Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” 2013 Retro – Release Date

Jordan Brand fans will need to prepare to open up their wallets more often because 2013 will be a busy year for retro’s. One of the models making a comeback this year is the Air Jordan 13. After all the different images, we finally have a release date for the “He Got Game” colorway.

Last seen in 2008 as part of the Collezione pack, the Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” will make a return on March 16th. Let us know in the comment section below if these are on your list of 2013 sneaker pickups.

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Air Jordan 13

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  • Gmoney

    Yup , need a fresh pair

  • Mars Blackmon

    Missed out in 2008, won’t pass on em this year

  • The NewJent

    ^ what he said

  • Stupidfreshkicks

    Oh Jesus….

  • dotsupreme

    need 2 pairs these look amazing almost nervous to say that i don’t want them charging $200 out of no where

  • bdogg

    i might have to cop these babies!!

  • 4DRUMZ

    Circling the date!

    Breds were $169.99

  • G-Phi 2K6

    Locked and loaded!

  • omar najeeb

    @4DRUMZ___oh god were the “road playoff” 13s 170. I ddnt go for’em so I thought they retailed for 160. Gee-wiz.
    But anyhoo, I get the hoopla bout these. I understand. I jus never cared for this c/w. I’ll pro’ly be good w/o em

  • john.p.killroy

    first pair of jordans that i purchased with my own guap i need 2 pairs of these!

  • @WorldFamous_Kev

    Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes

  • ok

    whoever started the “he got game” nick name needs to be slapped. These are remember from Michael wearing them not from that movie…. youngins…

  • Anthony Withers

    Yeah def getting these nice start to the spring

  • omar najeeb

    Easy, easy! Put the dbl barrel away. Don’t do it to em yet. Ok?
    Lol. I’m wit u hoss. And that movie sucked. That bs bball ovr the prison wall into a school gym nowhere near the prison; nonsense!

  • HSE SldUnt4Cash

    still haven’t laced up my pair from 08′ look perfectly similar