Air Jordan 2011 Black/Electric Green

Many of us are still waiting to see a bred colorway, but with the recent Air Jordan 2011 leaks, we wouldn’t be surprised if a black/red colorway surfaces soon. It seems like a new Air Jordan 2011 colorway is popping up every week, and here we have a first look at the black/electric green Air Jordan 2011. Surely there will be a ton of images to follow, and hopefully release info will be available shortly. Stay tuned, and enjoy the photos.

Images: MS

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  • It’s funny, I just recently talked to some TSGFAM members about additional colorways that should come out, and one wish has came true. But I’m still waiting on a white/purple colorway, just make it a JJH exclusive.

  • lakers33

    ^ still waiting for the “colorsaver” on these as well Jedi.

  • WoW… that black/grey tone is GREAT! No, I don’t like this CW because electric green is WAAAAAAY played out but I like where they’re going with this!!!

  • Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. These are soooooooooooooooo crack. Omg. I don’t care I need these in my life or I will hate me. I will be forced to hate myself. These are extra blue magic. If you hate these you hate your life. No if and’s or but’s. Go seek help if you hate these. And buy 27 pairs of shape ups because you deserve it.

  • Me and 4drumz agree on alot of things. And like pretty much the same style of kicks. But I disagree with the green being played out. Yes nike uses it alot but they use a black/white, a Bred, a white/red, an all black, and a blue like 80 times more than this colorway. I think the only reason people pay attention to it is because were not used to seeing this colorway on alot of kicks so when we do we pay attention to it alot more. Not an everyday color. But a color that I love. I will not complain about a crack cocaine colorway. If the shoe is hot it’s hot a colorway that’s used alot won’t stray me from getting a hot shoe. So yes it’s used alot but I just don’t think it’s played out. Hot is hot. By the way I don’t care what it takes these will be in my life.

  • chris-rewynd

    one word…..CRACK
    these are crazy fresh on or off the court, im loving the aj 2011

  • Lem

    @BRIGHT^^^^I hear what you are saying. You gotta do you. However, Im with my man 4DRUMZ on this one. The green throws it off for me. I think they can definitely be utilized for casual wear but not for me. As always do you.

  • aSh

    Rather have the FOAMZ over these

  • AirJedi

    Cool Gray CW woul be DOPE!!!!

  • icegroove

    not really a fan of solid dark cw’s (i.e: all black etc) but this is making me stare a bit!

    JJH: white/purple cw would be sweet..a deep royal purple i reckon…maybe some subtle hits of ’emerald’..phwoar…lol

  • Mr_Kadillac

    Absolute CRACK ROCKS!!! This C/W is so sicc on so many levels. Yeah Nike using alot of that lime green/electric green/volt or whatever you wanna call it but it’s a color that catches your eye everytime. This right here is a C/W that is just straight Tyrone Biggums. Plus if I see eggplant one more time I’m going to hit some at Jordan Brand with a pair of them wack ass Fly Wades…


  • Executive AKA The Crisis

    I just saw Mr.Cee, he was ridin round downtown with Eddie Murphy ridin the passenger seat!! lookin for manboy’s!

  • Lem

    @BRIGHT^^^^Ha! I hear you man. I don’t want no trouble! LOL!

  • very dope, I’ll likely get these. Definitely a fan of the 2011.

  • LG


  • lacemob

    White and purple cw would be great

  • Please let this shoe be an ID. That would be el sweet o! lol. I love all the colors in this shoe.

  • muntztres¤¤¤

    agree with ther ASH man Foams over these….