Air Jordan 2010 “W3LCOME HOME”

Air Jordan 2010 "W3LCOME HOME"

Back in November, Dwyane Wade gave is twitter followers a sneak peak at the Air Jordan 2010 “Wade” PE. Not only did Jordan Brand bless him with the Wade version, but they also made a “W3LCOME HOME” Air Jordan 2010. If you can recall, back in July D Wade tweeted a picture of himself wearing the Jordan “W3LCOM3 HOM3” t-shirt. Images of the “W3LCOME HOME” Air Jordan 2010 has now surfaced courtesy of marqueesole. No word on when/if this Air Jordan 2010 will release. Enjoy the images and stay tuned for more info.

Air Jordan 2010 "W3LCOME HOME"

Air Jordan 2010 "W3LCOME HOME"

Air Jordan 2010 "W3LCOME HOME"

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  • gotjordans?

    you cannot be serious…!!!

  • gotjordans?

    these are really gonna get released?
    I thought it was a joke? For the record, these are horribly, terribly, awfully and seriously hideous!!!

  • carter

    who but D.WADE would want to wear this shit?

  • nebg

    so ugly

  • it’s funny how D.Wade left converse cause they were making him ugly shoes that wouldn’t sell to come to Jordan Brand to get some more UGLY shoes that no one will buy lmfao

  • I’ll cop at nike outlet for 50 bucks and then proceed to disrespect them on outdoor courts.

  • I think these shoes would be alright without the huge bubble pack on the side. SMH

  • Hye Style Kid

    They should do a no window edition like nike with the no flywire then i would cop but if they hit clearance like they should imma scoop up a pair

  • Jedi Jump High

    I think you guys are being way way too hard on the shoe, I mean come on, it’s got nice uhh… I don’t really know…

  • DunksonDeck – ATL

    LOL @ jnotorious

    I feel ya. Not a fan at all. D- Wade must of had no say in how they looked.

    Compare these to Kobe’s sneaker and Lebron’s sneaker. you can see that D-Wade is the odd man out.

  • LG

    Jb is charging $175 for this bullsh#t
    Kids went from paying $75 for D-Wade converse to $175
    for some D-Wade Jordan that wack.
    If you put a star on the side and take off the Jumpman, they would look like converse.

  • Hye Style Kid

    Dwade must have athletes foot or something thats why they put the window there for some breathing room but i think after this season he will get his own signature shoe


    I think they are wack personally. I think the “no window” idea someone said may bring it up a point or two. IMO. I think the problem with JB is they have too many “yes” men in there. Someone up there has to step up and say that shit is wack! The people who work there arent/werent investing their hard earned money for Jordans all their life like many of us. Thats their job this is our lifestyle. I understand thats on two differnt sides of the spectrum so they can’t imagine how it feels to be a life long consumer and see this bs. The retros are the only thing saving them but the quality is low but the price is higher so WTF. They must not have a appreciation for how Jordans should look, feel and the reaction you got when you had them when they dropped. The designers or whoever signs off on this shit must have been lame growing up. lol. These shits make me lose hope for the future of the brand. Peace.

  • Sneaky Feet

    BRICK. no wait thats too good…These are the equivalent to an airball

  • C Brown

    @LG… honestly thats a really good point that alot of people over look…D.Wade is good…but has he really done anything to justify the $100 increase???? If I can recall he won his 1 and only championship in Cons (shout to the…im just sayin..

  • trey

    they should have stopped with the jordans back in 93…

  • BcUz-I-cAn

    without the biga$$ donut holes on the sides these would be almost copable. Kinda remind me of the 12.5s though, and I haven’t decided if that is a good or bad thing yet.

  • Hye Style Kid

    I think the problem is they are trying almost too hard to be ahead of the game and creativity and everything along that nature. Thing is a lot of the jordans before were ahead of its time and instant classics in most cases and they set the bar real high….. Other than the jordan collection and some team jordans even they almost fail when it comes to making a new shoe as far as looks. I dont ball so all that doesnt really care to me

  • I can’t wait to try them on at footlocker… then wait a few months to copp me a pair at some outlet. The shoes have so many good things going on…. premium leather, the stitching is on point, the design is simple and mature (nothing to flashy or ostentatious), the bottom sole is translucent red, the laces are flat which prevents them from going lose, and yes I kinda link the window (it’s a sneaker after all, no need to be all serious)


    I was okay with the shoes.. but when I saw the interview about this shoe, I was amazed about them.
    Now I REALLY want them!

  • weezy23

    no comment on these anymore

  • More like… W3lcome HOLE!
    @NIKEDEE ~ “Thats their job this is our lifestyle.” – Well said! This offering is not my lifestyle either!
    Easy clearance consideration if I can get em’ $120’ish in a year. The black/carolina has been by far the best CW leaked… but I’m sure they all leak with the suggested “plug”!!!

  • carter

    red sock lining would have made these better though

  • Blue cheese

    Air Ball…. JB needs to relax!!!

  • marcel

    I gota admit they growing on me

  • @ Carter – GREAT IDEA!!! The horrible hole would actually work well with a contrasting inner bootie! Maybe with the jumpman printed on it to show through yet still capture the idiotic “transparent” theme JB is feeding us… and actually look good! Yes, I know many expect to see this exact thing done with complimentary socks to go with the 2010… but an inner sock-liner would’ve been an improvement. Instead, plug em’ up JB… plug em’ up!


    That hole in the middle of the shoe shit is just lol
    The fact that they really think this is ok to release shows how out of touch they are.

  • The best thing you can do with these shoes:

    Step 1: Say goodbye to some money by buying these shoes, a hot glue gun, some popsicle sticks, and a pocket knife.

    Step 2: Go home.

    Step 3: Take pocket knife and cut out stupid windows on sides of Jordan 2k10’s

    Step 4: Make a roof shape with the popsicle sticks you bought. (Repeat once)

    Step 5: Glue it with the glue gun.

    Step 6: Let it dry.

    Step 7: Glue gun the roofs you made over the foot hole in both shoes.

    Step 8: Tie the shoe laces from both shoes together.

    Step 9: Toss the suckers onto a telephone pole cable

    Step 10: Voila! You’ve just made yourself a pair of ghetto bird houses. Congratulations. Enjoy it ’til the power company comes.


  • openin windows for opportunity

  • bronxbomber

    This colorway is a little better but still not good enough to cop!

  • MisterMcfly23

    i tell you what, JB, i’ll give you $180 to throw this ish away and start all over again. no CW is gonna disguise the fact that the shoe has 4 giant holes that look like the windows at a check cashing spot…

  • D

    I’d ball in these if they were $50.

  • The shoe hunter

    air jordan xi silver anniversary video review chekck it out–

  • solefix

    LOL @ CenValCali…that sounded educated




  • BcUz-I-cAn

    ^^^:o u lie!! swag lol. naw for real tho? cuz that would be the $hit. If it is true I’m copin at least 3 pairs each.

  • They’re trying too hard to show that they’re ahead of the game as far as design, updated tech, etc….I don’t care what features are in a shoe, if it’s ugly, most people aren’t gonna wear it, because in the end, everyone’s gotta STILL LOOK AT IT.


  • Manfromoz

    Let me guess, do they have any size 9’s or 10’s. And are they overpriced? lol, gotta love marqueesole. They would have been allright if they made em Wht/Blk. Like the Motorsports. All white upper, with a black sockliner and black sole. keep the perforations and close up that window with material. Then id cop.

  • CincinnatiNick

    I would not be welcomes into my home with these on… Most likely turned away…

  • By welcome home they mean that these pieces of garbage are going back to their jail cell with those solitary confiment windows .

  • Gregs

    🙁 nuff said… I hope all the 2010s look better in person

  • Lo$w@rd g

    All im cop in is home and away colors so i like.fist pumpin like champs!

  • Lem

    I will have to see them in person to make an informed decision. They remind me of the white/red XII’s. I don’t think it’s a bad shoe but probably will end up like the 2k9. A shoe that I also liked.

  • Pooh4eva

    JB is quickly becoming the J-Z of footwear……”Niccas want the old me then by my old shh”….cuz the new aint hittin on shhhh

  • incognitoT

    To each his own but…IMO it would be another story for those who like these if they weren’t Js. Just sayin’and you know it’s true, ya dig.

  • markie d

    These J’s are BEAUTIFUL!!! Have some respect and quit hatin on em…

  • kp

    these are the best shoes i have ever balled in. its a performance sneaker, and the best there is.

  • kp

    if u want to cop retros then shut ur cock holsters and pick them shits up on ebay or buy some cheap chinese knock offs.

  • OScar

    if i see sum1 wearin these things ima spit on em n then run lol