Air Jordan 3 White/Cement 2011 Box

By now, you have seen every angle possible of the white/cement Air Jordan 3. We all found out about the original inspired cement Jordan box pretty late. As if the sneakers weren’t enough, the box added even more excitement to the highly anticipated release. Like we said, you’ve see tons of pictures of the sneakers, so hit the jump to view more photos of the box and packaging. The release date is set for January 22, 2011. Retail: $150.

Special thanks to Icegroove & joegon103

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  • DIRTYD510

    love the box..but the quality is terrible again…smh

  • flatbushbully

    Damn the laces are choking those III’s

  • sneakerhead93

    i hope the grade schools come in that box

  • kiddBfresh

    i hope places like footlocker, footaction etc. don’t rip the paper cause my cool greys paper was super torn and was just a little piece left in the box

  • walwezzy23

    IDK but that box looks HELLA flimsy too me? like it can barely hold the shoes in, any how those 3s shape looks hella off to me as well?? on the fence about these…

  • quality doesn’t look bad if you ask me. It actually looks good. Not saying it is but it looks so. I will cop. If the blizzard didn’t cripple the city I wouldve ha them by now.

  • Jeremy

    But its a big size and all big sizes look funny when laced up! No homo

  • Jarvo

    iJus want the tru blues lol

  • When did size 11 become a big size sneaker? Anyway I agree with @walwezzy23 the toe box looks odd as hell. Look at the last pic and the shoe on the left (which is the shoe without the hang tag) and look at the top of the toe box, it looks smashed in and just oddly shaped all together.

  • iSETtrenDz


    yeah boyyy i’m on these. the box is cool, maybe when i get it i’ll be more excited about it. but word them laces is killin’ them shtz let homie free lol, one of my friends be chokin’ his kicks i hate that sht…

  • Executive AKA K.O.T.T.

    Size 13 for me. Hey fellas complaining Jordan’s not puttin a gun to your head and forcing you to buy them. Same ones bitchin, will be in line coppin so put a sock in it!

  • *sparklecity*SC

    U dudes act like every pair is going to be like this one….kill me with the complaining

  • Royal Swagness

    I’m still going to get a pair. A picture says a 1,000 words but in person it’s reality.

  • waahburgerFrenchCries


    wow, youre amazing. you can tell the quality is terrible without seeing them in person??

  • j_collector

    i’ll just wait for em to go on sale i doubt they’ll sell out especially with the foam craze and playoff 13’s dropping next month

  • Executive AKA K.O.T.T.

    Go on sale??? Not with hypebeast around.

  • weezy23

    on sale? these wont even make til 12pm on the release date. these are dope cant wait to get em!

  • peer

    your fancy boxin jb will not cover up your shitty quality!

  • silentstare

    No way these are going on sale! If it happens, it’s the end of JB and it’s not close to happen with retros lol! Def want to cop that pair and the box doesn’t look too bad. 2011 will starts well for JB 😀

  • flagrant

    Sale? = bahahahahahhahahahaha

  • flagrant

    Ill buy 2 just for the box! lol

  • canderson_881

    they should have put the size label on the cement part, it looks out of place up there. these will be copped though even though i have 3 03 pair. there not the same but they definitely dont look bad

  • gotjordans?

    Oh my, there is a GOD!!! Copped!

  • These look great… the BOX looks GREAT! I had a big December so there won’t be a pair of these for me… but lookout when those TB’s drop!!! True Blue > White Cement but congratulations to the purists and fans of the OG CW’s!!!

  • futastar

    @ 4DRUMZ True Blue are definetly > White cement, but I’ll still cop them.


    i really wanted these at first. but every time i see more pics of these i grow further and further from them. the shiny leather, the weird elephant print, weird shape. idk. i think i’ll just wait for the true blues..

  • No worries, G-Roc! 🙂

    To the ones saying the quality looks off – it isnt. If you copped true blues and liked the quality then you wont be disappointed with these.

    The toe box in the last pic looks ‘flat’ cos the shoe tree isnt in after 1) i tried them on 2) Relaced them for the photo.

    Lastly – the box is great! Has a matte finish like the Infrared 6 pack box, cement print, red contrast interior. Better then the previous AJ box IMHO. But at the end of the day you’re not wearing the box…. 🙂

  • MisterMcfly23

    i wish they’d drop every retro in its original box, not that it really matters, but it would be nice…Happy New Year TSG…

  • Brandan E.

    still got my joints from ’03. but why not get another??

  • chris-rewynd

    always love the 3s bro

  • atlsneakerkorean

    I have never owned a is the fit of the shoe? i wear a size 13 in foams and cool greys..a size 12 in the XIII flints..and 11 in the VI’s. Any tips?

  • King ali

    I don’t know why people hatin on these. These are hella fresh can’t wait till they drop

  • BARSMcgee

    I agree wit sum of yall dat da pic is dum but da 3s is da hottest js cuz dey started da whole dope retro look nd it continued wit da 4s(which drops in da fall)nd so on up to da 14s da 16s nd da 17s nd dats it.but I ordered mines nd I’m jus waitin to c em nd da box cuz da 3s is my favorite

  • BARSMcgee

    Oh nd dey shud release all da retros in dey own specific box cuz dis year bouta b da year of da best retros in dey best cw.2011 bouta b da best year for jb.2001 comes in 2nd place now

  • Royal Swagness

    2011 ! Happy New Years! I just s**tted on em.

  • J Dizzle

    I been had a pair. The quality is actually extremely good. AND, unlike other previous AJ3s, The midsole doesn’t crack, atleast not as quick as the others. I’ve worn my pair like 15 times now and still no cracks. The leather, in comparison with the anniversary 3s that jus came out, is a softer kind of leather. The only thing that’s trash on these is the elephant print.

  • iRockParras

    You’re slacking pretty hard if you don’t double up on these..

  • I’ll get these


  • kick-GAME-right

    shit i dont wanna wait in line but i want em, everyone stop complaining about the quality you dont have to get them !!!, anyways im coppin

  • Chevyboy

    I’m doubling up on these, after destroying my ’03 pair.

  • willie mcfly22

    these was flyin under the radar with the hypebeast until the box was revealed now they finna b out in forces….iono if ima cop…would rather have the playoff the 13s…

  • Ive always wanted these! So Im getting them! As far as the quality of the box, who cares?!?! its not like you are going to wear the box. I hate when ppl beg JB to bring back a shoe, and when they finally do, they find something to complain about…SMH..


  • $hinobi

    these i will be copping for sure. I just hope the quality is at least decent on these, because I love 3s. Love the box too makes the release even better.

  • Getting them and as always i will have multiple pair. meaninig 10 plus. So if they sell out like that holla. I love the resale game.

  • airjordanfan4567

    i rather get a 03 pair the shoe shape looks way off nice box though

  • the box is the best quality box jb has made in years.. its VERY sturdy and super fresh..i got like 10 pairs already with more on the way… dont sleep this shoe is not a GR and it something you will regret not having in your closet

  • Nike President

    It’s amazing how wet people get over a box. Bravo JB….you could crap in a box and as long as it has a jumpman on it you’ll sell.

  • Lem

    I’ve seen these available on multiple sites. They initially started and the the $240 range. Now they are down to almost retail. $160-$180. With full size runs still available. I’m going to get a pair. Never had the white cements.

  • Lem

    ^^^They initially started at the $240 range^^^

  • VA Boy 4 Life

    Gotta get these bad boyz after totally trashing my mocha’s playing ball.

  • dj.jbras

    You will never see these on sale in the US. Might have to go to UK to catch these on sale. Speaking of on sale, I got some AJKO’s from the NIke outlet for $39!

  • sneakcollector33

    I will def cop these in 2 pairs! og playoff 13s as well!
    Rumor is the white cement 4s release this year too!

  • Sneakerhead18

    Ive seeen these in person and this pair looks like a bad made pair trust. Its the first pick-up for 2011.

  • jonesboy

    I agree, this picture doesn’t do them justice at all… I just copped a pair and the quality of the leather is much better than I expected… Not like my OG pair from back in the day, but good by today’s JB retro standards… I actually copped another pair today, because they look that good… If you really care, the retro box is flimsy and bends and creases easily, but it doesn’t ruin this cop by any means! CLASSIC!!!

  • HypeBeast2010

    I think these are just a poorly made pair. Ive seen these in person and revews the toe box on these look nothing like the ones ive seen.