Air Jordan 3 “Bright Crimson” – Release Date

We can expect a few bright colorways for the Air Jordan 3 model set to release next year like the “Black/Green” shown earlier today, and we now have a release date for the Bright Crimson/Black colorway. The predominately black upper is complemented with an interesting color combination purple and Bright Crimson. The Bright Crimson and Black combination will sure to make this AJ3 an instant classic. Mark your calendars because the Air Jordan 3 Bright Crimson has a release date on February 23rd, 2013. One question remains; who’s coppin’?

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Air Jordan 3
Black/Bright Crimson

  • 23edge

    These look dope, minus the gaylord purple.

  • nico

    ^^^^agree, should’ve been just black and red accents

  • might have to cop.


  • FnRayx2

    Every new pic I see highlights the purple more and more. Which makes me not want to cop more and more.

  • Executive

    WTF is up with the purple?!! Why do they do dumb ish like this? Its like making a bred 11 with a pink jumpman!

  • Executive

    oops I mean blk/red 11.

  • heat slinger

    Definitely one of the better Retro + CWs for the Jordan 3.

  • John B.

    Well I was gonna cop these until it was pointed out that they had purple accents and outsole…NOPE!

  • serg252001

    I seen pics of the shoe and it was black/red w/o the purple. This is confusing.

  • godivine

    easy pass because of the purple, uno.

  • Shoe String

    Was feeling the Lime Green 3’s until they slapped the “QS” on them. This is why I don’t cop J’s anymore. Every time I like something they make it hard to get them. Stop the stupid $hit and just make them available everywhere like Eastbay and so on! Then maybe ill cop your shoes.

  • you hear that jb? “Shoe String” of won’t cop your shoes because they are too hard to get.

    now what are you all going to do to fix this?

    fucc outta here.

  • Ryger