Air Jordan 2011 (3 Colors) New Release Date

Jordan Brand originally announced that all three Air Jordan 2011’s would release on April 30. We don’t have any info as to why they didn’t release on April 30, but Jordan Brand pushed the release date back and promised they would keep us posted with more details. Today TSG can confirm that all three colorways have a new release date. The Air Jordan 2011’s are now set to release on Saturday, May 21. Retail is $170

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  • John B.

    of course you would wait to release them in between my pay weeks!! f**k you jordan brand….f**k you! but im still gonna try lol

  • @AlSneaks

    those red ones will be mine! the other two are just eh =/ but maybe they’ll look better in person.

  • ooooooooooohhh weeeeeeeeee. The 2011 capo is in the building and I approve of this.

  • (swisher)SWEEEEET! I’m grabbing the black/stickyicky-green pair for my 30th bday weekend! I’ll smoke to THAT! this just made my day

  • muntztres¤¤¤

    John b… Hahahah them BASTARDS!!! I’d be on those green 2011s also if I didn’t have the kobe Rices… I’m hoping they drop that all white patent leather with the baby blue in sole they showed samples of not to long ago.. And since were on the subject of 2011s… Were is the traditional “bred” color way… And don’t none of ya come with that “dude your late, they already did with the JB classic sneaker they dropped” bcuzz those don’t count!

  • muntz they already dropped the jbc colorway

  • Lem

    I saw some pics with the upper being a lot more green vs the above picture. Hopefully they will go with the ones in the picture.

  • Keys

    I got a serious question on a purchase should I buy these 2000 silver white 5’s that’s already yellow on the sole or the wolf grey 5’s


  • Lem

    @Keys^^^^^Depends on what you are looking for and whether or not you’re more of a V fan vs the 20ll’s. Either choice will be a good one. Do you.