Air Jordan 13 “Bred” 2013 Retro – Official Images

Fans will soon get taste of another black/varsity red Air Jordan model. The Air Jordan 13 Black/Varsity Red or “Bred” will make its way back this weekend. From the official images seen here, this is not much difference from the original. One major change is the retail price for the Air Jordan 13 model. The new retail price is now set at $170.

Mark your calendars because the Air Jordan 13 “Bred” 2013 Retro will hit JB accounts on January 12th. Let us know in the comment section below if this a cop or pass.

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Air Jordan 13 Retro
Black/Varsity Red-White

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  • omar najeeb

    I’m sorry if I should be able to tell but can’t. But do these not hav the 3m on them? If it s the case, the wtf jb?

  • James

    I can’t wait for Saturday to come!!!

  • 2013 is already starting to get expensive…

  • Ben Dover

    Is the price increase gonna be for all jordans or just this model? Seems like we’re gonna get price increase every year now

  • Blue Crew

    Hopefully I can get my pair. Got my raffle tickets today from FTL. Will try online as well. I remember balling in these in high school because they were our school colors.

  • Wyce Nasiri

    Does anyone know what the time for the release ONLINE is? midnight on friday or 8 a.m on saturday?? need to know asap!!

  • SPINS6136

    Sold my ’04 bred XIII for $250, 2 months ago.

    So I could get new ones.

    I like people who don’t know anything about releases and value.

  • omar najeeb

    Lol. Man s’body gon’ kill u for that.if they kno who u are. Lmao. No doubt. Somebody was def a newbie to the game

  • i_luv_kickz

    I’m on the line with these… Tough call that I have to make by tomorrow. :/

  • my cuz is sendin me a pair for my birthday.

  • va

    @spins6136 & omar najeeb.. no.. real sneakerheads would much rather have an older j with quality materials.. these dont even have the 3m like the ’04 did.. id take the ’04 bred 13’s over the ’13 ones anyday lol yall are the “newbies” in the game i havent seen that word on here in my life.. thats a halo term bruh

  • Guess Who?

    Never been to big on 13’s passed on a beat of pair og breds for 20$ and I’d rather have those over these for that price

  • erick10

    $170? Gtfo Jordan Brand.

  • Scottyb

    I just saw them in person they are like a really faded red and no 3m just a bunch of silver dots. Im glad i still have my 04 s

  • Scottyb

    Im with you VA Id much rather have the OG’s They are the noobs bc he would have.held on to them bc the quality is horrible on the New ones. I just got back from mall and they look nothing like pics. A lot of people are going to be dissapointed.

  • They a must have in my book

  • Nate oNe

    Lol! These looking close to fakes. No 3m, and using varsity red instead of true red. Hey retards what’s the difference between retail retro air jordan 13 black/varsity red no 3m vs bootleg air jordan 13 black/red no 3m? People are stupid. JB laughing to the bank making these retro js look close to fakes. Lol @ the cornballs who will buy these wear them thinking they’re “legit” than the dude next to them that wears a pair of fakes looks just about the same. You people are hilarious

  • DC21

    I don’t get the “no 3M” hype because these look just like my 04’s and the ones I had back in 8th grade. You can even look at the pairs on ebay. The 3M is pretty obvious in the photos.

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    Who cares we’ll see these in the Nike Outlet soon enough.

  • Coppin

    fucc who don’t like.

  • shoe guy

    these are identical to the original model and have all the 3M and everything else in place..!!!!! fact is y’all will for ever chase Jordan 1s to 14s year after year same shoe higher price ….lol i dont want or need these but who knows i may end up with a pair if im bored…lol

  • shoe guy

    “Mike Wizzkowski says:
    January 10, 2013 at 12:11 pm
    Who cares we’ll see these in the Nike Outlet soon enough.”

    umm no you won’t… all JB shoes form 1s to 14s are an instant sell out now that JB has mastered the art of hype..

  • Boss

    Not true mr Shoe Guy. The 6s all hit outlets and clearance when they were retroed a few years back. Nice try.

    But seriously why have I called 5 different retail places and each time I got a dumb ass girl that couldn’t answer “is there 3M?”. One was even like “We open at 8am and its first come first served”. B***h, I didn’t even ask you that! Can anybody here answer this question?

  • Ben Dover


    Sorry bro but you are high if you think you’ll be able to find these at outlets. Things aren’t the same as they were a few years back

  • omar najeeb

    I was askin about the 3m because I prefer the shoe WITH the 3m. I wasn’t knockn it. I kno the 04s had it. Wanted kno if these did. I was saying that I couldn’t tell from pix if they had 3m or not. That all

  • omar najeeb

    Y’all 2 n-words don’t even kno wut I’m talkn about. I said nothing bout the guy gettin the better of the deal for sellin his joints. But the guy who bought used shoes from bout a decade ago need to be questioned. I don’t give a $#!t what shoe we talkin about.
    That sound newbie ‘nuf, bruh? I want the joints the way they s’pose to look like y’all do. Kno wut u readn ‘fore u respond nxt time

  • omar najeeb

    Lmao at that story u told. Chic u talk to pro’ly thought u was askin bout 3am launch for the joints. Dumb broad!!!

  • Boss

    Few years? Fool I’m talkin 2 damn years ago. I been in the game since before retros. I was workin at Champs when the ORIGINAL Space Jams and Cool Greys dropped. I know hype and his shoes, 1-14 do hit outlets, not all colors but they do. But why hasn’t anybody answered the damn question?! Lmao

  • Ben Dover

    @ Boss

    Did any retro that dropped last year go to outlets? Shoes are getting more hype than ever now and bred is always a popular colorway. As for your question, I remember reading somewhere that 13’s weren’t gonna have 3m anymore but I’m not sure.

  • Boss

    I hate hype. What happened to liking what YOU thought was cool instead of what everybody else tells you?

  • These will be around… no need to care right now. Much bigger fish in the water…

  • oren

    hey guys, i am new to this thing and i want to ask y’all if there is a difference between the red in other editions of this shoe, cuz i see ppl walking with that show and its strong red and than mine are more faded red… pls help me undersrand if i got fooled…. thank you