Air Jordan 13 “Cool Grey” Bin 23 Sample

Yesterday TSG gave you an exclusive look at the Quai54 Air Jordan 2010, and today we present you with another Air Jordan exclusive. Shoes go through several sample stages, and here’s a look a the Bin 23 Air Jordan 13 sample. As we all know, this is not the Bin 23 Air Jordan 13 version that will release, but we thought you might like to see the unreleased colorway. In case you were wondering, the shoes were spotted on the feet of Gentry Humphrey. Which Bin 23 Air Jordan 13 version do you like the best? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Thoughts?

  • tha-realest

    dem thangalangs freshhh

  • lilbusta2318

    I like them.

  • 1 Billion times nicer then the colourway they are actually releasing.
    Still think the Flints and the Playoffs/All Stars are much nicer though

  • MT

    waitin for Joerdan to chim in… LOL

  • TC Da Heat Holder aka Black Dynamite


  • way better than that other piece of s34T

  • Those are pretty dope….Def better than the c/w that is actually releasing….which, by the way, is slowly growing on me……and there is a BUNCH of em, available early on eBay….for an arm and a leg, of course…..

  • Afrikickz

    I dig these. The other ones aren’t all that but I would prolly cop if any of these stankin stores in Savannah, Ga would get em. The original, an playoff joints is the best to me.

  • slim

    these are way better than them tan ben 23 13s this should b released

  • Weak compared to bin 9’s but better than the stale ketchup and mustard jawns… That is all.


  • Cool grey is alright on some shoes, but the 13’s model won’t be able to be saved by any colorways.

  • 505NicaraguanHotsole

    Man these joints is mad fre555hhhh good look G-roc !

  • Hye Style Kid

    Definitely better than the actual colorway…. not big on cool grey colorways but these do the trick

  • Trey


  • Joerdan23

    Still Ugly to me.
    what is that a denim tongue under the laces?
    Im not into not having a suede around the back rand. Shape looks a bit awkward for me aswell.

  • Jordan BB

    these sh!t on the 13s that are going to release

  • solefix

    He got them joints stroked tighter den a neck tie, Jesus Gentry let them joints breathe…they aint bad but they aint great either

  • JB stole my design I PS’ed that like a year ago and it went around a bunch of message boards and now JB put a small spin on it and Gentry is wearing them…

    Where is MY sample pair?

  • Royal Swagness

    I will never cop a bin 23. they all look like They on their period. j.b give them a tampon, preminum material and there good to go.



  • NOT BIN worthy but honestly… the set-to-release pair isn’t either. This is a great idea for a GR Cool Grey XIII… those would fly off shelves!

  • DC


  • Banksta

    lets hope these see the light of day.. although, i am sure they won’t..

  • atgbryan


  • BcUz-I-cAn

    these are ok. they would look better with a mesh upper though.

  • John B

    agreed with 4DRUMZ.and i like these way better than the ones that are actually gonna release.

  • Halfcent Rod

    I Like Em. They Shouldnt Make These Bin But Definitly Should Release Em. The Bin 13s Aint To Bad Either. If I Cant Get The Flints Or Red An Greys Then Ill Coppp These For Sure. Love The 13s. The Cat Eye Makes The Shoe. I Fell In Love With Em When I First Picked Em Upp As A Child. Lol.

  • These are reall nice, wish these would release instead of the crap that is.

  • JK

    Cool grey CW always does for me

  • JK

    Cool grey CW always does it for me

  • Solelace

    gOD KNOWS I’m not a a big JB fan by any stretch, but cool greys on 13’s (a shoe that I admitedly like) is a winner. These are very cleannnn, now where are my flints, playoffs, and the he got game are awesome 13’s so I have to show respect to the shoe.

  • BiG_AcE

    damn this are way better then the fucking ketchup and mustard 13s that are coming out. wtf i wulda copped theses

  • fortydogg

    only da flints

  • these look good. i think i want more detailed pics to make a decision


  • chris

    Those r dope, but flints and cool grey 11s r better.
    But if I c them I would cop fo sho

  • I’d buy these….if I was blind.

  • Champ

    ^ Lol.. this guy said it. Cool Grey XIII. Nuff said.

  • I like these alot better than the CW that’s coming out that’s for sure.

  • amazin….too bad we could only fantasize.

  • Tscrooge

    Way better than the ones that are releasing, Love the grey!!!!

  • FLiP

    i hope they release the ugly bin colorway and make these a GR so i don’t have to pay too much. the material better be at least OK.

  • These really don’t do it for me at all. They look boring. The BIN23 13s that are releasing should be nicknames the BLOODY DOGSH*TS”

  • AU Kid

    I think they should release this colorway as a general release with the reglar XIII materials

  • Don’t like em’ at all!!!

  • Goat612

    they are close, but the red on the toungue isnt workin

  • voterobformayor

    funny how you never see this guy Gentry Humphrey wearing those ugly jordans or fusions they put out. He knows whats really hot he just keeps it to himself.

    one thing i hate about the sneakergame is that people are either to selfish to let others have the nice things they have or they are trying to charge you x5 times MSRP for a pair of unique sneakers

  • iSETtrenDz

    ppl is crazy…

    these are cool, so are the ones that are releasin’.. so i would fckz with both if i wanted to but i’m not goin’ on a manhunt for these… plus these are SAMPLES

    @ the end of the day some kicks lookz better on certain ppl (i kno they would look great on me with my style).. so scratch all the worthless comments, sh!t is just tirin’ & wack

  • C.Kicks316

    Sweet and simple…

  • warr233

    Not feeling these at all. Please release the first bin 23 13s.

  • trulyfresh23

    these are way better then whats supposed to be releasing but the actually Bin 23 13’s are growing on me a little not enough to cop tho

  • BeAsTmOdE

    i hate all da 13s no matter wat color dey are n dey look like a xbox 360

  • gDawg

    These are soo dope, Id cope em no doubt. They should do a Cool Grey Jordan XII for next year like these