Air Jordan 3 ’88 Retro – All About The Details

The Air Jordan III ’88 Retro is also upon us and as people know, the price point has been upped to $200.

The shoe is what it is, the classic original white/cement colorway staying true to its roots with the “Nike Air” branding on the heel. A few weeks ago, I asked about why people felt the way they did about the small detailing of the “Nike Air” on the heel and why it made the shoe different to them. Responses varied from “Nike Air on the heel makes it official for sneakerheads my age” to “Nike air or not the quality is going to be the same and problably more expenses for just a logo,” covering the nostalgia it brings to them or questions about the quality of the retro. Turned out that the latter comment was semi-correct with their statement since the price has been upped.

Nostalgia sways opinions and it’s great that we’re getting direct feedback from Nike/Jordan Brand in that they listened to the consumers and slapped on the Nike Air. On the flip side, some still view it as a price hike over a logo, and they complain about minute changes not reflecting the raise. Whether their complaints are justified or not is debatable, but at the end of the day, if they sell out then the price hike wasn’t necessarily a horrible move since the buyers really wanted them.

Maybe we’ll see more featured retros that stay true to their originals like throwing the Nike Air on the heel in the future but the clash between nostalgia and price will be apparent.

Is the price justified because the retro is a special release?

Images: Marqueesole

  • Chuck.Boog

    I’m not one to complain about price points because if you feel like the shoe is worth $200+ the go and grab it. This is something that I can pass on, plus the nature of a limited release seems to do something to the mental state of folks these days

  • MikeyDrums86


  • Executive

    My only thing is that they just released in 2011! Marquesole is sell them for $1988.00 lmao. No cop from me.

  • Eric

    Ifs more than fair, but I know some people are just going to complain anyways. Some people are just always unhappy, can’t please them all.

  • Executive

    S hit if I can have anything back from 1988 it would be the gas prices!

  • J

    Paying 200 for just a Nike air on the heel and they just dropped 2011 ? Lol JB knows how to get y’all … Y’all did say I will be happy to pair more just for Nike Air on the back instead of the jump man here u go

  • The resell price on these man…

  • gotjordans

    If people wouldn’t buy, then this price hike wouldn’t be happening. U are right, at the end of the day, some people will buy these for $200.00. I would too, if I had 2 bills to blow.

  • AlSneaks

    I’ll gladly pay $200 if they use quality materials on these, but if it’s just nike air, forget it.

  • To me, it all depends on each person. To some people the price hike is fair, to others its not so fair. Some people will pay for them and think nothing of it, others will refuse to do so and take issue with it. There is no real right or wrong, just opinions and whether you will buy or not. Me personally, I refuse to pay $200 for a sneaker that I have sitting in my closest in excellent condition that I got in 2011 just because Nike is on the back. The quality was horrible n will remain the same. So Im good.

  • gotjordans

    I predict over 200 comments on this before the end of this day!

  • Birdman

    they should put nike air on the of all 3s this year white and fire red, and bring the black cement back. i will cop for 200.

  • SoleAmbition23

    These are personally one of my favorite retros, and putting the nike air on the back makes them even better so I have no problem forking out $200 for them. I can definitely see why others would have an issue with it though

  • gotjordans

    Jordan laughing all the way to the bank!

  • gotjordans

    But it still says “jordan” on the bottom! LOL
    Really? $200.00 for these!?

  • SPINS6136

    1. Nike Air should have never left. Glad it’s back.
    2. Prices will continue to jump, get used to it.
    3. Money isn’t an issue for me, so I could care less
    4. This being my favorite shoe, favorite colorway period, I’ll snap up a new fresh pair every time they release (because I WEAR my shoes, so my 2011 pair, not really mint)
    5. To each his own. However, voicing your opinion is fine, however bagging on others because they “are too cheap to spend” or “want them for nostalgic reasons” or possibly “think the material will suck anyway”….

    Hey, you either buy them, or you don’t. It’s your money, your taste, your choice. Too many people calling out other people and bagging “opnions” on this issue.

  • Executive

    I would grab a few pair for my son though.

  • Ed

    LMAO $200. Good job Jordan brand at taking advantage of your dumb customers.

  • JBYRD23

    But they dont say Nike Air on the bottom of the sole. HA! Pay another extra $40 bucks for that! That’s the next move for JB… Haha

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    HAHAHA.. I still have the pair from 2011 looking fresh. Like most peeps on here we take care of our shoes. No point in spending $200 for a pair I already have and you know the line is going to be BANANAS to get a pair. I’ll pass on that monkey shit…

    But to those that never got a pair.. I understand, do what u do. I will be 1 less person in your way.

  • Andrew

    Theyre true retros when they have the nike logo on the back, so its a must have for alot of people, but the $40 price raise is jb just taking advantage of the fact that so many people want these. still going to cop though.

  • i_luv_kickz

    $200 dollars? Still worth it. One of the best Jordan’s ever Nike Air on it or not.

  • KP

    I’d pay 200. But the resell prices will probably be off the chain.

  • Rlnhrd276

    I’ll always cop the white cement 3s every time they drop cause I wear the shit out of mine.I dont mind paying more for nike air edition cause thats how all the jordans was in my day, it didnt matter if you had jz or barkleys as long as that shit had nike on the heal you were straight, as far as quality goes, I’d rather rock brand new lesser quality jz straight out the box than some 94 retro that look like snuffleupagus wore them to a sesame st block party

  • dmy

    Hey, 2/23 is my birthday . . . remember that date! Some speculation for you . . .

  • duke

    pass they look like trash

  • charles morgan

    Cop for 200.Sell for 350

  • Royal “no longer call me” swag

    The price isn’t the issue for me it’s the quality. Hope they don’t look like they were in front of a mirror, then rubbed themselves down in baby oil and posted it on their instagram accountlike the 2011 pair looked.

  • shoe guy

    smart folks will buy these and put them on ice .. dont ever wear them keep in box in bag with receipt..

  • Lem

    I still have my pair from the last release. The shoe strings are a a little dirty but they are still in mint condition. I will probably pass on these because of that. The Nike Air on the back is cool though.

  • Reselling is not very profitable when buying @ retail. Bet resale on these is gonna suck. Nike is collecting the extra $40 so that you won’t. If these are a flip banger it will only be because of hype and short supply. Price always goes down when the hype dies anyway. Thoughts anyone? Will this be a Quickstrike or General Release?

  • Instant pass. Looks very dope bit not worth it bcuz it has Nike air. I’m 15 and kids these days go nuts go crazy for releases like this.
    Anyway I waiting for playoff and aqua 8s to drop and fire red 3 only js to cop

  • qaev

    for me personally… the “Nike Air” on the heel isnt that big of a deal. what is a big deal for me is the integrity of Jordan Brand and its products. i`ve said it before and i`ll say it again. if u gon bother to listen to us real collectors then LISTEN FULLY.
    right now the integrity of Jordan brand is bulls**t and this release secures my statement.
    u called these the Air Jordan 3 retro `88…. but this is not a retro of the 1988 air jordan is it? y`all threw nike air on the back, just to shut some of us up but you failed yourselves. u forgot to return the “NIKE” to the outsole of the shoe (still has “jordan”). the details are important and by doing so, u would have produced an undisputable retro of the OG. it must be said that the price is something that shouldnt get people butthurt. if u really want wearable IIIs then u will buy em.