like knowing news like this early. TCU and AF1 G33K click the – Sneakers & Information under the banner or Home on the side.

  • More info to come, so stay tuned guys…

  • Oh yeah, Christmas is going to be lovely.

  • AF1_G33K

    “click the – Sneakers & Information under the banner or Home on the side.” – G-Roc.
    Oh lol, thanks. Didn’t know that was ‘clickable’.

  • shoeballa23

    hell yea thats dope i like that more than tha red suede

  • Jamie

    I can’t get into XII’s.

  • FlyySkyy

    c’mon man! ima need some daily updates… u over here gettin everybody hype. stop holding out. this is officially my Home page now. lol

  • C Lo

    Man TSG is the ish! I can’t wait to see pics. What’s the deal with the Gatorade VI?

  • sole4sole

    jb is always trying something new. sigh, i hope they did a good job. i heard they will have the year 1997 on them and a happy face or something. putting out the 2003 retro would do the job for me.

  • It’s all good AF1 G33K. Guys I get the info and leak it because I know how good it feels to know what’s dropping ahead of time. It’s always nice to start early planning and saving money because outside of sneakers…it’s this thing called life and it’s also expensive. That wouldn’t be any fun if I spilled all the beans at once, so do what you’ve been doing and stay tuned to TSG daily. How do ya’ll feel about a forum on TSG since the comments stay poppin?

  • KicksBoyWonder

    ^^^^I think a forum would be good, but i like to leave comments this way too. But, WHY DOES JB ALWAYS WANNA PUT BLACK SUEDE ON EVERYTHING?!?!?!? JUST KEEP THEM ORIGINAL!!!! I remember having these when I was in middle school. I had all the 12’s

  • Ether

    a forum sounds good, but the comments is what makes TSG fun, IMO. I appreciate the heads up G, it helps havin almost half a year to stack, so keep doin what ya doin!!

  • black suede? ehhhhhhhhhhhh…

    suede cleaner and protector isn’t cheap and it doesn’t last very long JB…

  • CenValCali

    Comment by CenValCali February 20th, 2009 at 1:20 am
    OMG….Pass….Me a tissue that is cuz I’m overwhelmed w/tears of sweet joy….

    Ahh….the beauty of “cut & paste.”

  • T-Rav

    I don’t know about Black suede. Maybe nubuck would look decent, but not suede.

  • young boss

    G-Roc! when are you goin to be able to drop more news on the upcomin releases this year??

    thanks dude

  • cantstopthebest

    ohhhhh so black suede. i still don’t know why they just didn’t keep em og. a forum sounds good g, but i like leaving and reading the comments. i would like to thank you for giving us info like this in advance.

  • Nigel_Wan_Kenobi

    Suede huh? It’s gonna be that ashy crap from the CDPs isn’t it?


    Comment by Nigel_Wan_Kenobi February 22nd, 2009 at 10:30 am
    Suede huh? It’s gonna be that ashy crap from the CDPs isn’t it?

    ^^^ most likely and I expect more XII news, seems 09 the year of XII retros and if not XI Space Jams perhaps?

  • chevyboy

    G-Roc…I love you for this, man. Keep up the good work. You just don’t know what TSG means to me! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    P.S.- My wife is gonna kill me when the “holiday” comes around…

  • shoeballa23

    hey g whuts a forum

  • zane


  • shoeballa23

    and g any word on tha IIIs IVs or gatorade VIs

  • flyyskyy

    Forum sounds good, but whats the point? i dont c the big difference b/t that and simply leaving comments

    lol but i damn sure am on here daily. i must admit, the good news def got me coming back

  • holiday

    still jizzin EVERYWHERE
    EVERYtime i visit this site theres more good news. ima need to start wearin diapers


    mannn dey bad and dey come out in november my bday month mannn lets go!!!!!!!!

  • Look out for DMP II fellas. Two Vs are in the pack.

  • OK, so maybe I’ll fall back on the forum thing. The comments stay poppin, so it’s all good. Glad to hear everyone likes the early news.

  • 23edge

    I agree with flyyskyy, the website is great already. Why try to make it like the rest by adding a forum when all we really come here for is sneaker news. And the comment section is enough, since it allows for an honest unbiased opinion of what the sneaker game is about.

  • cantstopthebest

    i agree. the comments is enough for me. just keep bringing the great news g.

  • Jay Bills

    wow this is alot of comments. i can’t wait for the next update g-roc. a forum would be cool but the comments section is just like a forum to me.

  • Jay Bills

    i mean the comments is better than a forum to me

  • Armand

    I wonder if the space jams will be coming out this year?

  • Ether

    here’s a forum type question for ya: anybody know where i can get my hands on a pair of blk/wht nike air veer’s, ive been tryin to track em down since 96′!!??

  • Ether

    OMFG, i just saw the gatorade VI’s….beauty is thy name!!!! hit up Kenlu!!!


  • shoeballa23

    ether whered u c tha gatorade IVs

  • Ether

  • shoeballa23

    Thanks man

  • shoeballa23

    hey g please dont make this a forum bcz then i wont b able to get on tsg @ my high school

  • ^No I wouldn’t make it a forum, but we were thinking about adding one. Everyone seems to like the comments section just fine, so don’t worry about a thing sheballa23.

  • G-roc drop some of that exclusive Jb news u have been holding on to. Like the 1 leaked pic of the Jordan Gatorade 6’s or some other exclusive news u have been holding on to.

  • ^Stay tuned bro. Good stuff to come.

  • solefix

    Just seen those gatorade 6’s!!…lets just say its a real good look! So close to the black infareds just with a twist..G u gotta throw it up there my man!

  • solefix

    Yo G TSG got that news cuz i jus peeped another site i seen they took ur flu game artcle and i know this cuz u had this article up since the beginning of the weekend and theirs was recent news…pics and all even tho these arent the actual release pics…smh!!



  • REL

    cant picture them being suede but gotta see them in person

  • pjpancake

    of course solefix…you know how THEY do…but we all know TSG dropped the news first

  • Like pjpancake said solefix, you know we broke the news 1st. They took the info str8 from TSG. Just stay tuned to TSG where we keep it 100.

  • kam bam

    these are a must cop

  • rcboi23

    dang man the bread 12’z r my favorite ones they needa bring them bak out i missed out on gettin them

  • “Havi-AIR”

    dope… 12’s need sum more for mii collection

  • G-roc bro let the block know just leak all the information let us know about the releases die this year 2009

  • I men the release date this year 2009

  • belizechic14


  • Abstrack

    I dont know about anybody else but i actually like the 12’s white/red alot more than these so ima be patient and wait for those, no pun intended. but for these im just not feelin’ the #’s on the shoe threw it off imo.

  • Those are super sick copped!