Air Jordan 3 “Joker” – Release Date

Hopefully the return of Nike Air won’t distract people from the other new colorways for the Air Jordan 3 that is also set to drop this year. Spotted a few months ago, the AJ3 dubbed “Joker” rocked an interesting color combination of black/purple-green. This colorway received mixed reviews among Jordan Brand fans, but is most likely to sell out regardless.

Mark your calendars because the Air Jordan 3 “Joker” has a release date on February 16th. Let us know in the comment section below if this AJ3 is a definite purchase?

Air Jordan 3 “Joker”

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  • Executive

    3’s are my favorite other than 4’s but these will be a no look pass, might cop from my son though being that these are fitting for 4 year old children.

  • bdogg

    so these and the crimson red are dropping the same day? wow!!

  • Hmmm…Lob City, CP3, no look alley-oop pass for me. I don’t particularly like the color scheme. The IIIs are my grails so I will probably regret it in the future. smh

  • Shoe String

    These are lame and Jordan’s are so played out these days. Every lame and their mother owns a pair of them. I will only cop a few in the future with the Nike Air branding on them. They are gonna release every OG colorway with the Nike Air on them starting this year. Those 5’s everyone will cop at the end of January will release in a year and a half but with Nike Air on them. I have a inside source who works for JB that has never been wrong before. I tryed to inform everyone on this site about the Nike Air returning to the Air Jordans and people said i was smoking that good stuff. Who was right? So go ahead and cop those 5’s y’all and spend your money again copping the same shoes with Nike logos on them. Man these shoe companies sure know how to rape you fools LMFAO.

  • Sole Seriouz

    Just gimmie the black/crimson joints. I’m good with these..

  • KP

    Looks like something from the GS lineup…

  • soundwave

    shoe string…your a loser! go read a book!

  • i_luv_kickz

    when will those nike air white cements drop?… i neeeeeed to know!

  • Rlnhrd276

    Why no love for these? Imma cop them to be different anyone can rock og colorways I like to mix it up

  • omar najeeb

    Damn,that’s how we doin it? Lol.all hail Megatron. Yo ‘wave cam down. Don’t release Ravage on him. Lmao
    Like someone else said tho, mite mix it up m’self &cop sum’n diff.

  • JayOldPeachgree


  • no loooove!

    no loooove!

    only 3s i really like are the black cements. those crimson junts sparked my interest too.

  • SPINS6136

    Neither of them will be scooped up. Both are some GS release type colors to me.

    This is a disgrace to my favorite shoe OF ALL TIME *Kanye voice* (man that never gets old…LOL)

    But seriously, I’ll continue to stick with my OG flavor. That’s me, that’s my style. I don’t mess with all the new “uncreative disasters” JB cooks up.

    I’ll leave those for a jock hoppers who pick them up because they are the ONLY ones sitting on shelves and hitting the outlet.

  • godivine

    I will get one of my broads to cop…Don status, 1love

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    Shiiiit…I’d rock these with some different laces. It’s ok to go against the grain.

  • omar najeeb

    My 2nd entry for this article (lol)
    But anyway, I agree that they mite look like some gs joints. Change the laces ( as s’one suggested aready) maybe black or charcoal would be cool. I love my og sneakerheads. But if we only get the orig colorways for aj’s, that’s a closet full of wht/bl/red & blacknred kix. Splash

  • Guess Who?

    These jokers are a joke

  • Oscar

    I think these r Cary as hell and I am getting these for sure. The 3’s are all mine and I love these 88 times over the crimsons! All of you r going to regret not getting these. My must haves are the jokers and 88’s this yr

  • Natexo

    Always in love with the lime green and purple color way

  • Lukas

    I’d cop these. What stores are releasing theses? #QTNA