Air Jordan 3 “Bright Crimson” – Detailed Look

November 13, 2012 | 19

We got a look at the latest colorway for the Air Jordan 3 model in a Black/Bright Crimson combination a few days ago, and more detailed images of this sneaker has surfaced. At first glance, the upper appears to only have a color combination of black and the Infrared-like Bright Crimson; but take a closer look and you can also find purple accents from the outsole and elephant print.

It’s constructed with a full-leather upper and is accented with hints of Bright Crimson from the inner liner and midsole. Look for the Air Jordan 3 “Bright Crimson” to hit JB accounts February 2013. Let us know in the comment section below if this colorway is a hit or miss.

Enjoy the detailed images below.

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Comments (19)

  1. SPINS6136

    To be real. Just not on these.

  2. They are ight imo. They are defin not ugly or wack. But they also not anything special or real nice imo. Easy pass for me

  3. Brennanizm

    These were shaping up to be a pretty rad Retro+, now they’re just booty… That purple isn’t groundbreaking, it’s flat out retarded

  4. 1dollarholler

    Pre creased like the rest lf the 3s from last year ….????¿¿¿¿¿ lol

  5. air jedi

    Take out the purple and i would consider to coop

  6. Shoe String

    No no no no no noooo!

    I’ll waite on the Fire Red 3′s releasing in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2013.

  7. c brown

    If they truly are purple on the bottom….these are like a hot chick with herpes on her lip….On a drunk night…hummmm…maybe..

  8. CubbyKicks

    Was looking forward to them before these pics surfaced with the purple accents…smh

  9. kp

    Like the colorway,but still not my style…

  10. omar najeeb

    “Infrared-like bright crimson”(?) That shit IS infrared!!! I said it ealier. If there’s a bright crimson(crmsn being closer to maroon than it is pink), there’s a bright black! But. Ill be tryna cop

  11. B-Locks

    Man.. I cant believe soo many of you guys is hating on the purple. I think it makes the shoe.

  12. Joe

    Usually not put off by purple but it really doesnt go well with the crimson really good looking shoe but damn man that purple just throws it off

  13. LG

    Blk red and purple don’t sound right in the same sentence.

  14. looks great, but is the elephant print/outsole is purple or a dark charcoal grey.

  15. Grind305

    HORRIBLE colorway!!!

  16. Lou

    way better than the teaser. these are something now.

  17. you know even with the purple i admittedly kinda like em.

    and i’m not even a 3 fan.

  18. miked_512

    the retro 3 raptor colorway

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