Air Jordan 28 Media Event Recap

Jordan Brand’s “Dare To Fly” teaser had everyone wondering what they would announce on 12.3.12. Is Jordan Brand going to reveal a signature shoe for Russell Westbrook or Blake Griffin? That was the number one guest from the sneaker community. But Jordan Brand had a different plan for December 3. No, it was not about a new Russell Westbrook or Blake Griffin shoe. However, Russell Westbrook was in attendance (more on that later).

Dare To Fly represents the new flagship Jordan shoe, the Air Jordan 28. Yesterday, TSG and various media outlets learned all about the Air Jordan XX8, directly from Jordan Brand. President of Jordan Brand, Larry Miller, kicked the media event off by introducing himself and the event host, which was New York’s very own, Spike Lee.

Spike Lee then introduced Carmelo Anthony, and after their chat, it was time to head upstairs to lay eyes on the Air Jordan XX8. Showtime! The media gathered around, patiently waiting to see the shoe that somehow was able to avoid leaking. That’s rare, but that also made the anticipation more exciting.

Two black doors opened and Spike Lee walked out, and the Air Jordan XX8 was finally revealed. By this time, media was taking pictures like MJ just walked out, texting, tweeting, posting photos on Instagram, and who does Spike introduce? Tinker motherlovin’ Hatfield! That’s right, Tinker joined Spike, and they immediately starting talking about the Air Jordan XX8.

Tinker Hatfield told us a story about how much Michael Jordan loved the shoe, and how the Stealth Fighter jet was the inspiration of the XX8. Designer Josh Heard eventually joined Tinker and Mars Blackmon. Josh played a heavy role in the Air Jordan XX8 technology, and he explained his involvement to the media. All of a sudden we hear someone ask Spike,”Who is going to wear the Air Jordan XX8?” We soon found out that was the voice of Russell Westbrook, and he also joined the rest of the guys on stage. Russell informed us that he will debut the XX8 in tonight’s OKC Thunder vs Brooklyn Nets game, so be on the lookout for the new Jordan game shoe to hit the court this evening.

The explosive OKC PG shared his thoughts about the XX8, and answered a few questions from the media. Following a short Q&A, the presentation was over and it was time to head downstairs for in-depth media interviews with Tinker Hatfield, Josh Heard, and Russell Westbrook even answered more questions and took a few pictures with fans.

A few things to know about the Air Jordan XX8:
Designed by: Tinker Hatfield
Release Date: February 16, 2013
Retail Price: $250
-This is the lightest Air Jordan ever!
-The shoe can be worn zipped or unzipped.
-Shoe features Jordan Flight Plate, unlocking the power of Nike Zoom units.

Take a look at the photos below, and please share your honest thoughts in the comment section.

Larry Miller

Tinker and Josh Heard

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  • 4DRUMZ

    A huge boost to Under Armour’s ego that JB bit the Cam Newton cleat design… until all the tech specs and the zip-down look was revealed… and UA saw that Jordan did it better! I’m still a little bit embarrassed for Jordan and proud of UA though! LoL…

    Looks incredibly awkward zipped up… but the integrated 23 log is really tough and the zip-down look is pretty tolerable!

    Retail price is ridiculous!?!? Maybe they use that as their fall-back excuse if they don’t move a lot of units… that the price-point was too high!

  • 4DRUMZ

    Can’t believe they went with Russell as the face of the flag-ship??? Should’ve gone with both he and Blake! Sadly this may mean a less than stellar sig model for Blake!

  • AlSneaks

    zipped down these really aren’t that bad. remind me of some flightposites. I’ll consider grabbing these when they hit $100 and TRUST! they will drop that low.

  • Shane D.

    Where do I begin? The obvious is this is a Jordan version of The Glove so I can’t give them too much props for doing something different. $250 is way too much for this shoe. I get it, mold, tech, R&D etc was probably very expensive but $250 is too much. Period! They were made to ball in so hopefully they perform excellent on court. Unzipped looks good and I would wear them. Just not paying $250. Good looks to TSG for always keeping us in the know and making us feel like we were at the event too.

  • Just Kicks

    As much as people bash them the Jordan 28 is not bad at all. It’s not “great” either. We can all agree that unzipped is the way to go with this shoe, esp if you are wearing them out and not to hoop. $180-$185 is a better price point. Then again the Bred 11s are $185 which is too much but I just pointed that out to say there was no way they would charge $185 for the XX8. G Roc did they say what other colors will release?

  • Sht garbage nike digging there on grave tha shoes get worse every year

  • Nike stop with tha bs release the 16 an 17 18

  • solediva86

    will these be available in gs sizes? if so how much will they be. i think they will look cute on small feet.

  • Jay

    I’m camping right now for a pair. Going to flip them and buy the original GP Glove.

  • jimmy

    looks just like kimba walker shoe

  • SPINS613

    Tinker is high on his own creativity.

    He’s gone from shoe designer (former architect) to Mad Hatter in the Innovation Kitchen.

    He popped a Molly, started sweatin’ and a few sketches later, this sh*t was born.

  • 23edge

    Was Michael kicked out of this event as well? He ain’t even around for his own shoe, lol

  • I mean, obviously… zipped up; they look silly AF. But unzipped they’re cold. I’m in.

  • ^^^I agree. Zipped up, it looks a bit plain, but unzipped and it doesn’t look bad at all.

  • Sek

    I actually like them a little bit of Gary Payton and flightposite. Not bad. Employee discount and clearance price is the only way in copping though

  • gee

    Looks like a very HI flightposite with a jordan logo

  • Hipsters need love too….. Lol… On some serious note its not a bad kick, have mix feeling but i kinda like them… Once people figure out that the inside look lil like the 11’s they will be all over it lmao..

  • aSh

    Damn…. I kinda like em…. that sucks lol… for my pocket that is… but then again I am a big fan of the son of glove and flightposites sooooo no suprise here.. they will have to be rocked with the zipper down tho… “Thats what she said”
    Love to see an infrared version too (Replace the green with infrared = killer) but even still these are soooo far under the radar that I doubt I’d ever get a pair.. and damn sure not for $250 plus tax… NEXT!!!!

  • aSh

    Aaaaaaand on another note I’m really dig em unzipped but not folded down… Shoe technically has three looks…

  • KP

    Honesty, not what I was expecting, but not bad. For 250 I don’t know, outlet sale.. For sure..

  • Sole Seriouz

    250 tho? Just give me the GP glove model….

  • Smthn Else

    Zipped down, These are cold. As a person who bought every nike with a zipper (GP’s Tim Hardaways, Flightposites and yes even The VC1’s) I never wore any of them zipped up. On foot, with denim jeans, Im sure these will be a hit. $250 tho??? Nike is slowly but surely making there way to $300 price tags. Terrible

  • Executive

    How exactly does this shoe look good unzipped? It’s like putting a black church sock over a sneaker and people say it looks good.

  • omar najeeb

    Looks like mos def majority (m’self includ) agrees the shoe’s kinda cool/cold unzppd. But wtf w/the hi @$$ retail for ’em? JB hadn’t made no $ in dman near 30 years that the line has existed or some’n?

  • Drnwang

    This is Alright,its not really all that.

  • Drnwang

    Interesting the 23 in one digit. either it is a 2 or a 3. i rate7/10

  • Lem

    I definitely like the shoe and will purchase when the price drops. I think JB shot themselves in the foot with the $250 price tag. Should have been $180 or $190. But I’m sure they couldn’t do that with the Retro XI retailing for $185. Tragedy!

  • That shoe as light as it is looks like straight trash even in that famous AIR JORDAN XIV colorway put it next to the AIR JORDAN III, AIR JORDAN IV, AIR JORDAN V, & AIR JORDAN VI and what kind of comparison do we have here.. none!! This guy tinker was way ahead of his time back then but I feel like he might be a little out dated

  • wangli

    I never would have thought of that calaboration. its different alright. it looks it is water resisteant and keeps a cool temperature.

  • wangli

    I never would have thought of that calaboration. its different alright. it looks it is water resisteant and keeps a cool temperature.

  • Sek

    It’s 2012. No new sneaker is going to look like the retros. It’s the future. Every sneaker that comes out from Nike that has new tech integrated into it doesn’t look like a lifestyle show. Nike just so happens to make 100 different color of each shoe to please the masses.

  • Shawty Black

    It’s really not awful unzipped (as everyone as already noticed and said). Of course it reminds folks of “The Glove” and I think that is one of the unspoken inspirations behind the shoe. But did no one notice how Spike Lee looks like he’s about to “hoop up the congregation” in that second pic and how Josh Heard looks like Tinker “bet’ not pass him that ugly shoe” in the ninth pic?! Ha!

  • godivine

    Enough with these already, just show more CW’s and let’s move on to the next sneaks. No matter how much coverage I see/hear/read about how innovative the tech is these are whack and are an unnecessary design EVEN just for balling. With all the “firsts” I have read about these kicks, here is another one. This will hands down be the worst selling Jordan sneaker period. 1love

  • the guy

    Should have stopped at 23

  • Should have stopped at 14.

  • Chevy Boy

    Honestly, I’m ready to see them in person. I mean, true enough, they look horrible zipped up. But I think they look pretty decent unzipped. For the court, it’s probably best to wear them zipped, in order to have more ankle stability and support. Unzipped, I can honestly see myself wearing these with a nice pair of sweats or jeans.

  • Jstar

    These sneakers are a set back for JB…these must be the Scuba edition and real sneakers come out later…I hate that these dont look good, because i’m so tired of the same ol’ retros that come out yr after yr…people are so hyped over these old sneakers that it must be the younger Gen hyping these up..when I was growing up we where always looking forward to the next shoe not the past shoe…I like the old J’s but we must move on..

  • Tennessey

    Busted zipped up …Busted unzipped. Not feeling these at all …. The outter material looks like those cloth napkins they roll your silverware in at a restaurant. There’s absolutely no way you can pull these off unless you are hooping and they looked so fugly on Russel Westbrooks foot when he debuted them I can’t say that would fly either. But the only way you can wear these off the court is to have on a ” I don’t give a fuch fit” like some Trinidad James or Weezy type shid. Thank God for Retros because JB went Trippey with the last two models in my opinion ……… PS …. $250 … Come on bruh …

  • gotjordans

    I can’t imagine myself coughing up $250.00 for these, and rock them either! They gotta be running out of ideas! :/

  • gotjordans

    MJ, would you wear these if you were still playing? Come on, be honest! 🙁

  • Tre

    flightposite x glove. They’re not ugly but I wont consider getting them until they get to that 120 range.

  • shoe guy

    tinker is old and out of touch and this lame ugly shoe shows it.. sad… and folks will still camp for the JB 1s to 14s in 1000 different colors year after year…lol