Air Jordan 12 Playoffs – In Stores Tomorrow

The Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs” 2012 Retro will soon be in the closets of sn’eads everywhere. After all the First, Detailed, and Up Close “Looks” of the iconic Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs”, it’s finally dropping tomorrow at Jordan Brand retailers nationwide. The retail price is set at $160. Also, keep in mind that this is the first sneaker to use the Nike Twitter RSVP system, so for more details about the RSVP system click here.

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  • Airjedi


  • Who’s coppin tomorrow?

  • Chevy Boy


  • Joe

    I already know im not just went to the mall and there was 100+ people dam man the good old days of showing up early the day they release are gone

  • Probably Not

  • Ben Dover

    I don’t really like 12’s so pass for me

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    I refuse to camp out, too old and got too much to do. If they are still at the mall when I go… I will & cop me and my son a pair. If not….fuk it.

  • Executive

    The malls around my city only have 1 pair in the size I need! WTF is this bull? Never understood that 1 pair in each size bs.

  • Tonykicks

    My mall is not letting people camp out and wont let people get in line till 6:00 am then wont let people in till 7:30 am

  • Cotton

    Just wait to re-shipments online!

    I’m not camping out. My bro’s wanted me too, but I got to work at 2.

    Plus. I was waiting for this shoe since the Concord release and now…. I’m just going to sleep. Literally. Goodnight folks! lol

  • gotjordans?

    still have the OG and the retros…! No thanks

  • z2cold

    Its raining hard in new orleans fk, im still coppin though…

  • Bugsy

    Copped online, I don’t run to kicks, they run to me

  • The Neugent

    Purchased and Obtained. Gotta love the internet.

  • Executive

    Copped easily for $139, I have to say the quality is on point like a mug!

  • stepped on

    Miss the old days… showed up at the mall at 10 when it opened only to see 50 people at each sneaker store. Said f this and went home. Got them from hate waiting for the shipping

  • duke

    miss the old days i just woke up and i would of called footlocker “U guys have any jordans left”yes “Can u hold a pair for me”?Sure what’s ur name. now the game is all funk up?school kids coping jordans and never seen dude play but wanna hate on kobe.NIgga kobe is the only we have next to MJ

  • LV

    Got me 2 pairs

  • Jeron

    Copped 2 and I’m happy. It’s been one hell of a night I must say. Seen some wild $#it and met a new friend of the female variety. 420 and camp outs = bonfires. Roasted a few hype beast like Weenies & mall security looked like Park Rangers. LMFAO!

  • Indelible72

    Copped 2 from! Always try to cop online 1st to keep from having to wait 2 hours for the mall to open. 3-5 day shipping time can be painful.

  • Executive AKA The Snowmane

    Met a kid in line that did’nt know what a bred 11 was! HA HA!

  • dotsupreme

    things were crazy in Syracuse made every one wait out side all out sprint to the store ish got real got my pair tho.

  • Executive

    Dotsupreme, you went to Carousel?

  • CheckOutMyNikes

    Just came on here to say… You campers suck monkey balls!

  • Igotemallnoreallyido

    I was freshman in high school when these originally dropped and all I had to do was go to the mall regular time oh and I wear a 12. Glad to see new generation of sneaker head

  • littlph

    all i gotta say is i got my pair yeaaaa boi (john witherspoon voice)!!!

  • dotsupreme

    @executive yea

  • Sek

    Kiddies line up for everything smh. When these dropped back in the day they were all over for a couple days smh when they retroed the first time they were easy to get too now every fucking retro has a campout smh. That’s the reason Nike did what they did with the RSVP system and even then the folks still lined up and guess from what I saw they had more than enough pairs no need to hype it up! If mofos acted civilized and limited to one pair per customer they’d be enough to go around. The Internet ruined sneakers in a way. Everyone quick to cop to throw on eBay,Craigslist,flight club etc.

  • Priest1129

    1st in line at my local footlocker Binghamton. Same as cement 4’s…first one in, first one out. 😉

  • Need_more_kicks

    Copped me n my lil man a pair online…no need to rush wasn’t like I was gon wear them this week so waiting fa shippin is cool…went to tha mall rockin the Rising Sun’s just bcuz…actually got asked when do they come out…smdh

  • Executive

    @dotsupreme that’s were I usually cop. Syracuse in the muthafuggin casa!

  • dotsupreme

    @ executive haha they screwed us over this time tho by making us all wait outside females were getting pushed down heads falling to the ground ish was wild they do that with a bigger release like Olympic 6 or the breds there gonna see just how wild things can get.

    were you there that time?

  • Executive

    @dotsupreme, yeah i heard they woudn’t. Letpeople in till the doors opened

  • dotsupreme

    @ ex yea sure we’ve seen each other madd times 2 been goin there for like 7 years if we had those TSG shirts cough cough G ROC wed know whos who lol

  • Executive

    @dotsupreme, lol that’s funny, we could of been standin right next to eachother. I’ve been going there since they built that mall. Never messed with that finishline downstairs for new releases, they have some grimey employees. I heard no more midnight releases too? I can’t stand those anyway.

  • dotsupreme

    @ ex lol word im trying to figure out who you are now and yea i dont go to finishline for the same reason same with footlocker were was you waiting for em/cop em at and yea doubt they do midnight shit will be wild with them breds or any other 11.

  • dotsupreme

    @ ex lol word im trying to figure out who you are now and yea i dont go to finishline for the same reason same with footlocker were was you waiting for em/cop em at and yea doubt they do midnight ish will be wild with them breds or any other 11

  • Executive

    @dotsupreme I copped at great northern. ish is gettin crazy over here, this dude said he was there since midnight, man this game is gettin crazy. I got mine with no prob but this gettin up early ish is gettin old.

  • dotsupreme

    @ ex word that’s were im going for now on i live closer to there anyway just crappy because there’s only like what 2 stores for mens sizes just gotta make sure im first.

  • OaEsAy

    @executive LOL(rising suns) did u break the news to old boy that they came out already???

  • dotsupreme

    that wasnt him ^

  • the way jb is going now if someone misses an OG colorway release, don’t worry it will retro in 2or 3 years again ( olympic 7s, white and black 9s, black cement 3s,) the longest anyone has to wait is maybe 5 years. i wish i had gotten these but i’ll wait till next year lol when they come out again.

  • i waited so long my names howard

  • OaEsAy

    @ dotsupreme lol my bad, too many names to much scrolling

  • I guess most of you guys can not read because it does say that you could have reserved a pair via Nike/Twitter. You guys really need to get a life. Most
    of you on here are 16 year olds that don’t have a clue
    never touched a basketball in your life never been to a basketball game can’t even play a game of 21 and the
    list goes on. With this constant reselling sh*t on ebay you are what making a $40. come up beat it. Back in the day the 12’s sat on the shelf at stores do your
    research the worst selling air jordan of all time were
    the 12’s and the air jordan 13 was on sale at footlocker back in the day for $59.99 grow the f*ck up
    already when these came out in 1997 I was seventeen bought them with my own hard earned drug money$ and showed up to the mall at 2:00pm in the afternoon and they were still there waiting to be taken home excuse me put on my feet that’s the difference people used to
    walk out of the store after picking up a pair of j’s with them on there feet and old kicks got put in the box on the way out of the store after paying or in the

  • Curtmo

    Damn right emoney. These cats dont know shit about rockin shit out the store. They tryna save dem shits like they trophies. Lol. Fuck i look like waiting to rock my shits. Stunt muhfuckas!! Nobody gonna be impressed that u finally rocked em months down the road.

  • Brenda Lewis

    Definetly getting those for my princess those are hot

  • Sheela Sodhi

    Where can I buy these shoes?

  • max eugene

    where in stores is gonna drop