Air Jordan 3 ’88 “Cement” with Nike Air – New Images

It seems like the sneaker gods answered the prayers of many sn’eads by bring back the coveted “Nike Air” to some Air Jordan models. We got a preview look at the Air Jordan 3 ’88 “Cement” a few days ago, and here are some more images of this highly anticipated shoe. Notice the Nike Air branding on the back with Jordan Brand logos from the outsole.

Still no word on any release info as of yet, but be sure to stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates. Let us know in the comment section below if you think Jordan Brand should start bringing Nike Air to more models.

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Images: @1brokeonjordans

  • Nice! How thristy are you for these? Would you buy if these were more than 200 bucks?

  • Michael Knotts

    Why would we purchase these just because they have that on the heel? JB is beginning to become delusional.

  • Man I’m getting too excited let me calm down man b4 I get my hopes up..

  • J Flo

    Honestly im more concerned for quality materials, i still have a 2 pairs of the ones that just dropped so unless the materials are a premium, that nike symbol wont really sway me

  • kp

    Hype magnets…

  • Sole Seriouz

    I wonder how these are going to be released?

  • itsjustsneakers

    Bringing the Nike Air back is dope. Sounds funny cats worried bout the quality and most liking never hooped in a pair. So what the bottoms yellow the paint cracks. It’s supposed to pretty boys! I hope yall pass but I know yall just like to complain.

  • Steven E

    I love how the say nike air inside & on the backtabs, but say Jordan on the bottom -_- ; They really just want our $ don’t they , the small asthetic change won’t really sway me in the direction to cop

  • Gmoney415th

    I just want another pair of cement 3s I understand tha history but let OGs have there generation and tha latter have tha jumpman. Ima sneaker head but at tha end of tha day it’s just 3s.

  • i_luv_kickz

    Nice. Now I just need to know the release date on these.

  • i_luv_kickz

    Nice. Now I just need to know the release date.

  • Chevyboy

    Count me in man…I don’t care how many times they drop…I’m buying every time.

  • qaev

    this is the most pointless shit EVER! if u gon give us the “nike air” on the heel and the insole…fine, but dont cock up by leaving the air jordan on the outsole.
    if u gon bring us back to `88 , then do it properly. the word jordan shouldnt even be on the sneakers, JUST THE BOX.

  • Dustin


  • Messy Marvin

    word just hit that michael jordan has a son on the side name taj jordan
    mike is a very fake individual
    don’t support this snake anymore stop buying & burn all his shoes

  • Boss

    A badge doesn’t make you a cop and a logo doesn’t make you an OG. Keep that in mind, youngins.

  • Messy Marvin

    mike got a son on the side

  • aSh

    what J Flo said….. U can put all the “Nike Air” u want but if the quality is as bad or worse than what’s been comin out lately…. And the price is higher….. What’s the point?

  • omar najeeb

    Say that $#!t again-there, boy!! The nike air should’ve nvr vanished from aj’s anyway. Nike givn pple wut they want. But in the end I don’t think it really matters.

  • Birdman

    Some ya’ll sound stupid as long as the quality is the same or better than the ones that dropped last year then it’s cool. Some of you are to young to understand the nostalgia of the nike air being on the back. I have the one’s from last year and will cop these it’s nothing to it. Your not forced to be them so you can spend your money of some bs foams.

  • serg252001

    These pics look nice but will the quality be up to par? We all may complain about the quality of the shoes but if certain shoes can get superior quality, then why not all of em?

  • SPINS6136

    Amen Birdman.

    The quality, nothing to me when I can keep buying as many pair as I want anyway.

    It’s the simple fact the Nike Air logo should have never left. Its back. That’s all I need.

  • Guess Who?

    Nike Air leaving to me was representing Jordan becoming more of they’re own brand and not just a product offered by Nike. Also, I liked the fact that the absence of it made it easier to differentiate from different years of retros and made older models with Nike Air more Valuable. I have no problem with Nike Air on the back I just dgaf if it has it or not cuz I like the shoe not the logo. I have Jordan’s with Nike Air on the back already so it don’t mean a thing to me.

  • Gmoney

    Smh the bottom still has the Jordan logo
    On it come jb if your gonna scheme us into
    Buying another re retro at least go all the way
    Shit !!!

  • omar najeeb

    Earlier for this artcle I said that it didn’t mttr if nike air was on the shoe or not. Well, I backtrack a bit. Sure it matters as far as nostsalgia goes. I’m wit it. Ill cop a pair of any aj’s w/nike air on em. I jus don’t thk the quality is gonna be much diff. That all.

  • theseRfake

    these are customs!!! Simple as that. These will not be released.

  • MBall423

    I’m not old enough for the Nike Air to matter to me, so I’ll be passing

  • Mr.Amazing

    I’m more of a fan for the Jordan logo but, these actually look good. When they finally bring back the retro cards I will be happy.

  • duke

    people need to stop buying shoes from nike intill they star putting out more its sad when a kid has to lose his life over some kick that not worth nothan

  • bdogg

    got a feeling these will be super limited and probably drop ASG weekend..oh boy..not good!

  • gotjordans

    Hmm, they look nice, but “Nike Air” should be on the bottom of the outsole too. These are just too “hyped”. Let me find out how much first, then I’ll think about copping a pair. 🙂

  • Rlnhrd276

    I’ll get them if I can.can always use another set of 3z and I prefer the nike on the back but only like it if it’s brand new

  • nowthatsdope

    wow its says nike air. it still doesn’t make it OG bottom line

  • AJ head

    Why are you mad?
    Because you have tons of stock of jumpman logo retro to resell?
    If you are an ordinary user, there is nothing to complain about.
    People keep saying that they want NIKE logo retros.
    Then here it is.

  • TokyoMike

    People’ve been asking for this for years…if they did it as a “we hear your demands” to the fans of the brand, then what’s to complain about? Guarantee, if the news was about how Jordan Brand was gonna retro III’s this year in a box with a big glossy picture of the OG’s on it, but a Jumpman on the actual shoes, there’d be TONS of “man, why not just put the d@mn Nike Air on the back!” comments from alot of people…

  • omar najeeb

    My 3rd entry for this article,(lol);
    @ itsjustsneakers___Salute, boy! It is amazin how mfckrs steady talkn bout the quality but are only buyn the sneaks to stunt in, like most of us are.
    To the person commenting on this article by mentioning MJ’s perssonal affairs, sounding like the mother of that child (and is probably a guy) stay off sneaker sites, please!!

  • JayOldPeachtree

    Blah blah blah… Alex why did you ask about $160+++????? Not gooooood…

  • Jedi knight

    For all you KIDS out there who bought Jordan’s with that horrible jumpman air on the back this is how they are supposed to look ! Aren’t they beautiful !

  • I’m Royal”but can’t stand the word” Swag

    If they come out I’m coppin, rather they have the nike logo on the back or the jordan logo on the back the only way you’ll know if I’m wearing shorts. Then I’m going to say to some sneakehead “stop checking out my sexy ankles”.

  • Yessssssss they shoul 100%

  • famousjetwatson

    Good to see OG’S postin comments again! wus good TOKYOMIKE!! RESPECT G! so excited and anxious for these mikes to drop. i still remember my cousins and unc in the CHI talkin bout this beautiful logo that used to be on the back. we’ve been blessed young sneads

  • Hey guys.. just read all your b*llsh*t for the guy who said he’s not old enough.. that most likely means you never seen the man play so why the f*ck would you want to buy and wear his shoes and frankly who gives a flying f*ck if he has a kid on the side out of wedlock.. you can’t dunk from the f*ck*ng line so what are you complaining about? Most people don’t understand MJ’s deal was originally supposed to be $250,000 when the initial first person at NIKE told the head that, he told him offer him the whole $500,000 up front it’s nobody’s fault but your own if you don’t buy the shoes they would not have a market for them and by the way most of you f*ck boys can’t even dress your selves you got some J’s on your feet and no watch, no ring, no chain, no car, no crib, no girl, no job, no life.. etc get over it already LBJ got $90,000,000 sneaker deal from NIKE and his shoes straight suck so you do the math.. if you don’t like something don’t buy it plain and simple do something constructive with your money like buy your mom or dad a gift or your sister or brother something nice forget about sneakers you only have two feet count them one two

  • Tgr

    You mad bro

  • Haha this guy^^. I sometimes wounder if there’s a special place were they breed you stupid mother fckers at. Just because he hasn’t seen someone play doesn’t mean he can’t find the shoe appealing. Then your random tangent went from shoes to buying gifts. Comment of the year goes to you. Congratulation for being a burden to society.

  • i_luv_kickz

    calm down bro who cares

  • dmy

    yes. it does matter. it all matters . . .
    if he has a kid i hope he was (and still is) responsible.
    ok, now to the shoe. first off i like to consider myself a sneaker purist- a sneaker snob, if you will- so stuff like this is highly aesthetic to me. i mainly buy because of the design and what “$” did in them. also because i didn’t have them as a kid, in the 90s. so this is huge to me. i want all 16 pairs in multiples over the next four years. i know that is extremely frivilous, but this is very significant to me. after all i know his middle name. lol at all these ‘Johnny Kilroys’ and ‘Fontay Montanas’ saying they are Jordan fans. if so, i am a *stan* and this is coming from someone who isn’t the biggest fan sneaker wise.

  • TheSneakerDude

    Not mad anymore now, since I hooped in and f ucked up my 3s from 2011 its nothing. Lets take it back to the 80s! Lil Sneakerheads dont know nothin about these so please dont hypebeast this s hit any make n iggaz like me have to go overboard to get these. Either way they are mine!

  • Lem

    It’s the same shoe regardless of the Nike Air on the back. I already have a pair of White/Cement 3’s so these will stay on the shelf for someone else.

  • SPINS6136

    AGAIN PEOPLE! (newbs, kiddies and “youngins”)


    If you are a self proclaimed “Sneakerhead” there is a HUGE difference in the Nike Air vs. Jumpman.

    If you don’t think there is, there is the door. Bye. And please discontinue calling yourself any nickname related to shoes/sneakers or any other “term” you wanna use.

  • I ain’t even excited. couldn’t care less really.

    And@ birdaman yes i will spend my money on foams and look 100 times better than you in them than these.

    @emoney your constantly clownin yourself. why do you even come here?

  • Blah blah

    All Peole Do On Here Is Complain….I Cant Go On A Sneaker Site Without People Complaining About Quality,Price,Young “Sneakerheads”,Etc -____-

  • yoshi

    @blah blah – quit calling the kettle black buddy, u complaining as well