Air Jordan 13 “Bred” 2013 Retro – Release Date

2013 will be a busy year for Jordan Brand with a jam packed lineup including the return of a few original models and colorways. One of the models to make a comeback after a nine year hiatus is the Air Jordan 13 Black/Varsity Red aka “Bred”. After all the detailed images, we finally have a release date for this classic model.

Mark your calendars because the Air Jordan 13 Bred 2013 Retro has a release date on January 12th. The retail price is set at $160. Let us know in the comment section below if this is a definite cop or pass.

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Air Jordan 13
Black/Varsity Red-White

  • TheSneakerDude

    Gotta cop.

  • bdogg

    i really want these shoes but i think i am passing. it is either these or the ajiii nike air and i have to go with the latter! if i can sell my all star xiii i will cop these i guess!

  • shoe guy

    mane these damn hybeasts are calling every Jordan a must cop now…

  • Kindof on shoe hiatus but might take a break from taking a break and cop these.

  • Ive neva been a fan of the bred 13’s for some reason. Easy pass for me

  • MikeyDrums86

    I Hate Hate Hate that the 13’s crease so much but these remind me of the good ol’ days so I’m prolly gonna grab these or the “He Got Game’s” still debating…

  • shoe guy

    yes 13s were too damn soft and crease up fast …

  • maybe youre wearing your shoes too big….none of my 13s.even 05s are badly creasedd. If you wear shoes they gonna crease dont matter unless theyre prestos od something…

  • omar najeeb

    Man, say that $#!t again-there, boy!!! Get your nrml sz if u don’t want em to crease. Same boat as allen none o my 13s are creased .
    And. 1 mor question. Anyone who thinx that the “road playoff” 13 is only “hypebeast”worthy, thye need to stay the u-kno-wut off of sneaker sites 4ever. 4ever, please!!!

  • omar najeeb

    And yes. I will be tryna cop these jawns!!!.

  • Royal “no longer call me” swag

    I might give them a go but I’m not camping out for a wristband.

  • Blanco

    grab a size bigger and throw force fields in them…all my shoes look DS wether ive worn 1 or 10x no toe box creases…

  • duke

    no 3m easy pass ill let the new generation roc these

  • r2d2

    NDC has these listed for $170

  • jkmudiwa

    gotta get em i missed em in 04 and was pissed so this time around i gotta have em

  • greghall024

    very easy pass. consumers have to hold their own standards and i don’t want my 1st pair of 13’s not having 3M. especially when the black/red ‘phase 23 treck’ has enough 3M for 2 pairs of 13’s!! smh come on JB, that’s ridiculous. cater to your real customers

  • solebrotha52

    Just had my ticket for these reserved, shout out my connect, fuck hype and fuck a hypebeast

  • Brady

    The 13 is my favorite model hands down and I missed the 2004 release, so I’m definitely getting these. The quality is obviously not as good as the last retro but I gotta have these. After these, the “He Got Game” pair and the Grape V, I should be content.

  • Leather moving on up , true sneaker heads value the material and looks ,,,, ultra crispy and a definitely cop ,,,, HAPPY BEGINNING Loving Jssssss!!!!’nnnn

  • Rustea

    No 3m no buy.
    I’m glad they not putting 3M on em
    It helps you distinguish the hypesters

  • migs

    they went up in price

  • Lucian

    Yo, what stores can I pick these up from? What store’s will have em?

  • it’s honestly getting to the point where dudes constantly calling out everyone and everything as hype are beginning to look and sound just as corny as the dudes they’re calling out. exactly how does buying these make you a “hypester” because they don’t have 3m? are you suggesting no one should purchase these because there is no 3m, because that is one thing. but to say purchasing them periond is hype is a big stupid step.

  • Michael Garcia

    Still got my 04 pair, so I’ll pass.

  • Paulina Leonardo

    I think that the bred’s 13s do not crease if you wear your correct size and I think these shoes are very Nice ! But are not as nice as the 11s ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Nicholas Bowie

    where Can you get these online on the 12th?

  • The NewJent

    Just got my pair in last year and now that these are hear I will get a pair. Favorite Shoe of all time. couldnt have them as a youngin now I can have two pair with ease. My personal Grail of all time.

  • Dean

    Hopefully they will be easier to get since they have no 3m.

  • redloc

    I’m copping already on my camp out

  • Brodrick

    already copped 2 of these 1st day they came out.