Air Jordan 3 ’88 “Cement” Retro with Nike Air

Jordan Brand always has tricks up their sleeve, and this may be the greatest trick yet: the return of Nike Air. Sure, we’ve seen a few recent “Nike Air” sightings, but not on the back of the classic Air Jordan 3 model. This particular version is called the Air Jordan 3 ’88 Retro. That pretty much explains why Nike Air is featured on the heel. After years of complaining and whining about Nike Air, Jordan Brand looks to satisfy the masses with this Jordan 3 Retro. No release date yet, but look for these to release in 2013.

Not to get ahead of this release, but we can only assume that Jordan Brand will give other OG Air Jordan 3 colorways this same treatment, as well as other Jordan models.

Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Are you excited?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Images: teeleo

  • MM

    Say what??????????? Is this real?

  • Jay

    OH MY GOD! *screams*

  • Shane D.

    Late Merry Christmas gift from Jordan Brand. Thank you!

  • Just Kicks

    They just keep finding ways to pull me back. Right when you think you’re done with JB, they pull you right back in. This is great news. Good looking G-Roc.

  • solediva86

    tears of joy. tears of joy, tears of joy.

  • ULikeEm

    Looks like they are running out of ideas to me smh

  • i_luv_kickz

    Saw this on Instagram. I will definetly cop if they release. I think that this is cool but it may just be a teaser that will never happen. I cant see Jordan doing this but hey they just might want to do it to make us happy. If this is true I think they should release every Jordan that had Nike Air on it with Nike Air on it throughout the next few years. I would love for the Infared 6s to.

  • i_luv_kickz

    For every Jordan that had Nike Air on it that they retro in the future should have Nike Air on it… every single one… just to make it feel more like OG

  • Marcos

    Happy if its a QS


    The hype for these will be worse then it was for the 11s

  • Cheese

    Hopefully they bring the quality back to.

  • alonelypaperbag

    The “88 3s that are coming out will fucking ruin the whole sneakergame. People who had nike air on the back of their shoes had respect. Now it’s gonna be fucked up

  • AlSneaks

    Nike Air or not, I’ll always grab a few pairs of white cement 3s.

  • aSh


  • GOD

    @alonelypaperbag <——– WHAT HE SAID!!!!

  • va


  • Gmoney

    There’s no point on having Nike air on the back
    If the quality is not to par , please don’t ruin a
    Classic even more jb

  • Bowflex

    If they go through with this, they should start with the V’s and VI’s coming out in ’13. You know this will sell crazy and they will retro every last pair that had them (probably put it on some that didn’t). 3’s came out last year. Too quick to double dip that. Some infrared VI’s would be nice though.

  • Mr Jizzle 23

    Only problem is you’re gonna have to pay an extra $30 bucks for that “Nike Air” logo……..

  • Huarache

    I knew it, don’t tell me you didn’t either. It’s the smartest move, y’all should’ve known after the varsity red/infrared bullshit they pulled. I sold 90% of my collection, traded worn ogs for newer renditions (’99 bred 4’s for 2 DS pairs of ’12 bred 4’s) all because I knew they would put the nike air before 2014. The price might be ridiculous and I hope it is so I can cop with ease. These will fly off shelves if not limited and I’m happy for the sneaker community that ogs will be making a return in the near future in full force (og box and all that)

  • jordancrazy45

    kind of excited and kinda of disappointed…I dont own an original or retro jordan with nike air on it so ill be happy if they drop but the purpose of having nike air on the shoe today is to show they are ogs or pre-jumpman retros…basically I agree with what alonelypaperbag said.

  • Josh

    I hope this is real

  • Van willz

    People should be happy these are coming out. Gone are the days of having to hold on to that shoe that will crumble if you look at it the wrong way these can be worn and that’s the purpose of a sneaker TO BE ROCKED to much of trend of the gallery collector you want a real retro here you go! Can’t wait the dude who is at the helm of JB is a don and with the news of the lightning iv coming back I’m a happy guy. To those who are whinging about these…just don’t buy them. Don’t let resell value dictate what’s hot and what’s not. And to the old Skool collectors remember Jordan is catering for the new sneaker heads EVERY BRAND DOES THIS.


  • David Mac

    Sorry but the 99’s had Nike Air. That was almost 14 years ago. I don’t remember if the 2004? Retro had Nike air on back or not. If 2004 did it would mean you had to have the shoes back then and if you were 16 you’d be 25 now. That should not be a requirement to have respect in the sneaker game. I hope they are yellowing a little on back and everything so people who own the OG’s and banking on Nike air being on a pair lose money on their buy just because they got greedy.

  • Marcus

    What a clever way to make people buy the same shoe over & over again.

  • AirJedi

    shit quality with or not the nike air…so i pass…stick to kobes,brons,kd and nike retos from the 90!!!

  • Executive

    Lmao! Watch the murder rate increase!

  • Executive

    Is the quality gonna be the same asthe Nike air days? If not then I seriously can’t see my self falling for this bull.

  • Executive

    Dudes talkin bout the shoe game is f ucked up, it must suck that your life revolves around sneakers.

  • CommunityJUICE

    Jordan and Nike are singing “Pussy, Money, Greed, thats all this company needs” smh. Ppl will fall…..

  • Birdman

    This idea isn’t new ya’ll just didn’t have a clue i told someone a week ago that after releasing most of their catalog they will come right back and put the nike air logo on the back. the sneaker game is at an all time high plus he is recouping that divorce money. We better enjoy it cause 6 years from now this craze will be over and the release won’t be as often.

  • Birdman

    I will cop two pair just like did last year

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    Theirs more to life then just sneakers. Ill cop but only if the quality is on par if not I got my 2011’s.

  • mafio

    Don’t toy with my soul, JB….

  • SPINS6136

    Executive is on point once again.

    Bottom line, it’s a good day. Sorry, I’m an OG sneaker head. Yes, I had the ORIGINAL III IN 1988.

    Most of the douches in the game today weren’t even born yet. So, I don’t wanna hear anything about “We have respect for having Nike Air on the back and you newbies don’t.”

    I was 8 years old. You think those are still fitting and in any condition. So, this brings back memories. a little bit of the childhood.

    Not to mention, I’ll never pass on a pair of new cement III, with it being my favorite in the line AND favorite colorway.

    It’s not screwing anything up. It’s rectifying the screw up that was made years ago by replacing it with a Jumpman anyway.

  • Joeslow

    LOL @ people saying the shoe game is f’ed up. Ya’ll been watching too many made for television films.

  • Lem

    Hype for this will be strong it will.

  • LG

    Retro them F it. I’ll try to get a pair, If I dont it’s on to the next one.

  • Herb T

    a must have

  • yes. I personally don’t mind at all. Multiple pairs is a must.

  • mr14

    david mac these didnt retro in 99 you dumb bastard

  • nick

    some diaper wearing idiot is now going to complain about the nike air not being the same font and or size , todays generation love complaining about anything. they’ll find something. glad i didn’t get the 2011 release haha. they ran out of ideas or this is going to be a 1 time thing like the air jordan 1 banned. either way now that JB gave all you crying bitches what you want you’ll still complain about something.

  • serg252001

    That’s a good look. I’ll try to get em if not I’ll be satisfied with my 03 pair

  • shoe guy

    i dont like the 3s at all… well they are okay in all black but thats it … the only Js i want with nike air on the back are the blue an white leather 4s

  • JBYRD23

    Hope I can scoop one up!

  • i_luv_kickz

    ^^^ u mean the military blues? plus who hates the 3s? one of the greatest Js ever… i guess everyone has there opinion but cmon… the 3s? baffles me.

  • BorDoughBoy

    I need the AJ 6 to get this treatment!

  • KingBamidele

    In 2004 I was told by a team of Jordan designers that the Jumpman was put on the retros instead of the Nike Air to show love to the OG collectors that had those shoes still. I was 20 at the time and as much as I didn’t love the idea I more than 1000% respected it. I had a few retros with Nike Air as at 28 I clearly was too young to have my own OGs. This is bittersweet news. I love the Nike Air and all but I lost no sleep over it not being on the majority of my OG colored retros. I am happy that the Nike Air is coming back at least in part anyway for all those sneaker snobs. I have a modesty impressive set of kicks but I just get what I can and respect the game. For those folks that look down on others for a Jumpman compared to a Nike Air I shall laugh hysterically at their tears. It’s just a shoes. And stop complaining over quality. You shouldn’t be hooping in a shoe that boasts 1988 technology with so many well made shoes being made in 2012. Happy New Year TSG

  • gotjordans


  • DreadHeadFlocka

    i wouldnt mind if Nike re-release all of the previous retro Jordan’s again with the NIKE AIR logo on the back..

  • gotjordans

    Well, that settles it for me. If this is indeed true, I am going to hold back from now on from buying any more retros with a jumpman on them (3s, 4s, 5s and 6s… 🙂

  • HighLifeTrav

    I usually dont post comments on here but as a sneakerhead of 10 or more years i have to state my opinion on this post. I HATE the fact that jordan is bringing back the nike air logo! To me bringing this logo back devalues the OG jordans with the logo on the back. JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW JORDAN BRAND CATERS TO HYPEBEAST IN STEAD OF TRUE SNEAKER HEADS!

  • SPINS6136


    No, actually only hypebeasts care about the “value” of their sneakers.

    Hence your 10 years in the game.

    Anyone who had the III with Nuike Air on the back, originally, as in back in ’88, is going to love finally having the sneaker back the way we grew up rockin’ it.

  • Chevyboy

    @SPINS6136 EXACTLY!!! I am a true fan of sneakers, & personally I think this is a great move from JB and Nike. I’m tired of holding on to memories of kicks I have sitting in my closet due to the fact that they are crumbling. It would be great to grab a crisp pair true to OG form and rock them whenever I want without having the fear that they will fall apart. And original Jordans will still hold their value, if that’s what you’re afraid of HighLifeTrav. The original pairs are the ones that really started the fascination that a slew of people have with not only Jordans, but footwear

  • Chevyboy

    as a whole. So don’t fear…your displayed OG’s are still a very valuable possession.

  • Fabo

    red ones are next!

  • Fabo

    hope the material is also from 88

  • JayWhoaPeachtrees

    Order your protective gear… Now.

  • Jstar

    I been in the the Sneaker game over 25 yrs and they need to remake all of the retros the way the OG look..these sneaks want last forever so let others get that chance to rock’em….there are shoes back that came out that i didnt get the chance to rock so i appreciate nike for bring back all the OG’s..thats what over 25 yrs in the game gives u wisdom….

  • gotjordans

    let the hype begin, and shoe store being bombarded!

  • Jedi knight

    To the ten year sneaker head : I have been a sneaker head since before the first air Jordan and the retro’s with the jumpman logo on the back are garbage and they do not capture the essence of the real Jordan’s with nike air on back ! This is how they are supposed look not like that mess jordan brand has been feeding you’ll who don’t know any better ! You have been brainwashed !