Air Jordan 3 ’88 “Cement” with Nike Air – Detailed Images

Sometimes, it’s just the little things that matter. The biggest news to ever come out of Jordan Brand is the return of the infamous Nike Air badges on a few classic Jordan models. We got preview looks at the Air Jordan 3 ’88 “Cement” a few days ago, and here are some detailed images to enjoy. This Air Jordan 3 cement will now be blessed with Nike Air on the back heel including the insoles as well. It’s not confirmed whether or not these will release as a quickstrike or an online release only, so be sure to stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates.

In the meantime, enjoy the detailed images below.

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Images: SU

  • Lem

    I already have a pair of cement 3’s and the Nike Air on the back means nothing to me. I’m not one to double up on the same colorway of a shoe. However, to each their own.

  • SPINS6136

    Thank you Lem.

    One less person to to worry about when I want to snag 2-3 pair. (to WEAR of course. Not stare at or re-sell)

    Gets me through just long enough til the next drop. Cuz my 2 pair from ’09 have been used very well! (see kids, that’s what we do with these. We wear them. For basketball. It’s this game with this round ball. These shoes were made to wear them while…….never mind)

  • SPINS6136

    Check that, from ’11. My ones from ’03 are DEAD!

  • Sole Seriouz

    I want. That is all.

  • JBYRD23

    No Nike Air on the bottom of the soles?

  • ScroogeMcD

    Dammit, Gonna have to cop these, and Also the both of the OG 1 colorways! Here I thought I was not going to get many shoes this upcoming year!

  • shoe guy

    to much white on that shoe..

  • feetheat


  • SPINS6136


    Right. That’s my only thing. I simiply don’t get it. However…..

    You know JB. Gotta have ONE small tweek just to differentiate from the OG so “sellers” can tell the difference.

    I complain too much, so, i’m just happy it’s back on the back, and I’ll just leave it at that!

  • AlSneaks

    Nike Air or Jumpman, I’ll always cop 2 pairs of white cement 3s. last time around I was even able to grab 1 pair at the outlet. I highly doubt that will happen this time.

  • aSh

    mmmeh… whatever… still looks cheap… and the toe cap looks sunkin in… Grapes please….

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    Cop, now I can actually throw caution to the wind when I rock my ’11 cements.

  • QAEv

    another cock-up from Jordan Brand. making a big fuss about putting the “nike air” on the heel and forgot to put the nike air ON THE OUTSOLE. if u gon call them 88`s then make sure they are as close to the OG as possible.

  • omar najeeb

    What wizzowski said!!

  • Royal “no longer call me” swag

    I love me some white cement 3’s so I cop every release they come out.

  • Anthony

    The nike logo is the least of my concerns. The OG III not only had premium leather but also a less chunky silhouette than the retros

  • JayOldPeestain

    There is absolutely no reason to add commentary on these. None of it matters.

  • gotjordans

    And just when I thought Jordan Brand was running out of ideas…

  • Supa B

    man, you see the crease already in the pics….and yeah, not adding the Nike Air to the sole of the kicks just makes it pointless…dont half ass it…

  • Fabo

    wtf?! no nike air at the bottom

  • KON

    LOL in 2 years they gone release the junts with the nike on the sole

  • Only 3’s i care about are black cements.

  • shoe guy

    “wtf?! no nike air at the bottom” yeh this is is like the McFlys with no auto lace feature still selling for $15,000….lol